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After Pelosi and Schumer, Sanders Will Issue Live Rebuttal to Trump's Primetime Plea for 'Unneeded Wall'


After Pelosi and Schumer, Sanders Will Issue Live Rebuttal to Trump's Primetime Plea for 'Unneeded Wall'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid growing calls for a boycott of President Donald Trump's primetime immigration address Tuesday night—which every major corporate television network agreed to air despite widespread pushback—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced that he will deliver a response to Trump's Oval Office speech that will be streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


So, one person that will respond with policy substance, and two other corrupt and out of touch politicians that will respond with Trump is bad, bumper sticker, Trump is bad, extremely broad support for some nebulous policies x and y, Trump is bad? Neat. Would prefer just Sanders responding, since he is the actual alternative, while the others just want things to go back to how they were before Trump, which no one wants and which will doom us all.


The problem that drives me to crazy is that after we have heard all his repeated lies and distractions the 40% still think he walks on water ! No reason or fact is capable of changing what little is left of their minds !!Those people, to me,are the real danger we face in the future !!


All true. But Bernie will put some pressure on them to up their bumper sticker a little.


Walls were so cool when Obama and Clintons voted for them.


Finally there is something worthwhile on TV tonight, who ever thought Pelosi or Schumer should be putting their mugs on tonight to bring any sort of hope or leadership to US is completely insane. We need new leadership.


In a Koch-built world, I’m just so thankful to have a Bernie and an Alexandria out there kicking butt.


Building walls? Ask Jimmy Carter what it takes to build walls!


I heard they believe he is their Savior- yes a con man who cheat, lies, hates people with disabilities, hates anyone who is not white and which, hurts anyone who is not rich, and cheats the emoluments clause.


You’ve got zero evidence that he

but plenty that he hates poor people. Stick with what is provable. And make sure you apply it to the Congressional leadership, too.


Yuppers, jaw flappin’ time.
Wiggly butts in new seats, testing new outfits and posturings, pasted-on smiles, brittle little hugs, Pelosi wing-finger gestures off jiggly shoulders and little foot stamps.
Trump seems to be playing brinksmanship with his mirror and everybody jostling for positions for photo ops and sound bites.

Can any of them actually imagine the quietly tilted heads of those of us observing, looking up from research to get beneath the media game? Can any of them actually imagine that the people, all of the people have had it up to the gills? Do any of them actually think we are not incapable of transcending the tripe and truancy dance through the revolving doors?

Take your time, let it unfold in its own time, know and love your neighbors, embrace the strength of community diversity. Don’t miss the vast opportunities for humor and research.


Yes, unfortunately the Democratic Party’s addiction to corporate money limits its ability to support “new leadership”.


Yes, Mollybear, ‘we the American people’ certainly “need leadership” as you say — and what we need leadership on from someone as insightful, courageous, and willing take-on, explain, and ‘expose’ this damn Disguised Global Capitalist Empire as only Bernie can do by amping up his brief, two-word, campaign-slogan of “Political Revolution” to the short full ‘action sentence’ (against a single real ‘object’) — Bernie shouting-out tonight that we need a unified people’s peaceful American “Political Revolution Against EMPIRE” as we Americans did 243 years ago and as we can continue and complete today in a truly honest election “of, by, and for the people” rather than under this phony dual-party Vichy-facade of faux democracy which the Empire is using the “divide and conquer “ the people as Empires and Emperor Trump is plotting to continue fooling us.

This is what I published on the “Times” and “Post” to turn off lying Emperor Trump and allow serious voices against Empire like; Bernie, Chris Hedges, Chomsky, and all the other serious and informed champions of the people to appear and speak ‘truth to power’ instead of Empire scheming oppression and tyranny against the people.

“Emperor Trump, the lying huckster, is just trying to get some additional FREE NATIONAL TV COVERAGE — on top of the $3 Billion he got from the media/propaganda sector of this disguised global capitalist EMPIRE’s hand-outs for him in his crooked 2016 campaign to turn America into acting even more like an overt global capitalist EMPIRE.

“We the American people’ created our country by overcoming the then nearly global British Empire which was oppressing us 243 years ago in our first American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] and I’ll be damned if this obvious self-serving, dangerous, and unhinged “Empire-building”, “Empire-thinking”, megalomaniac sociopathic Emperor (as insane as any Roman, Nazi, or Soviet Emperor) is ever going to come into my home with his propagandist BS!

As much as I hate seeing those continually stupid TV ads for drugs that contain “an ingredient discovered in jelly-fish”, and getting thousands of robo-calls from lying telemarketers over the phone services that I pay for, — I’d rather be in TV AD hell and robo call prison, than ever see this disgusting blow-hard orange jellyfish Emperor Trump on any media including TV, newspaper reporting, or his stupid social media Tweets!!


“We can’t be an EMPIRE”


Thanks, Alan. I always appreciate your insights via posts.


Find myself thinking about the mechanics of delivering ‘cognitive dissonance’ in the style of the trumpster, Bannon and Conway and their money bag Mercers. Cognitive dissonance can be triggered bypassing emotion and wrapping around cognitive anchors. The result is a silencing of the public. How can you dissent when the criteria articulated as a “we” are intentionally twisted and distorted? This methodology needs to be called out and described in terms that the public can grasp.
Alternative viewing:


Bernie lays out the issues that the politicians should be working on

A threat to both political factions

Can the establishment dems continue to keep these issues off the table?

Except they do chip away at some of them …Unlike the republicans who are out to destroy


Good speech Sanders, but no point in addressing it to Trump. He never cared about America for one second and nothing you or anyone else says to him will ever change that. Perhaps it should be addressed to trump voters, but I’m afraid that more often than not the same truth applies.


Some of us have no idea how to access this Sanders speech. Is there a web address for it?

“Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.” – Youtube.


I couldn’t get myself to watch that fascist excrement on TV. I’ll get the scoop from my more reliable information sources…


All the polls on the wall indicate that it’s 70% opposed and 30% in favor. So, in this case he loses 10% if his c.40% favor rate.