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After Pelosi and Schumer, Sanders Will Issue Live Rebuttal to Trump's Primetime Plea for 'Unneeded Wall'


Disastrous speech by Trump. And judging by their actions especially over the past few days, Trump and Pence are joined at the hip. Both need to go, not just Trump.


Trumps brief speech was completely predictable. Democrat response was awful - utterly passionless and stranding for noting. Bernie Sander’s response was the only response that sounded anything like what an opposition party should sound like.


What browser do you use?

it’s here:


I just clicked on that video and it crashed. Same error message. Firefox 52.9.0


That’s odd. I’ve got Firefox 48.0.2, the max upgrade I can do on my 10-year-old laptop, and Yunzer’s shared vid plays fine.


Just so you know what Sandernistas and real progressives are up against here: The Beto video was the featured one on Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC.
And, Schumer calling Trump’s crude fact-free propaganda a " temper tantrum " misses the mark and the ominous point. This lunatic is going to shut down the government and force the military to defend his executive prerogatives ( closing the entire border down ), aka as a nat’l security emergency. That’s some scary stuff.


Over 35 years of apathy and indifference is a guaranteed recipe for The George W’s and the Trumps and whichever fanatic follows them. I guess all in all we’ve made out pretty well so far. With the democrats running interference on the other side of the coin, I wouldn’t have guessed we would have lasted this long.


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Say it again, Bernie Sanders for President in 2020!


That fool Trump lied us into this government shutdown crisis over his xenophobic feel-good project: the southern border wall.


The dude with no character blames the dems for his plight. I guess he has to, I haven’t heard from a repub in a good while. Hard to blame the invisible.


Thanks for the video posting. It was a great speech by Bernie. His closing remarks regarding the real crises ought to have been right after he says that the emergency has been caused by Trump. The rest of the speech is less important, less gripping and doesn’t capture the attention. IMHO


I had no trouble with Safari browser and I am not in the USA. You may need to switch or upgrade. It is well worth watching.


Before coming here for a second time I checked out Daily Kos. Not one word of Bernie, not one. In the past, from time to time, I had hoped that the Kos would see the light and become a bit more progressive. It still isn’t happening. The Kos, from my understand, was to be “The” organ of opposition. I am delusional. In cruising the web for over a decade Commondreams is the only organ of opposition and the only place I have found that supports Bernie and the progressive opposition. It’s odd the Bernie is the most favored politician in the country and he gets no air time on mainstream media including The Kos. What a total disconnect. I post comments on the Kos and will bring this up somewhere there and I am assured of being shot down. Stay strong Yunzer, it must be tuff being a Fed. employee right now.


The contrast is very clear, or should be, even to those who claim to support trump, between a charlatan and true leader of conscience. The words of trump are false and reflect his malignant and pathological consciousness that lies and fabricates “facts” with each breath he takes and words spoken - he is without moral compass! A mentally-ill person lacking any wisdom, morality, empathy, world experience critical to the office he hold, or respect for the rule of law and our Constitution and Bill of Rights!. The entire propaganda speech was mealy-mouthed political rhetoric of fear and division, fabrication or overt lies, and racist foundation for all that trump claimed in his mental illness and ego-driven need to “win” or be seen as other than who he truly is!

The other person who spoke last night, Bernie Sanders, showed his quality! The quality of a true leader of all the people! A person of wisdom, truth, wide experience, conscience and concern for others, who lives by a code of truth, justice and for the Common Good!..

I will not comment much on the Democratic response as it was, as others have said/written, without any passion or coalition-building energy critical in our nation…as mrsannhitts once wrote, they both are like “a dead-fish handshake”…two people with far too many ties to, and servitude to big money and special interests, and the forces that robbed us of the principled leadership of a Bernie Sanders administration and what could have been accomplished under his presidency! Don’t be fooled by new faces and voices claiming to be “progressive” but fail to walk the walk! DINO ties to big-money and lack of passion and real commitment, hamstring the ability of both Schumer and Pelosi or darling newbies to lead as is needed, is critical, in this time of actual crises…the crises Bernie Sanders spoke on and the answers he champions!


The Walls Carter builds are to keep people in places of refuge not out of one.


In truth the president doesn’t actually run the nation but he certainly sets the tone. I challenge anyone to point to a single positive tone set by this current national leader. Mind you this elusive effort actually exist.


The Kos has been a neolib mouthpiece since its inception.


And that will accomplish—what, exactly?

Is a better bumper sticker going to stay the Sixth Mass Extinction?

And if not, why should any of us give a crap? Better to take that crap and compost it and put it on some fruit trees!

Really? Is waiting for someone else to come up with a better bumper sticker how you want to spend what could be your last days on Earth?

Or are you happy to be among the billions of modern humans who are convinced that our technical prowess and intellectual acumen has enabled us to accurately forecast, and efffectively cheat, our personal physical demise? Are you happy to be among those who imagine that there will always be another day to be with what Truly matters?

Maybe “we the people” have unimaginative, robotic “leaders” because we ourselves do not dare to imagine anything better. Much less to put in the internal, unpaid, and usually thankless work of becoming something better.


Ever heard of sarcasm?




I’m sorry…

Shoulda known better, having read you before.

Too much “screen time”—a.k.a. “scream time” can do that to the best of us.

I humbly apologize.

I’m’a go do something else now!