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After Pelosi and Schumer, Sanders Will Issue Live Rebuttal to Trump's Primetime Plea for 'Unneeded Wall'


No problem…have a nice day.


It is not really necessary to watch what Trump had to say to picture that whatever he said was swallowed whole by the majority of the “American People” - that huge horde of brainless racist ignorant lemmings.
To tickle the average American imbecile into submission, all you need to do is to threaten “their security”, and nothing is more effective a threat than an invasion of children-laden, brown little people.
The sad truth about this border wall business is that the only victims will be the wildlife, who need the migration routes. The tragic end of this story will have drooling white trash and happy contractors on the US side of the border, enthralled by what their great leader was able to achieve, frustrated brown multitudes with children in tow on the Mexican side, and millions of animals dead on their migration tracks.
In the end, the Trumpian trash will go on devouring their Oxycontin pills, and with a bit of luck dying off at a faster rate than the browns will replace them. What a spectacle.


Emphyrio, you are a keen observer, but your conclusions appear obscured by idealism and wishful thinking.
“The contrast is very clear, or should be, even to those who claim to support trump, between a charlatan and true leader of conscience.”
Unfortunately, nothing could lie further from the facts. Those who drool after Trump, namely, the Illiterate White Working Trash, are as utterly incapable of differentiating a charlatan from a serious person as they are incapable of understanding Einstein’s theory of relativity.
The Trumpian Trash are moved by emotion, not by reason. Nothing is clear to them beyond their own base desires and passions.


You got that one right.
Not only are you, The People, unimaginative, you are not very bright and getting dimmer by the day. Trump is the historical testimony of American Dimness.
It will get worse, much much worse.


WTF is your problem? Are you a paid troll who sows division and hate here? Branding people as your bigotry sees them? You obviously didn’t read or understand my words intent, but substituted your own bigotry and propaganda pronouncements! Why?

Yes I am an idealist and whatever “wishful thinking” I employ is not a destructive thing, but I find your MO and words are!. As I wrote before your “facts” on who people are, even trump “supporters” is destructive, divisive BS and perhaps intentionally so - you serve the same hate as trump by your ignorant words!. Many people voted trump for other reasons beside that they are racists - many just ignorant and un-informed - for you to label working people “illiterate white working trash” is offensive to me and destructive to change. Your words are more “trash” and as full of hate, than many who voted for the trumpenfuhrer!

You termed yourself a “septuagenarian”, but you clearly have no gained wisdom or humility with age.


Emphyrio - I agree with you for the most part, however, I can understand the anger that fuels the word choices Monckton made. At some point, we realize that the human beings that we try to understand and try to relate too are ‘harming’ us. They are not just harming themselves but everyone around them in their community, city, county, state and country.

How long shall we attempt to ‘understand’ human beings that continue to make terrible choices at the voting booth knowing the damage will come to each of us? We are at a precipice, wherein we really can’t take much more ‘austerity’, or neoliberalism, or classism in this country before we reach a breaking point. People are literally dying and/or suffering from extreme poverty, increased anxiety, and depression. How many more homeless encampments can each large city handle?

Granted, words have power and can shape the minds of the lesser, however, at some point, we have to stop allowing the damage to happen. We must take seriously the threat to our survival by those who, for WHATEVER reason, choose to vote for those that will do us harm.


What makes you think those who voted for Trump had reasons other than racial resentment and ignorance? You remind me of college students in the 60s!
Please go out and get to know the illiterate white Trumpian trash first hand, and you might adjust your views. Trump represents them because they are like Trump, only much less intelligent.
You obviously don’t like the truth because the truth is ugly. It isn’t easy to admit that over half your compatriots are racists, bigots, ignoramuses, and not very bright, so I understand your reluctance to accept things as they are. But remember this, the fact something is ugly doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


I find monckton’s tone and cognitive ability severely lacking…take for example his obtuse blather in response to my statement:The contrast is very clear, or should be, even to those who claim to support trump, between a charlatan and true leader of conscience.

“Words do have power and can shape minds” as you wrote…but did you really have to include “of the lesser (minds)”?

[quote=“pcprincess, post:49, topic:59160”]
How long shall we attempt to ‘understand’ human beings that continue to make terrible choices at the voting booth knowing the damage will come to each of us?
[/quote] Are you serious?

The how to effect radical change is the issue. I too am infuriated with ordinary stupid people and un-informed dolts impressed with their own ignorant racist opinions, but I am not a parrot of idiotic “word choices” that also infuriate (hopefully)…

monckton’s (a one-month CD newbie) words and labels are inflammatory and divisive to a degree that cements divisions and minds, not bridges, informs, educates or any positive outcome from what I see as also bigotry…or as an intentional effort to sow hatred and division…


Your communicative skills and analysis are troll BS. We are done here. GFYSAH


As I said, it is “very” difficult to accept that over half of your compatriots are racists, bigots, ignoramuses and stupid, but Trump will be there, for many years to come, as a reminder of that reality =)


As a long time supporter of the Greens, your quote is true, but that is exactly why the fascists that control Amerika, will keep on trying to never allow us any political power. They kept Dr.Jill Stein out of the debates and even had her arrested. But we need to keep the faith, even though it may seem hopeless.


In 1992 the commission on Presidential debates used the three broad criteria of national organization, newsworthiness, and competitiveness (backed up by a long report detailing how to satisfy each of these three criteria - but didn’t force a specific threshold on support). The current criteria used since 2000 mainly requires that you need to be at 15% in the polls to get into the debate. Perot would also meet the current criteria as he was actually leading in the polls with support near 40% at one point in 1992 so he easily made it. He was not eligible to be in the debates in 1996 when he ran again. John Anderson got into one debate in the 1980 election but then his candidacy lost traction and he didn’t get into the remaining debates.


The majority of the republican base stand more firmly behind this candidate than any single person in history, he just barely falls short of God status. This is exactly what they have always wanted and they are in the throes of ecstasy having finally achieved the ultimate political leadership possible The default answer to him by democrats - we just passed a republican drafted budget, please join us in our unreserved and unified support of them and their agenda. Cant you see how this strategy serves the right, the excesses of this most popular of right wing fanatics actually has nobody noticing the supposed liberals in their continued joining of hands with the rest of the right wing. What an amazing juggling act by Pelosi, I can see why she is considered the best candidate for her position by the others in her party. After all who else could blatantly spin the trump presidency in such a way that they could fall in lockstep alongside the republicans while at the same time striking the appearance of standing in opposition. When this is over the bill will pass into law and it will look like a democrat victory - what am amazing deception.


There is proof with both of the above. He and his daddy warbucks were ultimately sued by the department of justice also for refusing to rent to people of color. Even though they had to pay 100000 in fines they still insisted they had won!


I do not get nor will I ever get why he is there g-d. A conman cheated people out of being paid, cheats on his wives, hates anyone who is not rich and white, and even his base who live in near poverty love him- must be those rights of the unborn thing and abusing of women.


But- But their women even cowtow to there “men” and defer to Dump/


and you think that was about hating blacks and not hating that they were poor . . . . .


Many of his voters are functionally illiterate anyway. I missed Bernie’s address, but I really admire the Bern! Remember Dump was afraid to debate him?


Some of these blacks who applied to live in his properties were working at professional jobs.


He hate anyone who is not like him.