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After Pelosi and Schumer, Sanders Will Issue Live Rebuttal to Trump's Primetime Plea for 'Unneeded Wall'




Yeah baby! Couldn’t have said it better- and many of his voters are Wall Street banksters.


This might be shocking- but I am sick and tired of you labeling working class people or people you look down upon as ignorant. Many of the so called working class people whom I know personally voted for Bernie in the primaries and did not switch to Dump. Some people unfortunately voted for Dump because they did not want Shillary. Now they regret it. You must be looking for an audience or attention in your old ways but that is not the way to do it. Join a women’s and civil rights march even if you are located in a different country, and educate people. Putting people down is stupid and non productive.


White working trash??? You must be here just for attention and to distract from the real issues. Nearly one million Americans who work for the federal government are not being paid. They are being used as pawns- period.


Cogent reply…thanks. And also Perot was labeled and demonized as " crazy" by both parties. If the Green party ever gets any political muscle, no doubt will likewise be demonized.


I assume you mean dpearl, not Smerl. Yes. His is the right answer, I was just in a snarky mood. Although I’d argue that the fact that Perot could get to where he was in the polls was a function of his money.


Delete then reinstall latest Firefox and try again.


Actually, he has a long history of racism. Now is that “anyone who is not white?” well, according to those employees who were not white, at his casinos, whenever he did a grand BS tour he would call ahead for all of the non-white employees to go in the back area.

And this is from a 1991 book by John O’Donnell:
“ Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

He never denied the quote. In fact, when Trumpster was interviewed by Playboy in '97 he said that quote was “probably true.”

A long history of racism in his family, such America’s true poet laureate Woody Guthrie had to write Old Man Trump about his father’s hatred and treatment of blacks.


Seems to me they get demonized already without the muscle.


Mealouts, we are talking about different social segments. What I call White Working Trash (or White Trumpian Trash) are the ones holding federal workers hostage. If those ignorant racist whites could get away with it, they would let federal workers starve (after enslaving the blacks among them.)
You, and many “progressives”, don’t know who your “real” enemies are. Your REAL enemies are the White Trumpist Working Trash, those are the ones who would volunteer to man the watchtowers in concentration camps, and the ones who would relish pushing you into ovens. You guys have no idea what kind of shitty country you live in, my friends.


The shutdown is a winning strategy for Trump. His white trash base doesn’t work for the Federal Government and is not affected by the shutdown. Not only that, his white trash base believes (correctly, to some extent) that the Federal Government hires blacks and minorities, and that is enough for them to support the shutdown.


It is fascinating how the Democrats have fallen into Trump’s spider’s trap.
Federal Workers are “not” represented among Trump’s White Trash base. Not only that, Trump’s White Trash uniformly hate the Federal Government, and believe most federal employees are blacks and minorities, whom the Trumpian Trash hate.
That is why the shutdown is a winning card for Trump. The Republican lackeys in Congress don’t represent Federal Employees, they represent Blue Collar Trash, and those people are more than happy seeing Federal employees going without a paycheck. I wish Nancy Pelosi read this comment and learned something.


Broad brushes are great for painting large walls. They are pretty much useless for painting pictures. With all due respect, your brush strokes seem exceedingly broad.


Yes, but in my opinion, we have not seen anything yet! Especially if the Greens ever become a viable third party that challenges the duopoly.


I think at this point that nuclear holocaust has about a million times greater chance of occurring than the green party ever gaining enough votes to make a difference. A massive meteor impact is probably more likely as well. Too many sadly misguided Progressives still think they can reform Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi by voting for them and then asking them nicely to change who and what they fundamentally are and always have been. The fact is they are not now, have not been, and never will be progressives. I would say the same goes for those who vote for them as well -but Cortez voted for Pelosi to be house speaker?!?!? I wonder what she thought she would get in return.


Why respect someone ( Moncton) who even hates American soldiers?


Nice that you are a paid federal worker when hundreds of thousands are not.


Who said I respect him? I said “with all due respect.”


He even hates American soldiers- yes , I get what you are saying, but associating this person with even the word respect is undeserving. Do yourself a favor, and find something or someone more constructive.


Really? I dig Bernie- but he is pushing 78! So, while your fellow citizens are not being paid all you can think of is Bernie. Live in the present unless you have dementia.