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After 'Pivotal Year' for Reproductive Rights, Advocates See Battles Ahead


After 'Pivotal Year' for Reproductive Rights, Advocates See Battles Ahead

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

2016 was a "pivotal year" for women's health, according to a 50-state report card released Monday by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR)—and given signals from the incoming Trump administration, "2017 will undoubtedly bring new challenges and new opportunities for action."


The Pro-Choice lobby, Gun Control lobby, Environmental, Progressive, and all the other lobbies finding themselves on the opposite side from the Fascist GOP need to unite to take back the state houses and roll back the caging schemes and voter suppression laws the Fascists have been working hard to create for decades. Anything they expend on their single issues right now is wasted energy.


Hardly wasted energy to those of us who are women. We have lost ground in defending our rights during the past eight years of being just one of several issues and never a priority.

While it would be great if progressive males would forcefully defend the rights of women as human rights that has not happened.

We have had a Progressive Democratic president since 2008 and starting in 2010 statehouse, governorships, and the US Congress started bleeding red and now in 2016 the Democratic officeholders are a fraction of what we had in 2008.

The reality is that women must fight to make ourselves a priority-otherwise we are merely bargaining chips.

Fascists? the reality is that the far left and the far right both subscribe to authoritarianism.

Ortega in Nicaragua regained power by making a deal with Big Religion to sacrifice the rights of women. It can happen here.

Your use of the word lobby in this context is interesting as it is generally used that way by the anti-female far right.


"Return to the dark days" ?

I would characterize the Trump regime as a return to the dark AGES, with respect to womens' choice and nearly every other issue.