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After Pompeo Chides Zarif as 'Propagandist of the First Order,' US Anti-War Critic Retorts: 'Takes One to Know One'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/07/after-pompeo-chides-zarif-propagandist-first-order-us-anti-war-critic-retorts-takes


Very dangerous lower consciousness human being .
It’s so very sad that we let those people in power .
Tony Blair was the same ,starting wars over their religious righteousness .


Is Pompeo trying to dislodge “Dick” Cheney from the all time war criminal hall of fame?


The United States is basically an insane asylum run by right wingnuts with no character or integrity. The more extreme and reckless they are the better it is to them. The are supported by a co-depedendent democratic party which has no roots and cannot seem to do anything right to stop the insanity. The american people are inconvenient truths to be manipulated by politicians.


Mr. Zarif is an American. Graduate of San Francisco and Denver.

His TV interviews aired this morning on several channels provides some thought about what Bolton and pompeo (small p) have brought us too.

It can get worser. I found a republican dumber than trumpo to run in 2020 for president. Jimmee and Dee Haslam, owners of the Cleveland Browns. They would have to sell the team - so Cleveland wins, NFL wins. America wins having replaced an emotional nutzoid with a guy who cannot manage, inspire or evaluate people, budget, or much else. The american people are gonna love him!! Democrats are going to eat his cheese.

For at least the past quarter century our local GOP voters have taken great pride in the GOP getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year. Trump, Moscow Mitch and their henchmen have elevated lies exponentially as a strategy to keep their voters engaged during the 2020 election cycle.


“We’re going to need a bigger boat.”


No comment required:


Zarif is not an American. Born in Teheran. Did not apply for a green card for a decade even though he could have.

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There is no effective truth cop or truth meter with any teeth. No accountability.
The words “impeachment trial” should accompany any statement made by the left, and hopefully by every media story. Screw the Iran hype.

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He is an American !!
How many years, how many degrees, how many hours in the university library does an individual need to become americanized.

I grew up in a city having 68 nationalities. From mexican farm workers stranded during great depression #1 in the middle of 1930’s thru the german war brides, DP’s, Hungarian Freedom runners. They americaned quickly - and so did Mr. Zarif.

Perogi Proggies around here demean pompeo and bolton as war mongers who have destroyed middle east peace prospects.

Lastly: We issue education visas to top notch foreign students and expect them to return to their homelands and install our values into their politics, cultures, economies, Mr. Zarif has accomplished this in Iran. We wrecked his work there.

Wisdom to listen to his interviews broadcast this morning. While pepperoni pompeo has no answers to questions.

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Look I’m not throwing shade on Zarif, but he is not an American citizen. If you spent a couple of decades in Mongolia would that make you a Mongolian?

I would appreciate and understand the peoples there, value their friendships. Know their history,

Scholarship, sports, travel, and actual work
create good citizens.

In May 1945, there were 300 Mongolians, a military unit, in Bavaria and we did not know how to get them home. So, we had them mine coal for the coming winter heating season.

We had at least one battalion stranded in Viet Nam as governance, waiting for the French to return to their colony. They had fought the japanese army from Calcutta east to the china sea, They finally got home end of spring 1946.

Americans are still interested in every square foot of earth and ocean.

No you would not be a Mongolian, but perhaps a bit Mongolianized. And I suspect Zarif might be a bit offended by “we expect them to return to their homelands and install our values into their politics, cultures, economies.” He would probably say diplomacy and understanding are perfectly good Iranian, or world, values. American values stand naked before the world right now.

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American values are not respected nor practiced by DC by either party, elected or hired staff in this sad era.

If I am sent somewhere and I blend in perfectly, then I am that heritage. USA has folks who do just that. It builds friendships, trust and true dialog.

It looks more and more certain that the gas-guzzling, tweet-belching Trump clown car is
being steered by the Zionist “Christian” Evangelicals. Blinded as they are by their Armageddon fantasies, they are driving dangerously close to the edge of the abyss.

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Yep. It’s very scary.

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In all fairness, Secretaries of State have been promoting war over diplomacy since the days of John Foster Dulles.
The only one I can think of off the top of my head that wasn’t an unapologetic war monger was Cyrus Vance. As Kissinger used to say, you don’t have to make peace with dead people.

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