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After Popular Uproar, 20-Foot-Tall Angry Trump Baby Blimp Gets Okay to Fly Over London During President's UK Visit


After Popular Uproar, 20-Foot-Tall Angry Trump Baby Blimp Gets Okay to Fly Over London During President's UK Visit

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citizens of the world have shown throughout the past year and five months that there is no shortage of unique ways to peacefully register outrage against deeply unpopular U.S.


This is just wonderful. Would that I could afford to buy a fleet of these so I could deploy one to follow him wherever he goes.


World wide laughing stock… so proud.


When Theresa May has to explain to Trump that they cannot take the balloon it down because, unlike the USA, the UK is a democracy that respects freedom of dissent, is going to be precious.


Presumably, this balloon light is enough to replace the helium with methane and the appropriate sulphurous odorant (ordinary natural gas will do), with an appropriate flapping flatulence valve on its ass. Then they can put a remotely-struck match to its ass and explode it in effigy afterward…


No belly button? Does that mean Trump was not born of a mother’s womb? Maybe he is a space alien? Maybe a form of vegetable as opposed to human? Just askin '…


Hey London, may we borrow the “Baby” to fly over Punkinhead’s military parade?
Thanks ever so!


Leave it to the Brits to find the right note to rankle those that rightly deserve it. I can’t wait to see the news and blowback after the fact. I hope the weather’s good so the balloon has the greatest effect. Perfect in many ways.


Considering the Brexit vote won I would guess that Trump has millions of supporters in the UK but probably not that many in London.


Will Someone Please “Stop Trump.”

If I never his name again, that’d be awesome.


That’s AWESOME! We should borrow that for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!


I guess I’ll have to quit saying “when pigs fly”…


I promise to turn my fleet over to you for the necessary modifications.


I was imagining smaller, helium filled balloons everywhere…


My friends in the UK say the idea for this came from famed anti-Zionist and Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters, whose band famously floated an angry schoolteacher and meanie Pig inflatables over audiences during some concert tours.
The Baby Trump would have been too frightening for people at a Floyd show, especially if they were on acid. I think someone should make a line of Baby Trump plush toys, sex dolls, and talky plush toys. They could say things like “I love Putin,” and “Rough that protester up a bit,” and “I grab 'em by the pussy.”


Should be one tied permanently to Airforce One’s tail.


Its not an accurate likeness, there isn’t crap oozing out of the diaper.


They should also make one of Teresa Mayhem & Bibi Nutty Ya:grinning::heart_eyes::sunglasses:hoo.


Brilliant! We need a fleet of these Angry Babies to fly all over the world, especially wherever the floating orange turd goes! His head will fuckin explode!

Truer words were never written: "a big, angry baby with a fragile ego, and a racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants, and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on Earth."


The blimp looks fine to me except it’s missing the swastika…