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After Popular Uproar, 20-Foot-Tall Angry Trump Baby Blimp Gets Okay to Fly Over London During President's UK Visit


I hope beautiful Princess Meghan Markle isn’t around. I don’t think Trump could resist grabbing at her.


I so wish Americans could have a cult 45 baby-huey blowup balloon hanging 24/7, 365, right over the White House. In case 45 gets lost, only well meaning here (haha!)


A sense of humor (no matter how ironic) is necessary for the survival of a free people. The right of the people to criticize their leaders with humor shall not be infringed. Long live Alec Baldwin, Steven Colbert, those on Common Dreams still holding onto their sense of humor. etc.


But they have televisions in Scotland.


I was going to say that he was hatched like the chicken Cadet Bone Spurs really is, but I can’t bring myself to insult chickens that way. He doesn’t have a bellybutton b/c he was ‘created’ in a petri dish experiment gone bad – it might be okay to get your children from a long glass tube in 2525, but in 1947 the only thing created in a long glass tube was a monster! There’s no bellybutton b/c gelatinous goo doesn’t need an umbilical cord.


Let’s hope she drop kicks him if so.


The Queen should decide to receive him at Buckingham Palace so he has to go to London if he wants his audience☺️


Trump is my man! I love this baby ballon of Trump, my man!