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After Positive Covid Test, Jayapal Demands House Sargent of Arms Remove GOP Lawmakers Who Refuse Masks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/after-positive-covid-test-jayapal-demands-house-sargent-arms-remove-gop-lawmakers


To Representative Jayapal,
As the harried customer said to the owner of the upholstery shop: “I hope you recover quickly!”

We need you in the fight for Expanded Medicare for All - not as an example of the stupidity of the current system.


My advice to these congress people is the same I give any one at the grocery store. If you walk in and someone is not wearing a mask, you approach the manager and tell him/her to order the mask less person ooff the premises until such time as they put a mask on. If that manager refuses to deal with it, you walk out, because obviously they don’t care about your safety.

The onus is now on Nancy and Chuck. No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.
Why was anybody allowed in the capital building on that or any other day, without wearing a mask. What the fuck?


As long as the Democrats lend any legitimacy to the GOP the GOP will keep becoming more powerful…read killing moire of us with each passing year. Any time we hear anybody talk about “uniting the nation” we need to tell them to shut the f–k up ! It never going to happen as long as the GOP exists.

Unless Biden’s DOJ launches investigations and indictments January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers (which includes most Congressional Republicans), Biden will be the final Democrat elected POTUS, and one of the final elected POTUS as the GOP repeats its January 6 dry run to destroy US democracy as many times as it takes until they succeed.


Would that be the new Sergeant at Arms, or did the old one come back after effing up during the riot?

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Thank you Representative Jayapal. This was needed long ago and I hope members of the House firmly support this commonsense measure.

May you heal quickly!


Rep. Jayapal, may your journey with Covid-19 be as gentle as mine back in March. I still wear my mask despite my probable immunity. Why? It lowers the social tension. It is the right thing to do. I am flawed on so many layers, but that is one on which I can rise above such foolishness. The political interpretation of a mask is the mark of crazy and crazy is more virulent than SARS-CoV-2, I am afraid. Certainly, the two are correlated.


Didn’t I see her in one of those videos ducking down beside others while not wearing a mask? I could be wrong.

This is just the GOP’s way of “reaching across the aisle” and making a compromise with the representatives immune system.

It’s a Biden approved tactic.


This demand for congressmembers to be removed from congress if they are not wearing masks should have been made months ago. And as a person who has a compromised immune system I do agree that customers need to wear some kind of facial coverings when they enter a store. The problem is that if you walk out because people are not doing the rational thing by wearing a face mask or face shield that, unfortunately, is not going to help that much because, as I have found out, that type of irrational behavior is found in every store which I go to, such as major grocery stores. What I try to do is to keep my distance from people who are not wearing facial coverings and to do my shopping as quickly as possible and then leave. I live in a rural part of the Pacific Northwest and it is simply stunning to see the amount of stupidity from these libertarian Trump supporters as their only concern is about themselves and their refusal to wear a face mask.


Yes you saw her in the gallery a much more open space and at a distance from others. The room she was stuck in later was small, crowded and a lot of people were yaaking it up oblivious to their spreading water vapor- look at the video, it is appalling.


The Iowa legislature convened yesterday in Des Moines, and face masks are optional.

The ( R )s take pride in refusing to wear safety masks, as they, including the guv, treat COVID like a hoax.

Can you imagine being in a small committee room, while these buffoons, who constitute the majority in both Senate and House, are maskless?


Actually it was made on July 29th. Everyone must wear masks if they are in the House Chamber, its galleries or cloakrooms or they are subject to removal. During committee hearings (which happen in other areas of the building), the mask rule applies only if it is part of the rules of the committee and representatives can do what they want in their own offices. There have been several confrontations over violations of the mask rules and some members and their staff have been escorted out when they were in violation.


I take photos of the infraction with my phone and get the store manager pronto - I point out the problem, show them the photo, and promise them it will be posted on all of their social media pages.

It works.


With or without masks it would be hell.


“Any requirement for mask wearing [to reduce spread of the virus and literally save people’s lives - yunz] is a violation of a my personal freedom and is socialism”.

Not /s - it is what they actually say.

If confronted, they then say “99.9 percent [wrong - yunz] of people don’t die of it, except “grandma” and those old farts an burden on the freedom of the young and strong!” [i.e. Aktion T4 of 1939]

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There’s nothing like a good ole Chinese weapons lab created virus pandemic to expose the worst traits born out of ignorance in the human species.

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proving conclusively–the Republican party is filled with cruel killers, anti-community health -anti-American traitors, ignorers of reality, and fomenters of sedition --they are the exact opposite of good, upstanding citizens


“…There’s nothing like a good ole Chinese weapons lab created virus pandemic to expose the worst traits born out of ignorance in the human species…”

… QAnon much?


Not at all. Read much?

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