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After Probe Reveals 'Potentially Life-Threatening' Medicine Delays Due to USPS 'Sabotage,' Warren Demands DeJoy Resign—or Be Removed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/after-probe-reveals-potentially-life-threatening-medicine-delays-due-usps-sabotage


Unbelievable and this a facet of our various Countries Post offices that I had not considered before. Again the Post Office allows all people access to such things. They want to Privatize this so that a Corporation can make profits delivering medicines to people who would die if they did not receive that medicine.

Imagine this phone call.

PR person at Corporate Courier.

“Yes ma’am we have increased our rates to deliver a package to you to 22$$. We have costs ourselves .”

Older Senior at other end.

“But my drugs already cost me 300$$ a month I need these deliveries twice a month . I can not afford 44$$ more a month. The post office used to deliver these for 70 cents!!”

PR Person

“And the post office was losing money every year. We as a company are entitled to make profits. We understand your issue but the rate is reasonable and fair. Would you rather we just not deliver the medicines?”

Older Senior at other end.

“No no I need them to live! I just do not have an extra 44$$!”

Pr Person

“You have the option of going to our distribution center to pick up your prescription. There is one within 75 miles of you and all you need pay is a handling fee of 8$$”

Politician running for office.

“Many of our seniors can not afford a 30 dollar a month delivery fee for the drugs they need to live. Many do not have cars or any means of transportation to pick these up. I propose a new act wherein the Government will pay the Private Courier for this service on behalf of the seniors”.


So Liz, you want to remove LaJoy?
How? Short of shooting him, you have no options.


Exactly. And the same with all the members of DT’s various wrecking crews, er Cabinet members.

Why isn’t the Camel saying this? Why isn’t Biden?


DeJoy has served his purpose to the GOP.

He won’t resign unless the GOP wills it.

I would much rather see him removed. Soon.


Oh Boy another dystopian novel. ( I wasn’t always like this—but it’s the government that’s affecting me so negatively! ) ANYWAY, he gets into a mail truck for a photo opportunity----when suddenly—the mail truck takes off going 90 miles an hour—sadly it crashes into the Oval Office-----and hey —2 useless bodies with one stone—or— one mail truck. : )

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Gee, I was waiting for the gas tank in the truck to explode creating a massive inferno that burned it all the way to the ground, and below completely melting the menace’s famed bunker.

Excuse me for taking some “poetic license.”

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the GOP itself is the original “death panel.”

Hi PonyBoy:
Hey that works too ! : )

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