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After Profiting from Weapons Sales and Bombing Yemen, U.S. Calls for Ceasefire


After Profiting from Weapons Sales and Bombing Yemen, U.S. Calls for Ceasefire

Nika Knight, staff writer

The United States, Britain, and the U.N. peace envoy to Yemen called Sunday for an unconditional ceasefire in Yemen to take place "within hours."

The two nations are trying "to seize on outrage caused by the killing of 140 people in a Saudi airstrike," the Guardian reports.

The newspaper describes the details of the proposed ceasefire:


Today Fareed Zachariah had a graph showing that the most important issue for the majority in both parties is terrorism. Our chances of dying from traffic accidents are many more times higher than from terrorism, yet car traffic increases exponentially every day.

Opinion makers work for military contractor oligopolies like GE that spread fear of terrorism to justify ever higher Pentagon budgets.

Where we get our information matters. It is encouraging that young people don't tend to rely on the MSM for their information, but are informed online instead. I assume that being better educated than their parents, they want to find the truth.


The use of sarcastic and snarky remarks like "After profiting from weapons sales and bombing Yemen" as is done in the headline is exactly the sort of attitude that causes cease-fires to fail.


I wish, that in voting, one could not only vote for a candidate, but rate each candidate as well. Thus, on a 7-point scale, I would rate Trump -3 and Clinton -2--voting for Clinton while "holding my nose," and voting for her only to stop Trump from becoming the next president.

Another idea is to have "NONE OF THE ABOVE; THEY ALL SUCK!!" as a possibility on the ballot for each office.


Stein is a 7.
Vote for Stein.


ErikThe Red.No need to hold your nose and vote for Clinton because she stinks......why not blow your nose and vote for the Green Party, Jill Stein? Your vote numbers for Clinton and Trump mimic the feelings of many. If your opinion of trump and clinton are so low, what do you have to lose by voting for a better future and liveable world with the Green Party...IF you are taking such a chance by voting for trump or clinton, what do you really have to lose with the Greens and to gain with the other two parties?

I do not get it when so many people have such a low opinion of T&C, why they feel that they are locked in with them.....Do they not know of the alternative viable choices.
Vote Green for a Liveable and and Habitable planet... Jill Stein 2016


This ceasefire happened because the Egyptians demanded that it happen.
Egypt has been the biggest kid on the block in the Middle East for a very, very long time.
Saudi Arabia in partnership with Israel likes to think of themselves as the indispensable country, but they are a weak 5th.
Once the Houthi rebels shot a couple of Iranian made missiles in the direction of American warships and the Egyptians saw the possibility of the Suez Canal being closed down because the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait was blocked they called for an end to hostilities.
As always Obama the chucklehead overplayed his hand.


You can't build an empire by treating people of color with respect and dignity.


Ya, right. That's what it is, you're brilliant. NOT


" Kerry did not mention the United States most recent 1.15 billion $ weapons sale to Saudi Arabia."

Ever notice how the weapons sales are never mentioned? THE WAR PROFITEERS ARE NEVER MENTIONED!


I notice you joined only a few days ago. I've been commenting here - thousands of comments and tens-of-thousands of up-votes since the year 2000. I also weathered repeated bannings for my criticism of the candidate Obama from the left (I never voted for the guy).

I honestly don't think my views have changed since the days of the Bush's war crimes and a little later, when I tried to convince the community here what sort of vile president Obama would be unless we mounted a massive fight. To say that fight was never mounted would be an understatement. I remain a libertarian socialist and Marxist. But now we have a "left" that is increasingly indistinguishable from the proto-fascist Trumpist right containing many hate-filled individuals who openly support fascists. If it were the fall of 2002 right now, would everyone here be supporting Saddam Hussein as a man-of-the-people who is bravely standing up to US imperialism? Because, believe it or not, back then, we were able to mount massive tens-of millions strong demonstrations against Bush's war crimes and savagery in cities around the world without me EVER hearing a single word of support for Saddam as some kind of "good guy" - like you all are calling the equally repugnant Assad or Purtin.


So what are the Saudis now supposed to do with all the weaponry they bought from US for the purpose of destroying their neighbor???


Don't mind Yunzer. I have long ago ceased to react to his silly troll posts.


Trump is not a McCain or Romney. I am only likely to vote for Clinton if my state remains closely-contested. A vote is not support, any more than a strategic retreat is a surrender.


If one slaps a dollar down on the counter for a Snickers bar is one showing support for eating that Snickers bar or is one strategically retreating from their diet?
Your comment and this comment are equally convoluted.


I've had my disagreements with Yunzer, but this kind of defamation is just part and parcel to your contribution on these threads.


The point is that someone who truly want peace welcomes a cease fire without hostile snarks. You just welcome it. Is the author of this article unhappy that the US called for a cease fire? Is she upset that a nation committing bad act might, just might, be changing for the better in this situation? Surely, if the US only wanted to make more money selling arms, why would they have called for a cease-fire?

Oh, and on Friday, I sent a long e-mail on the White House website demanding that the US get out of Yemen and end all aid and diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. I appealed here on Commondreams for others to so so. Did you send such a message to the White House yourself?


I guess this guy (or maybe its a well disguised female) has switched his stupidity away from me and onto poor old Yunzer.


I take Robert Parry's stand on this. That certainly does not make me a supporter of Putin or Assad. But to not acknowledge the massive propaganda campaign against Russia in order for US Empire to cover it's own crimes, and its own designs is a bit of a blind spot you apparently have.


Yes, Don just a few minutes ago asserted yet another argument I have never made. He asserted specific points of an argument I never made.

Does he rise to my challenge to him of actually publishing the quote from that supposed comment by me?

Of course he doesn't.

A liar of the first order.