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After Railing Against 'Rigged' Economy, Trump Readies to Rig It Even More

After Railing Against 'Rigged' Economy, Trump Readies to Rig It Even More

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

After running a campaign that blasted the "rigged" economy, President-elect Donald Trump appears set to rig it even further—in favor of corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which enforces a wide range of financial rules, will see major changes under the Trump administration, mostly in the form of slashed regulations.

Oh yes the anti-Establishment Trump!

I mean how clucking obvious did it have to be?


“After running a campaign that blasted the “rigged” economy, President-elect Donald Trump appears set to rig it even further—in favor of corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy.”

Good god! Did ANYONE actually think Trump would have done anything else but this?

How can the USAn people - including many commenters here - be so fucking naïve and clueless???


How long will it be before those out of work trump voters start asking Donald when he’s going to start bringing all those millions of jobs back to the USA?
Trump already has half the country against him, he will have 90% of the population against him after the Trump voters find out he is a fraud who doesn’t give a **** about them.

Even half of the republican congress members don’t trust him.


After Bernie Sanders left the presidential race it was a ‘lose-lose’ situation. People know the system is rigged but unfortunately they believed Trump’s election rhetoric and insincere concern for their welfare.

New boss, same as the old boss.



Most people didn’t. Most people either stayed home like me, or voted for clinton as she won the popular vote. So you can’t blame the voters for this. Blame the Clinton Crime Family of War Profiteers and Obama and the DNC for defrauding Senator Bernie Sanders, but don’t blame the voters.

Or you can blame the electorial college and Diebold voting machines which gave Trump razor-thin margins in all the swing states, but don’t blame the voters.



It’s just money. At least Clinton is not poking the Russian Bear Putin with a sharp stick in the eye anymore. This SEC shanigans I can live with. I just won’t ever invest with Wall Street again.

And the old boss still is RRR:


With a few bush, mellons, duponts thrown in for good measure.


I think deepening the swamp is the appropriate phrase.



What century do you think we are in?

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You’re in the friggin Philippines. Who cares what you can live with.

Millions of Americans live overseas. Doing so does not give up citizenship in the US.


Direct Action (not an exhaustive list)

  1. Declare a holiday and protest and block the Big 5 banks.
  2. MOVE YOUR MONEY to a credit union.
  3. Get your state to create its own bank, like the state run bank of North Dakota.
  4. Sign the state exit secession’ist petitions circulating in California, Oregon, Washington states. This radical idea I think will be getting more attention especially when the big banks fail again it may be the only option left.

Complaining or venting is not going to phase these psychopaths, only direct actions. Remember Wall St. Banksters created this mess. I moved my money out of Wells Fargo since they were charging fees for everything. Their specialty is preying on the poor.


At COP22 there is talk of isolating the US and its multinational corporations globally. Along with that shoukd come increases in sustainable local economies and reguonal networks.


Not only is Trump not going to drain the swamp, he is going to re-stock it with vampire squids. The deplorables will be chum in the water before they know what hit them.


Oh change and hope isn’t coming after all, I’m shocked. I need a bigger garden to make for my SS that will be less in the near future and it was by down $12.00 per month. I can’t even imagine what this does to old timers. I’m sure demodogs will do something;) The fun thing is this would of happened under hillabillie. The only reason demodogs are mad they won’t be the ones to finish off the what’s left of the middle class. Thanks demodogs, good show.

Yes dump voters, voted against their interest but then again when only feed info from the so-called liberal press owned by corp. Amerika this is the selective out come.


Yes nothing like raising the next gator and vampires. Please Buffy we need your help;)

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That’s revealing.


The most important priorities of the PE

  1. Anything I can do for retribution to punish my enemies
  2. Anything that can increase my public exposure (good/bad does not matter, all pub. is good pub)
  3. Anything that can enrich me.
  4. Anything that can enrich my family.
  5. Anything that can benefit my connections.
  6. The GOP enslavement.
  7. Anything to spite Obama/liberals via policy erosion, in the same way that Reagan tore President Carter’s solar panels off the white house roof.
  8. The needs of a very select portion of my base.
  9. The needs of the reat of my base.
  10. The needs of the American public.
  11. The needs of planet Earth.