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After Raising Hourly Wages to $15, Amazon-Owned Whole Foods Reportedly Slashed Workers' Hours

After Raising Hourly Wages to $15, Amazon-Owned Whole Foods Reportedly Slashed Workers' Hours

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While Amazon caved to massive public pressure last fall and raised all company wages to at least $15 per hour—including at its subsidiary Whole Foods Market—in the months since, workers at the popular grocery chain have had their hours cut, negating their raises.

Whole PayCheck’s profit margins allow them to have their customer base stand in long lines, receive poor service, etc. Well, duh…
Squeeze Bezos’ Balloon and he finds another prophylactic device to make his wallet bulge. There’s no prestigious pay+ advantage to working retail at Whole PayCheck, just marketing.


Stop going to WF and using Amazon. Bezos is pissing on you. Oh wait, that’s trickle down


I’ve worked for Whole Foods for almost 20 years, and it has truly been a nightmare since Amazon has taken over. They’ve taken over most of the team member only areas for their delivery staging operation. There is no room left to properly operate a grocery store. For one, perishable food is allowed to sit around out of the cooler until the temperatures reach critically dangerous levels. There’s a reason why most team members won’t eat certain prepared foods or dairy items from our store…we don’t want to get sick! Additionally, the only place left to store loaves of extra bread now is right next to the dumpster in the receiving area. Look up 240 East 56 Street in zip code 10022 and you will see the receiving area and you can clearly see a rack of bread right next to the dumpster. I have seem multiple rats eating the bread and have heard customers complain about chew marks through the bags. It’s not the way a grocery store should be run. Moreover, we are no longer allowed to ask for time off more than a month in advance…but schedules are made 3 weeks in advance. This means we have a very small window to submit time off requests, and they are usually denied “due to the needs of the business.” Whole Foods used to be a great company to work for…now, not so much.


Note to the public. “You will not win.” That’s also Trump’s mantra, Don’t challenge me or I’ll make it bad for you.

Here’s the thing about this, there is no law in California that states what full time hours are. Hence why companies are at liberty to change worker’s hours. Each company sets their own parameters of what full time is - no maximum or minimum is actually state law. You want fairness? Aside fair wages, the lack of law on what full time hours are needs to be made. No one looked into this though. Everyone got distracted by the money factor, why? Because these companies don’t want the mass-minded to think outside the box and consider other laws or lack thereof that might affect labor law or whatever the media is promoting (such as the $15/hr wage law) which is why we’ll always keep going on in this circle of raising wages but still not seeing any upward mobility as workers.


I stopped shopping at Whole Foods when Bezos bought it. Now I go to the newly built Publix right across the street. There’s nothing in Whole Foods that I can’t get at Publix for cheaper. Customer loyalty shouldn’t be to a ‘brand name’; rather, it should be to the people who run the business. I used to refuse to shop at the newly built Publix. Bezos changed my mind on that.

Even their food is beginning to be recalled now. NO real reason to shop there anymore.

If you don’t like where you work, get a job somewhere else. If you want to control how a business is run, open one up yourself. When you run a business, you have a budget. To make the $15 hour wage happen for each employee, something had to give to make the budget… hence, cut hours. Simple Econ