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After Rand Paul’s Sort-of Filibuster, What’s Next for Surveillance Reform?


After Rand Paul’s Sort-of Filibuster, What’s Next for Surveillance Reform?

Neema Singh Guliani

While technically Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) stand against the NSA yesterday wasn't a filibuster, any time a member of Congress talks for over ten hours without a bathroom break, it's close enough in our book.


The difference between Right Wing and Left Wing has come to be very like the difference between Sunni and Shiite or Catholic or Baptist.

They believe in the same false God but pick and choose which of the rules issued by said god can be ignored and which must be followed.


Snowden might release some personal stuff from politicians like Nelson, Rubio and their big contributors. What’s good for the goose…


JJ, the answer is we can all, yet AGAIN, thank the treasonous black-robed political appointees comprising the ‘highest’ court in the land for once again putting corporations ahead of living breathing citizens with their heinous Citizens United ruling. It truly was/is the death knell for whatever remnants of democracy that our once-proud republic originally stood for.

FWIW I’m actually liking much of what Rand Paul is doing these days though I am very happy that Bernie Sanders is finally going for it. Dang, I shudder when I think of the consequences for us all if either neocon-Hillary or Jeb Bush wins in 2016!


Rand Paul can get away with this under his (sometimes) capitalist libertarian front.

Paul gets a kick out of “filibustering.” It must get him brownie points somewhere. Our Democratic Democrats don’t have enough political cover to take on the TPP AND the Patriot Act.

If I had my choice I would stop the TPP. Why would anyone go for fast-track authorization? It makes the powers granted virtually untouchable.

On the other hand, you know the gov is going to keep spying on you even if they say they have stopped.


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