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After Rejecting US Resolution Condemning Hamas, UN Easily Passes Resolution Condemning Israeli Occupation


After Rejecting US Resolution Condemning Hamas, UN Easily Passes Resolution Condemning Israeli Occupation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a blow to Nikki Haley in her final weeks as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, the General Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly adopted a resolution calling for an end to the Israeli occupation just after the body rejected a U.S. resolution condemning Hamas.


From the article:

Denouncing the vote, Haley asked her “Arab brothers and sisters” to “let go” of their “hatred of Israel,” later adding that “both sides” would do well to “let this go.”

Immediately after, Haley asked “her Jewish brothers and sisters” to “get over the Holocaust”—or did I just imagine that? I sure will be glad to see the last of this pile of malignant cells, but after the likes of Kirkpatrick, Bolton and Albright, I fear her replacement won’t be an upgrade.


Haley’s Comments, show that her views are so far from reality and nothing more than smoke and gas she might as well be in outer space, accomplishing nothing but a brief streak of light in an otherwise dark sky.


When in recent history, has a news and weather teleprompter reader, gone from " isn’t she just darling " to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations? Nuart is another spitball into the face of mostly grownups like Ireland’s Ambassador Nason.
It’s just another daily commute on the Trump Crazy Train for most Americans. What’s next: Tucker Carlson as Secratary of State? Good grief!


I hope this is the beginning of the world standing together, and standing up to the US’s worldwide aggression.


Just move along, nothing new to see here. Just another upside down policy want, in a long line of “Bizarro World” policy craziness from the Trump regime.


Refreshingly clever, PB!
Let’s hope that she disappears for 75-76 years.


Well, you have to admit, in the Holocaust there were good people on either side.


sometimes i really like the UN


It’s about time! Glad to find out there were some adults in the room who were not afraid of the US…or who are afraid but showed courage to stand up, so to speak, to the bullies. Congrats!


This vote clearly shows that the sidelining of America as a world leader has begun in full force. It also shows that other countries are prepared to stand up to American/Israeli atrocities in the Middle East…Oh! except for irrelevant countries like Australia, Israel, Liberia, Marshall Islands, and Nauru. The US ought to be ashamed of this laughable, dwindling, coalition (of the coerced, bribed, bought out or intimidated). Reminds me of the Last Days of the Roman Empire.


The USA & the countries siding with it don’t practice what they preach. Liberia was founded by freed American Slaves & won’t say that the American Blacks should go there, the USA was founded on land originally inhabited by the Native Americans, Native Alaskans & Native Hawaiians & it won’t return the land to them, there are Native Hawaiians that want to secede, restore their monarchy & make Hawaiian their official language, the USA won’t allow it, Australia was founded on land inhabited by the Aborigines & won’t give the land back to them.Marshall Islands used to be a US Colony & is now a US-Israeli Puppet Nation.