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After Revelations of Improper Stock Sales by Rep. Shalala, Groups Demand Pelosi's Pick for Bailout Oversight Step Down

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/22/after-revelations-improper-stock-sales-rep-shalala-groups-demand-pelosis-pick


Class consciousness and solidarity are on full display here. I wish the 99% had half as much, but we’re too easily divided…


Well, Shalala’s stepping down would be a good start —


jesus christ, why is it impossible to have intelligent, honest, forthright, people with high standards, morals, and integrity to serve in congress? no matter the party - NOBODY seems to be a honest broker for america. it’s always about selfishness and doing the best for only the self interest of the supposed representative.


Grifter offers fellow grifter a position of ‘oversight’ of the current grift. They mean well, though, right Dems? I do wonder how Nancy will survive the pandemic with just 14 containers of $12-a-pint ice cream in one of her two massive (and massively expensive) freezers, though. Hard times for ol’ Nanc.


Some days, when headline after headline just are so depressing, discouraging, and disappointing I have to turn away from the news.
I thought we are all in this together.
Well happy earth day everyone I’ll be back tomorrow


Rep. Katie Porter, a very impressive interrogator of Wall Street minions, well versed
in the mysterious vagaries of banking, who wanted the position, was overlooked by
Pelosi. Methinks the speaker didn’t want any upsetting facts to be revealed.


Donna may be from Florida
She practices ‘pay to play’
Hilary of Chicago had her day
Now acolytes have their say
Money in as campaign donations
Or family using inside stock info


“The Liar Tweets Tonight.”


You and I both know that when Pelosi (or anyone in position of power) openly and blatantly chooses a person with zero experience in the area and significant conflict of interest over someone with qualifications and a proven track record of effectiveness that that is exactly what she wants to avoid - not only upsetting facts, but corporate and establishment politico’s corruption.

Pelosi does not want any effective oversight - that is where establishment people from both parties agree.


TO HELP THEMSELVES BECOME RICH is the reason that people go into politics except Harry Truman. According to the biography written by his daughter, Harry’s failed business adventures let him to believe that he could be a politician. But his words were something like he failed at everything else maybe he could be a politician.

Trump has been 50 times worse with his BS appointments.

I agree with your sentiments about those who have connections to the Clintons: purely evil. But please, learn to write proper sentence structure, spelling and grammar.

None of these entitled picks or princesses think anything they do can be wrong.

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Progressives demand? That’s funny. Until such time as the oligarchy media juggernaut falls, there won’t be any powerful progressive groups to speak of. People are too stupid to think that much for themselves, Dems included.

Because the oligarchs own the media.

ahhhhh, my question was rhetorical…

ahhh but am I not permitted to expound on the subject ?

Besides I like to pick on Harry Truman because he authorized the use of nuclear weapons !

This is sadly, just par for the course, i’m afraid. That Pelosi would keep the most qualified person away from the position and appoint a low-life like this Shalala speaks volumes.

Please, don’t anyone respond about how bad the R’s are. We already knew that. But they don’t pretend to be any different.