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After Ripping 'Dummy' Mike Pence for Continued Threats, North Korea Shows Commitment to Talks by Destroying Nuclear Site


After Ripping 'Dummy' Mike Pence for Continued Threats, North Korea Shows Commitment to Talks by Destroying Nuclear Site

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just hours after a senior North Korean official lashed out at U.S.


You know your country’s leadership has reached new lows when a dictator from North Korea looks like the mature, sensible adult in the room. Yikes.


Number 2 stands up, turns around, and looks at his number 2 and tries to discern some “wisdom” from it.


Mike Pence seems to want a war with North Korea. He is one of the most idiotic, unqualified White House cabinet members ever. That leaves us with a clear picture after North Korea took down a nuclear power plant while idiot Pence is full of empty bombast. Threatening war is not a part of international diplomacy, it is the total lack of diplomacy. The incompetence of the Trump administration is appalling.


The Libyan Model—acquiesce or the Empire will kill your leaders, trash your country, and make you suffer.

Because we can.


Has the Nobel Prize Committee ever awarded the Peace Prize to a crash test dummy? Just wondering if Trump has any current competition for his presumptuous boasting about winning this somewhat ( worse? ) tarnished honor?
How about a Boy Scout badge for knot-tieing and/or community service instead? Works for me. He really deserves to get something for being such an artist at negotiations.


Pence is the rabid lap dog…


Oh, for crap;'s sake. CD is now offering up unchallenged North Korean propaganda because they despise Trump so much? The “nuclear site” may no longer be necessary if they have a number of other sites, as is likely, It might not be completely destroyed. It might be able to be rehabilitated.

Why is CD giving any credibility to a repressive, horrid government like North Korea? Get a grip, folks.



Yeah, no he doesn’t.


I agree. While the U.S. are still the aggressive party in this situation that does not mean NK needs to be completely martyred. Democracy Now has pointed out that that site was already likely damaged beyond repair and rendered useless. Kim is still a repressive dictator to his own people who is just trying to get good PR with this move. Albeit it is not really hard to do considering the current administration in the White House.