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After Russian Indictments, Sanders Says Trump Must Tell Putin 'We Will Not Allow You to Interfere in Our Democratic Processes'


After Russian Indictments, Sanders Says Trump Must Tell Putin 'We Will Not Allow You to Interfere in Our Democratic Processes'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While some lawmakers are demanding that President Donald Trump immediately cancel his upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin following the indictment on Friday of 12 Russian military officers for "conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) argued that Trump should use the planned meeting to confront Putin over the new charges and pressure him on his alleged role in election meddling.


Whoa, Bernie . . . you really did drink the Kool-Aid.



Sorry, Bernie and Liz, how does this compare with this administration’s dream of “regime change” in Venezuela? Or any other place the American government inserts its nasty digits?

This anti-Russia kabuki is as sickening as everything else going on…like our secret agents aren’t doing the same sh*t?


This article is certain to bring out CDs squad of Trumputin defenders.


So you like hacking and psychological disinformation campaigns for the gullible “left”, in order to interfere in a US election, pursuant to electing a like-minded fascist, by a criminal capitalist gangsterocracy?

Go choke on some of that Russian asbestos that they are overjoyed about being able to ship to the USA thanks to their brilliant psy-op that got Trump elected!

Oh, and regarding the Venezuela remark, you do know what whataboutism, a variant of the ad-hominem logical fallacy, is, right? Because that remark was a whopper of one - with a big dose of the non-sequitur fallacy thrown in for good measure.


Te kettle shouldn’t be calling the pot black! Sanders and all American leaders are gross hypocrites if they admonish Russia for doing what the US does on a regular basis to many, many nations around the World. The US, of course also uses violence and destruction when it demands regime change. Just what do you think that is? I’ll tell you, it is interfering in the election and voting process of democratically elected governments. What do you think the tragic disaster in Ukraine was? I’ll tell you that also, right from the mouth of the deputy secretary of state for European affairs, Victoria Nuland. It was a US planned and financially supported coup against a democratically elected government in Kiev. You want to talk about interfering in elections? Then go right ahead Hypocrite!


Please learn some basic logic. The integrity of US elections has NOTHING to do with any US covert interference with foreign country elections - real or alleged.

Or are you implying that had the US never interfered in foreign elections, the Putin government would have never interfered in ours? And the US is hardly the only country whose elections Putin has not attempted to interfere with or whose neo-fascist political parties are not getting Russian support.

Once again, please take a course in logic and rhetoric.


Trump, of course, will not tell Pooty to not interfere in US elections because that is exactly how Trump won the election with full Soviet support and intel on Hillary. But the bigger picture is Democrats did not support the strongest candidate in the polls in 2016, Bernie Sanders, and chose to support a consummate insider Hillary Clinton. So the Democrats should have listened to the polls, ran Bernie for president. They still have not learned about running insiders and seem to be duty bound to nominate consummate veteran insider Joe Biden in 2020. My guess is that in 2020 most of the nation will not want to support Trump at all for re election but the danger will be in once again running a consummate Democratic Party insider such as Joe Biden. Are we ready to see Trump win again despite all of his obvious failing as president in his first term in office. I keep hoping for a non insider from the Democrats with solid ideas about the future.

I wonder what the Russian intel people will come up with on the Democratic Party candidate in 2020. Anyone beside racist, sexist, bombastic, ego maniac Trump would be better than the same old, same old stuff we have seen in his first term in office.


Oh Bernie, I am disappointed. Did you ever read “Disaster Capitalism: Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klien?

You talk as if US Government has never instigated coup or meddle in elections or always done the humane action i.e. torturing our enemies. Started illegal wars, Obama continuing them and bailing out Wall STreet and filling his cabinet with captains of industry.

Never thought I would lecture you.


Also Bernie pay attention to Abbey Martin who has been among the people of Venezuela and you know our capitalist want the oil there and their right wing Oligarchs want the oil.

You’ve got to come clean.


OMG, that is soooo threatening to Trump. Might as well grab a straw and blow some warm smoke in his face. Typical spineless Democrat/Progressives.


Mike: need to get your history straight. The “Soviets” are long gone.


This picture of Trump embossed on bales of Russian asbestos which are implied destined for the US seems unlikely, and may be concocted, although it is true the EPA under Pruitt (now out) has considered loosening regulations for certain products. There have been no changes in current policy, however.

See snopes: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/is-epa-allowing-asbestos-products/ for a nuanced analysis of the situation.

The Trump administration is bad enough. No need for fakery to make it look any worse.


Red-baiting by the fake “socialist” Sanders is part of a long and sickening tradition among the U.S “left.” The most problematic part of this crap is that he has now put the DSA socialists, Greens and independents (like myself) in a box because sooner or later our “loyalty” will be challenged (mine already has many times.

Red-baiting is a smear and all smears are both destructive and self-destructive.

Shame on you Bernie. SHAME! You are living up to your “sheepdog” moniker. But I’m sure you’ll have a seat of honor at the 2020 Dem Convention as the best of the left that is left in the party will be publicly humiliated and purged.

Have you no shame Bernie Sanders!

Although this article is aimed at Trump, notice the role of the liberal/left in the McCarthy Era. Who will be the Duopoly’s Rosenbergs?



“We must speak with one voice in making clear to Vladimir Putin: ‘We will not allow you to interfere in our democratic processes or those of our allies,’” Sanders wrote in a tweet on Friday.

Actually this message should be sent to the Dem Party bosses and their billionaire owners who stole the primary elections from you Bernie, enabling the Queen of Chaos to lose it to the Idiot of Orange. Are your newly found millions worth this kind of obsequiousness and humiliation?


Similar to how “Conservative” means “stupid”.


You got it backwards. Bernie did not drink the left wing Kool-Aid. Bernie is okay on this one.


You nailed it. Nice going.


Bernie said “democratic processes.” That’s hilarious. How absurd can the capitalist duopoly get?


Once again: no evidence is adduced.
This is a raft of indictments, aimed at people unlikely either to be brought to trial or, if any do turn up and fight the accusations, yo receive anything close to a fair trial before a jury which has not been brainwashed by media which refuse to ask the proper questions.
These indictments will earn the respect of sensible observers when the standing invitations to ask Julian Assange and Craig Murray what they know about the matter, are taken up.