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After Russian Indictments, Sanders Says Trump Must Tell Putin 'We Will Not Allow You to Interfere in Our Democratic Processes'


Jesus H. Christ, Steven! You could’ve at least posted a warning not to watch this film before one’s bedtime…
Thanks for posting this??

While I “knew” most of the info and actually lived very ensconced in the civil rights war, there was a lot of detail I hadn’t known. Kinda wish I didn’t know it now…

If I can figure out how to send this on to family and friends, I’ll be lucky and do so.

On my way to bed, I’ll wish ardently for the Kocks (sic), Singer, the whole O.C., et al. to all contract a deadly disease, cancer, ALS, or something similar very soon.


Lisa, you understood my point. Thanks for standing in this corner! Every so (rarely) often, Dump says something right… like they say about a broken clock…even it says the right time twice a day…

Too bad for all of us is that imperialism and hegemony are imperialism and hegemony…


Kabuki is the right word for it.

In the USA it is never ending kabuki on every TV channel. While the USA interferes with one international election after another they would have you focus on this non-event.


What would we ever do without your guidance?


I cannot believe Bernie and Elizabeth are victims of naivete. This is just more ‘organized’ kabuki.


“Trump should use the planned meeting to confront Putin over the new charges and pressure him on his alleged role in election meddling.”

Get real. Drumpf has no more interest in stopping meddling in our elections than Putin does. Both of them are equally opposed to democracy, and neither one is in the least bit interested in promoting anything resembling democracy. If drumpf tried to confront Putin, he wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how to do it. The blowhard can only succeed when he has overwhelming power, and against Putin, the power goes the other way. If Putin calls in his loans, drumpf is out in the street.


Yunzer- On investigation, you are right. Unbelievable, but The Guardian and other sources confirm it. Uralasbest indeed apparently put Trump’s picture on their asbestos bundles!

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary levels of verification. In future, it would be helpful to back up hard-to-believe claims with sources - a better educational policy than labeling a skeptic of such claims as “fascist allied alt-left”. It may make you feel righteous, but vinegar does not catch flies. In view of the prevalent Russophobia, I do not regret my initial skepticism, but thanks for adding clarity to this disturbing point.

If you read snopes carefully ( https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/is-epa-allowing-asbestos-products/ ), you will see that the Trump EPA was considering loosening asbestos policy, but there have been no changes in policy. That is the “mostly true” part. They have not yet allowed such changes - that addresses the false part. It is up to the rest of us make consideration of such policies go out with Pruitt himself, if we can. And defeat Republican Trump enablers this fall.


You forgot Poe’s law and to put your S/


Part of the problem that you missed is that it would be drumpfulthinskin talking and negotiating with Putin. That guarantees failure because when it comes to negotiations, drumpf is the walking, talking personification of the Dunning Kruger syndrome. They don’t come anymore incompetent than he is. For that reason alone, drumpf should never be allowed to negotiate with anyone on behalf of the US, and should get on the plane and come home.


Google result: In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

Spot on!


Sure, there’s some fallicious tu quoque-style thinking evinced here; but, more charitably, many of these comments can be read as a demand for greater consistency, fairness, and self-reflection on the part of the US and its “progressive” defenders. The most ubiquitous fallacy appears to be some type of false dichotomy – either we can condemn Putin/Asad, etc., or we can honestly reflect on our own faults. Clearly, both are possible (and warranted).


Considering that drumpf wrote the book on lying and Clinton had nothing to do with any of the murders that the wingnutters attribute to her, and that drumpf is a whole lot worse than Hillary when it comes to having corporate overlords, what other rationale is there for you to be so pro drumpf and anti Hillary? The reasons you give just make absolutely no sense at all, unless of course you approve of making DC into a swamp and lying to the public with every breath and twit, and using political power for self-enrichment beyond any dream of avarice.


Well, my respect for The Bern just plummeted with the ridiculous claim that Russia had influence over the US election.
The corporate media is the ruler of elections, and that’s who elected Trump. When Sanders came to my area, he spoke in two venues and was a blip on the local news radar. When Trump came the next week, three stations were shut down for five hours! They speculated for an hour before he even got there, with reporters claiming “There could be violence here when Mr. Trump arrives,” and “Protesters have the right to voice their opinions, but not if they get violent, blah, blah, blah.”
The only entities that influence US “elections” are the corporate media and those who own and operate the bogus electronic voting machines. Oh yeah, and the massive gerrymandering of districts, crosschecking for “double-voters”, disenfranchisement, etc., etc., etc…


Bernie, this won’t wash.


According to scribes, god [Trump] said–and i paraphrase: Do not interpret me. I said what i said; so, do not go beyond it.

How now, o Putin, to think and what to talk about with American god and/or Trump?


Does anyone really need any more evidence right from the mouth of Bernie Sanders himself that he is in fact a Democrat by constantly repeating the party mantra of “The Russians Crashed Hillary’s Party, The Russians Crashed Hillary’s Party”? Then you deserve to be exploited by both wings of the Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS). WOW! Mueller indicted more Russians that will never be arrested much less extradited and tried. For the second time Mueller has resorted to the perfect solution to the ham sandwich conundrum which Mueller has found himself in since day one of this bogus investigation. I find Trump to be a detestable little man without an scientila of human decency who does not care for anyone else and maybe not most of his own kind - including his children. This whole Russian fiasco is not about Russia doing the impossible, hacking 50 separate self-contained, state election systems (both wings are already in control of that). This fiasco is about the Political Elite working together so that a criminal investigation such as the one into Hillary Clinton does not, as it did in Clinton’s case, proceed far enough and amass enough evidence, as to warrant arrest, indictment and trial. There has always been the informal two tier criminal injustice system in the old great again USA and after the public has forgotten the incident the Elite will begin to pass laws that will protect themselves from such an event in the future.

Back to Senator Sellout Sanders. Research the life of Eugene V. Debs if you want to learn about a real Socialist Leader and you will quickly discover that both FDR and Sellout Sanders are nothing more than shills for the Capitalist Pig Class and I say that as someone who was a small business owner for most of my adult working life. I like and enjoy business but detest capitalism and its system of economic governance through both wings of our one party political system. As for Putin let me point you in the right direction: John D. Rockefeller without all of his twisted Southern Baptist moralism, just another run-of-the-mill Monarchical Capitalist that rules in a capitalist edition of a totalitarian state.


Tell that to the NY Times (esp. Judith Miller) and the rest of the corporate media that whipped the nation into a frenzy leading to Bush 1’s First War Against Iraq and Clinton’s murderous sanctions and Bush Patriot Act-fueled War Against Humanity and Obama’s continuation of the global WAH and Trump’s (well he’s Trump…)


Bush 1 may be a better comparison for Putin in that he was a CIA director.


I was thinking in terms of the essence of the capitalist heart. Putin is much closer to the pure essence of the old school Monarchical Capitalist tradition than anyone in power here in America since the age of The Robber Barons. Although I do agree that G H W Bush does come closer to Putin than any other modern American oligarch if only for the fact that his time in the CIA he was probably involved in events in which he got his own hands dirty or wiped the blood off the hands of others.


WOW! Even Bernie Sanders is parroting the line of the day!!!
After interfering, overthrowing, brutally so many countries’ governments over the past 200 years or so we still have the unmitigated tongue to accuse twelve Russian “hackers” of attempting to “interfere” with our own crooked election processes!!
Bernie, you have sunk into the morass of new low.