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After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Horrified Americans Offer to Donate Ribs, Organs as Needed


After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Horrified Americans Offer to Donate Ribs, Organs as Needed

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While the social media universe was full of well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery after news broke that 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suffered a fall in her office Wednesday night and was hospitalized with three fractured ribs, no one could avoid discussing the horrifying political reality that—if Ginsburg is, goodness forbid, unable to return to work—President Donald Trump will get to nominate a third right-wing judge to the Supreme Cou


From the article:

" Since Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation last month in the face of credible sexual assault allegations…"

In the spirit of bold bipartisan cooperation, Brand D left both its “opposition” to Kavanaugh, and the lives of his accusers, to wither on that particular vine, while his serial perjuries—A MATTER OF RECORD—went unaddressed, to the detriment of all but a few.

With that said, I wish RBG a speedy recovery and a long happy tenure on the court.


Yes, the best to RBG and her continued good health.

BTW, when was the last time a president was elected with the support of the majority of eligible voters (not actual voters but of the voting age population)? Pretty long, since US presidential elections see somewhere around 50 to 58% of the voting age population vote and these votes are usually split D/R (and others). This means our presidents govern by winning somewhere around 30-35% support of the country.

Forcing everyone to vote is not the answer unless ballots include a “None of the Above” option (which in many instances would win and we can’t have that now can we?).


“Credible sexual assault allegations” Wrong. Not one shred of evidence exists. Completely nothing. That was FBI conclusion. And other accusers? Two have already admitted they lied and never met Kavanaugh.

People offering Ginsberg ribs and internal organs? That shows these people are completely ignorant of medical knowledge…and is some very scary cult thinking.
Politics is NOT religion. Treating political figures with religious loyalty is very dangerous.


Oh geez, the offer of donations are not serious ones, everyone knows that.

As to Kavanaugh, what evidence would you expect at this date, a handprint?

Please do not confuse the confirmation hearing with a criminal trial. It was not. It was a hearing to determine Kavanaugh’s fitness to serve on the Supreme Court.

What has been proven to most thinking people is that Kavanaugh developed some pretty nasty habits (this includes lying, heavy drinking, etc) while in High School and college. (Lying: the most obvious and provable - his definition of the acronyms he used in his yearbook to members of Congress during the hearing, among others.)


Your idiotic post is not worthy of comment, except that it is idiotic!




The very idea of another Trump pic on high court is beyond disquieting.


In a just and moral world…and DP…the new House would take-up a real investigation of kavanaugh, with full witness testimony and all others who have information on his crimes and record of repeated perjury. The age of Justice Ginsberg and her health with the ginger pig in office is a potential nightmare, and all the more reason to see if kavanaugh can be removed…after trump is convicted himself and imprisoned…!


BS! you and your slanted rot, along with the other newbie have nothing truthful or even relevant to offer.Begone troll propagandists!


And yet, here you are, reading and responding—in your own way—to it. Funny about that, eh?


How can anyone argue with the terminally stoopid or the brainwashed?


Because many people worried about another President appointing a position to her seat, they urged Ginsburg to step down when she had serious health problems during the Obama administration, but she refused. One could see this day coming.


I agree.

Similarly, one could see the dangers of President Obama’s justification of the US drone killing program, his crowd killing (targeting by computer algorithms) program, and the $1.2 trillion in monies President Obama allocated for nuclear weapons 'modernization. President Obama’s argument was, basically:

“I’m a good guy, I won’t abuse my power.”

Even if one were to buy that argument, the question is always:
If these powers are granted to Presidents, what happens the next time somebody who isn’t such a good guy gets into power?


Progressives should be prepared for Trump to get another right wing extremist on the Supreme Court. In particular, we should double down on community based organizing, consciousness raising, and strategizing for the what to expect and how to plan for a Supreme Court whose rulings are, exclusively, from an extreme right ideology.


On a positive note, Ms RBG did not have to attend the welcome ceremony for justice Kavenaugh (with “the Donald” in attendance–ughh!). RBG’s spirit is willing even if her flesh is weak–may she find healing and be able to continue serving.


Ruth, if I could give you a gift of 3 or 4 more of my years of life, I would.

Get Well Soon.


Haha, These are today’s democrats, and probably college grad’s. They want to donate ribs??? So funny. Almost as funny as the democrat who thought island could capsize if too many people stood at one end.


HI notlemming----LOL, but you are a lemming rushing off the cliff with the Grassley lemmings who saw a savior in the Kavanaugh. The evidence against him was in his voice, his face, his words …oh my----drunkard and liar and toady—oh my! and yes, you are a lemming rushing to the sea of lies. BUT you don’t have to be : )


My theory is that the dismal state of what today passes for intellectual discourse in America is the inevitable result of a concerted effort to chemically and culturally dumb down population while simultaneously replacing education with indoctrination.
Aside from the water flouridation and 24/7 propaganda there is not much in the way of actual evidence to show that this has been done intentionally, but over the years a staggering amount of chemicals in the food, water and medical supply has been revealed to lower intellectual capacity and/or reduce empathy.
Basically, a recipe for the “perfect citizen” as envisioned by an unhinged fascist.
Once discovered, these chemicals are banned from consumption in other western countries, but are typically not even removed in America unless it becomes a headline issue.
This pattern repeats far too often to be coincidental.