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After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Horrified Americans Offer to Donate Ribs, Organs as Needed


not –

That’s not true – Christine Blasey’s testimony under oath is indeed evidence.

And there was no counter evidence by Kavanaugh under oath – in fact his presentation of
a calendar from that period seemed to confirm the likelihood of his presence at such a party
over the 4th of July holiday.

Don’t know what “two” you’re talking about … but the FBI pretty much unplugged their phones
and failed to even investigate a police report which included witness reports that it was Kavanaugh
who began the fight in the bar put in motion when he “threw his glass of beer in the face of another
male patron.”

All kinds of witnesses who knew Kavanaugh and his binge drinking offered to give info to the FBI.
And many suggested that knowing his behavior while drinking – and the fraternity he was in – it was
likely these are the kinds of things they were doing – i.e., drugging and then essentially raping the
females at their parties.

RBG is a much admired and loved member of American society – and she knows it, which undoubtedly
puts a lot of pressure on her to stay alive for us all.