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After Sanders Points Out Poorest Have Zero or Negative Wealth, WaPo Fact Checker Slammed for Calling That Fact 'Not Especially Meaningful'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/after-sanders-points-out-poorest-have-zero-or-negative-wealth-wapo-fact-checker


'Not Especially Meaningful’

Well that is the ‘conservative’ attitude in both parties


Thoughts from an original, Thomas Paine:

Paine thinks government can do better, and go beyond just paying fair wages to its own representatives. He argues in favor of publicly funded welfare for all citizens, especially at the beginning and at end of life, and he outlines a concrete plan for its implementation. As he sees it, taxation and redistribution of wealth, within certain bounds, are just as essential for liberty as are the franchise, education, free trade, a constitution, and a bill of rights. For every person to have the chance at sustaining their life in a way compatible with their rights, the young should, at the very least, receive a free and full education and a sum of money with which to start out on their chosen profession, and a stipend to sustain them in health, comfort, and dignity when they can no longer work.


We are the Real Patriots!


But, it’s true, middle class people have no skin in the game.

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There is no middle class in a fascist feudal system. Just rich and poor. that is their goal



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I have no assets, I have 20,000+ in debt and to them it’s not meaningful, equates to, I am not meaningful. Life at the margins, the bottom sucks, not only are you poor, you are spit on as well. Life sucks and then you die, which is a blessing. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction.


why would any intelligent person continue to read or quote from the WAPO when it is owned by the richest man on the planet? its reporters are nothing but his lackeys. ugh.


Everyone should look up this absolutely worthless tool Glenn Kessler. He has done multiple “fact checks” on Bernie which needed to be fact checked. This is an obvious case of a hack doing propaganda and people having to do the job that you would expect a journalist to do. Look at his “fact checks” on single payer, if you want a good laugh.


which is unfortunately why fact-checking will never be taken seriously by pretty much anyone, even if they get it right.

Fact-checking politics is downright hazardous, as Snopes found out in 2016.

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There is worth in some fact checking though if the person doing the fact checking is honest and not a hack propagandist. Like, the right wing can claim (which they have) that single payer would cost the country more than the present system, but they need credible studies, data and sound logic to back it up. While you cannot “fact check” such a thing, in the sense that single payer doesn’t exist, you can cite countless studies, other systems and traditional Medicare to show it is nonsense. Claiming that tax cuts lead to this or that can be fact checked. This worthless sack of nothing recently disputed Bernie over the term “millions” when referring to the amount of people in the US that had more than one job. Kessler cited data that said that, yes, it was millions, but since it is a small percentage of the workforce, it was “misleading”. What is worse though, someone like him that feels no shame or the WP that hires someone this horrible? I guess the WP, since if he were to go away (which would be great) some other empty person would take his place.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that nearly 8 million people hold more than one job. But most of those extra jobs are part time, not full time. And the “millions” of people amount to just 5 percent of Americans with jobs. So that means 95 percent of workers are not working two or three jobs “just to survive,” making this a misleading statement.

It’s not clear what was “misleading”.

(He was misleading, of course).

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I need a thousand dollars for my cat to have an operation. I have 300 bucks in savings. So I’m of no consequence. Screw him. May he suffer a loss of all his ‘wealth’ plus be in debt with no job and be forced onto the street. I’ve been there. I lived in a truck with my cat(a different cat) a number of years ago. May he suffer the same fate and see if it maters. Let folks like him be poor for a few years and see if they then think it doesn’t matter. Or that inequality doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be rich, just to have enough to take care of my cat.


Several years ago a U.S. Congresswoman from Milwaukee stated in an interview that the Democratic establishment told all incoming members not to use the word “poverty” when discussing any issues or programs. That essentially confirms Thomas Frank’s comments in his book “Listen Liberal” that the GOP represents the top 1%, the Democrats the rest in the top 10%, and 90% of us have no effective representation.


I read the WaPo to see what the ‘grand narrative’ is for the day or week. It’s cheap because of Amazon. It’s worthless. Amazon I like and don’t hate me for it. I don’t like Bezo’s practices any more than the next person.

I googled Glenn Kessler and all Wikipedia showed me was a picture of a humongous horse’s ass. Does Mr. Kessler have an alias or a nom de plume?
I’ll try running lackey dog and shit-for-brains and see if they have the same picture as Wikipedia.
Is that meaningful?

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According to the people in the upper 1%, when you get to be that rich, you are entitled to make up your own facts.


This is fairly disgusting as it is tantamount to saying that people without wealth are not especially meaningful. Anyway that is my take on the WaPo words.


Ironies abound on this one. The .1% have bloated the financial system beyond balancing and bonding - unless you’re talking about bondo or super glue. What has been rendered irrelevant by this swish dish of vapid dishers?

  • any numerical coherence of just about any existing monetary theory
  • it isn’t that people are irrelevant, it IS that the vapid dishers have tunnel vision tighter than a mole
  • The heftier the application of 'externalization" (denial) of costs (consequences) the greater the vapidity of denial.
  • the broader the reach of actions based on denial, the greater the intensification of co-dependency of the actors, their jaw flapping and mooning of anything still bearing resemblance to enlightenment reasoning.
  • the less the conventions of legacy reasoning apply in contrast to reality TV - well… welcome to an empire running on empty (in every sense) and apparently unaware that went over the cliff quite a while back as it was preening in its mirror world

Center down to seeds and simplicity; community and cooperation; precipitate like gentle rain from the over heated falderall and ladeeda. Yes, there is a reality quite apart from the nightmare of whatever it is the game of pretending power is god does to heads that reside where the sun does not shine.
And finally most of us cannot wrap our minds around the game of foisting massive debt as a form of ‘currency’ by constantly bloating it beyond recognition.

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We are cosmic powered biology manifest as human. Our knowledge and awareness is expanding at an accelerating rate in harmonious syncrocity with Cosmos, also expanding at an accelerating rate.

Abstract reduction of cosmic powered biology to numeric valuations feeding balance sheets in secret banks in the Caribbean is the system. Cosmic powered biology was surprised by capitalist evil but now sees greed has destroyed life supporting nature to the point of suicide.

Social dignity and fairness leads to a constituent assembly. Purposeful discussion by human brains cannot be matched by the capitalist dream of artificial intelligence in pollution proof robots buying plastic fantastics at an ever increasing rate.

Seven facet government might do the trick.

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Well consider who owns the WaPo - Jeff Bezos, one of the three richest men in the US.

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