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After School Community Unites Against Campus Racism, President Forced to Resign


After School Community Unites Against Campus Racism, President Forced to Resign

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

University of Missouri system President Tim Wolfe on Monday announced his resignation after a growing movement of University students, staff, and athletes demanded he step down for failing to address a


What this article teaches is that sports is more important than not being racist. If anyone thinks he stepped down for racism, they are being foolish. Has everyone forgotten the past ten years. The subject of sports has even come up on this website and was explained in depth. Noone won anything with this. All they did was give more reason for someone to hide their racist intentions, thats all. I think at this point the idea of Trump should come to peoples mind. He had fooled Univision for how long? Well, now we know how well he hid it. He made millions off of it. Are people really this blind? Humans surely are self deceiving creatures.


One thing to take away from this is that in this capitalist system one can use capitalism against it and why total non cooperation, starting with rent strikes in major cities, can work and bring about the eventual just society needed.


I would beg to differ with you primarily because the stance of interpreting “activism” in a single polarized sports/racism context fails to recognize precisely the causes of the consequences they describe. It is a closed loop that treats a set of words as being devoid of the full scope of dynamics, lives, concerns, complexities and interrelated aspects inherent in our current circumstances.

To describe this as “no one won anything with this” though clearly true, also fails to recognize that it is not about ‘winning’, it is about demanding that an institution ENGAGE with the broader community in addressing what is, in a healthy social academic context, the full scope of policies and practices. There is no end game, it is about choosing a way of living and mutual respect in society and being VERY clear that those values cannot be taken from society. As such it is an emblematic microcosm .


“Noone won anything with this”

Says you. Do you go to that school? Do you live in that state? Were you involved in any way?


What this article teaches is that sports is more important than not being racist

I disagree. In any of these endeavors, we try with all out might, with the leverage we have at hand, period.
It is not about winning, it is about moving the ‘Arc of Justice’

Yes hitting the wallet via the sports channel, may sound trivial to some, but as I have stated before,
We got rid of Al Capone with tax evasion.

For Gandhi it was a walk to the shoreline for salt.


Adding this victory to the March on Washington of a thousand young men and women demanding social justice, am I dreaming or are we seeing the Dawning of a new Age of Aquarius? If it is, then thank all that is good under the heavens, that I should live to see it.


You went to that school? You lived in that state? Those questions must be answered by you, not me. They are questions that are rhetorical, because even if i did, you still wouldnt listen. I came from the south and saw worse, but how would you know. Now knowing I come from the south, you will find another misdirecting question, thats what your circular logic produces.