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After SCOTUS Gutted Voting Rights, Suppression Grew: Report


After SCOTUS Gutted Voting Rights, Suppression Grew: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

State and local threats to voting rights have continued to spread in the three years since the U.S. Supreme Court attacked a critical constitutional protection for minority voters, despite overwhelming evidence of discrimination, a new report by the NAACP reveals.


Well if I had it my way, any state, any jurisdiction, should be required to follow national standards, which would include submitting proposed voting changes to the U.S. Department of Justice, and not just states with a history of racial discrimination.


Another mandatory requirement should be required paper copies with voting machines and random audits comparing the machine totals to the actual paper ballots.


This has been going on for years and years and the two factions, the Democratic and Republican factions, do not want to tamper with the system: it works for them.

Representatives are legitimate because they were "elected" by the people.

But with stripped and flipped elections, the chief election guru, Karl Rove, continues to do his dirty deeds.

Here is a book that is just out from people who have been working election integrity for well over a decade.

The Strip & Flip Selection Of 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft

Material about the book posted on amazon.com

"The 'strip and flip' technique of controlling electronic elections can easily apply to citizens of all faiths and color. But in the US, race has been the critical tool for dividing the populace. It's the bottom-line basic instrument that makes electronic election theft possible." - Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis

"What had happened between 2000 and 2004 was the Help America Vote Act. Meant to correct problems with Florida paper punch-card ballots, it was fraud capacity disguised as reform. It encouraged the buying of electronic voting systems as the solution to federal mandates. The hope that true reformists had was that computers would prove colorblind. Instead, computer counting made us blind. We no longer see our votes being counted. As in any darkness, nefarious schemes are much easier to accomplish." - Mimi Kennedy, in the Introduction

"Sensible Americans were doing everything in their power this summer to avoid all thought of the Presidential election, its icky choices, its barf-making ads, the chatter-heads and chuckle-heads on TV spewing brain-cell killing bromides and the parade of officious ponces who call themselves "elected officials" and the wannabe electeds--while Bob and Harvey worked like dogs to protect Our Democracy." - Greg Palast, in the Preface


Does orchestrating a successful campaign to get the press to declare you the winner of the nomination right when so many were voting constitute voter suppression? Yeah, it does. She has the soul of a thug.


Scalia when he was among the living and the Federalist society of which all the Republican Justices belong want to return voting to the founders" Original intent, " which was for it to exercised exclusively by wealthy white male landowners. They're now doing everything they can to make this happen.


"targets Native American voters who live on remote reservations far away from polling places." Why can't the polling place come to them? We do it in the far North.



Obviously Roberts was wrong that voting protections were no longer needed. And of course he knew he was wrong.

if it ever gets reinstated, it has to apply to all of the states though. That was a flaw in 1965 act.


Nobody wants to admit their spouse is a criminal. Or, their son is a rapist. Or, that affluensa defenses work all the time. The courts are rigged. Cops lie every day. Our gov't murders people all over the world. Election theft is bipartisan and happens everywhere. We live in a country of mafia-type crony crooks. The coups have worked wonderfully. Only idiots think you can beat the house-rigged, state approved game. They call gambling in Las Vegas and Atlantic City a tax on the truly naive. Same goes for trusting the state and feds about your vote. The state and its supposedly honest brokers are paid by gambling revenues and people line up like idiots to gamble on their votes, as well. The state is not your friend. It is your corrupt and dirty probation officer, so to speak. Even when you haven't done anything wrong. Own it!


What was the reason for the odd specificity of the 1965 act? Were the drafters of the act naive enough to think that voter protection was a strictly local issue?


Hello bystander, F the easily hacked and programmed for the destruction of democracy electronic voting machines. A # 2 pencil and a piece of paper. The gold standard of elections. Each ballot is cast then put into boxes and then, counted where the votes were cast. The votes are recorded and streamed live over the internet so any one can see the ballot counting with a box showing the current results after each and every ballot is counted. Get rid of provisional ballots as this is a field day for election vote stealing as those votes are almost never counted!


Well, the good news is that at least the next go 'round--if there is one, of course--will give legislators a chance to broaden the conception of vote suppression to cover far more activities that constitute such suppression. We've seen quite a few techniques this year that would have never been covered by the old act and need to be: primary types, provisional ballots, false voting information, deadline deceptions, what have you. Anything that conspires to eliminate an individuals right to vote has to be considered in a new act.

As far as I can tell, 2016 confirmed that vote suppression is a bipartisan sport, and that it affects a staggering number of American voters well beyond the "traditional" categories of race and ethnicity.


Why do you think the GOP has not spent one moment worrying about America's changing demographics and rise of minority voters. They already had plans in place to countermand that electoral problem. Between voter suppression efforts at the state level, and having the keys to the electronic voting machines, they have nothing to fear from the rising number of minority voters.
Heck, the democrats have even caught on in this sorry primary election season, as their have been serious voter suppression tactics reported in nearly every state. And that doesn't include any potential electronic shenanigans.
We are, by any measure, a banana republic.


I have long held the Congress and President should overturn the First Judiciary Act, which provides the SCOTUS with appellate jurisdiction in all Federal court cases. Simply, the First Judiciary Act is an egregious dismissal of democratic government, providing an aristocracy of nine (although currently eight) to determine the "Constitutionality" of ANY act of the Federal Government. This constitutes this unelected aristocracy of at most nine to determine the whole of U.S. government; to do so literally, not figuratively, rendering the SCOTUS sovereign. Andrew Jackson could defy the SCOTUS, asking how many military divisions they commanded, but under the First Judiciary Act, Jackson was committing treason. Under the First Judiciary Act, the SCOTUS is the ultimate commander of ALL military divisions. For a military commander to not comply with the order of the SCOTUS is dereliction of duty.

To Congress and the President: CHANGE THE F'N LAW!