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After Senate Effort Fails, Biden Urged to Block 'Corrupt and Dangerous' $23 Billion Weapons Sale to UAE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/after-senate-effort-fails-biden-urged-block-corrupt-and-dangerous-23-billion-weapons

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To understand why the UAE sale is so important to Trump, (along with other connected regional policy) look up “Donal Trump’s New World Order” an article published several years ago in the New Yorker. I’d post a ling but, unlike tweets, such things are verboten here.

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Here’s how we have to do it at CD

“Donal Trump’s New World Order”

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I always attach a tilde at the start to foil the hyperlink, which is the actual verboten culprit… a remedy found by a poster here when the policy changed

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like minds … looks like an interesting article

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Havent read it yet - but will
Just doing JP a favor

and BTW - any bets that Biden would ever kill this deal?

Biden’s Victory Was Hardly a Win for “Democracy.” It Was Another Win for the 1%.
Biden’s campaign became the first ever to raise over $1 billion in donations, much of it from super PACs and dark money.


PS someone is getting kicked around for posting this one at The Hill LOL

Not to decide is to decide .

He must come straight out and nullify this weapons sale.


Biden knows he cannot because the president does not run Amerika…THE DEFENSE CONTRACTORS DO!

23 billion. That is obscene. Especially when it’s sole purpose is to kill/maim/destroy.


And it’s from 2 years ago.


Another Arab country getting on the “band wagon”.

And reverse the sanctions:


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Why is it that it takes so much effort to do the right thing. What a scourge on the earth human beings have become.


Even if Biden doesn’t have the power to cancel the sale, he certainly does have the power to let UAE know that if they shell out the $23 Billion, he can and will make sure that it will be wasted money by refusing to comply with service, parts, training etc…

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I constantly see articles “urging” Biden to do this and that, mostly so-called progressive ideas. Give your head a shake. Urging Biden to do anything is a waste of time. He was chosen by the establishment and pushed into office exactly because he does what he’s told. And I’ll guarantee you that he’s not being told to do anything that the hopey-changey crowd continues to fantasize.


Following the Senate’searlier this week to block President Donald Trump’s $23 billion weapons sale to the United Arab Emirates, President-elect Joe Biden is facing pressure…

We all know the ending to this nightmare…

Gotta love all these columns urging rightist war criminal Joe Biden to do this or that. Please, oh, please, Uncle!

Don’t nominate embedded Neocons and austerity mavens to your cabinet! May we have one progressive? Please? Don’t let Trump’s criminal cabal off the hook - prosecute them! Some help for working people and the poor? Please! Do the right thing! Just one time. We urge you.

P. T. Barnum was right.

Yup. Hint, JFK assassination.

But, but, it (the MIC) means so much to the US economy

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If we can’t kill vulture capitalism, we CAN tax the gross winners.
They will still be rich whether their greed is satisfied or not.

Republican light is still republican. It was only the push from the Koch kooks that exposed the extremism and divide that has existed all along. Which in turn exposed the Wall Street ownership of the donkeys as well.