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After Senate's Passage of War Powers Resolution, Sanders Tees Up Pressure on House to End US Involvement in Yemen


After Senate's Passage of War Powers Resolution, Sanders Tees Up Pressure on House to End US Involvement in Yemen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Pleading for a swift end to the nation's complicity "in the worst humanitarian disaster on Earth," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday urged people to put pressure on House Speaker Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans to pass the resolution to end U.S. military support for Saudi Arabia's years-long assault on Yemen.


Bernie, what leadership?


In addition to Saudi Arabia the U.S. funds and supports any number of nations that commit horrific crimes against civilian populations, including the Zionist entity of Israel. Will Sanders and his fellows add all these other nations to the list? Will they call for the disbanding of Africom? Will they convert U.S. military money to reparations for the many nations that the U.S. has been ceaselessly destroying since WW2, killing tens of millions?

Or will they just continue with the Tweet campaign until they take over the House and then claim they can’t do anything until Trump and the Rethug Senate are gone? Cynicism knows no borders in KabukiLand.


Senator Bernie Sanders is acting Presidential, with leadership and moxie in this humanitarian offensive. As always, Bernie brings hope, and change a person can believe in.


Before everyone starts cheering, you might want to read the story below, and the bill. There’s a loophole for American military personnel fighting Al-Qaeda and fighting with Israel.



Fairly depressing for those of us who thought this was a good first step.


Makes one wonder, what’s really behind all this? Why Saudi Arabia and why now? The massacre of Yemeni children didn’t seem to bother anyone under Obama, did it? It’s not like our politicians just now developed a moral conscious. Hell, they continue funding the shooting of innocent Palestinian protesters by Israel. Silence from our leadership and media on that front.


Oh those loopholes…long may they wave…


He is acting presidential and really knows how to phrase Tweets and legislation with compromises and loopholes while avoiding the central issues of U.S. military imperialism that directly affect about 80% of human beings on Earth and indirectly affect the fate of the biosphere itself.


Really great sourcing. Also, the language in the bill refers to “Houthis” as if they were a political group and not an ethnic group. So drone killers, special forces, bomber pilots, missile operators etc. are apparently going to ask every ethnic Houthi which faction they support before slaughtering them? Or if they are Al Queda or not?

And, as you point out, there’s this too:


Nothing in this joint resolution shall be construed to influence or disrupt any military operations and cooperation with Israel.

This is what “Our Revolution” has become.

Revolting, isn’t it?


In English, the term is used both ways, e.g. from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houthi_movement:

This article is about the religious-political-armed movement. For the tribe in northern Yemen, see Houthi tribe. For other uses of Ansar Allah , see Ansar Allah.


This still begs the point: how in the hell are the US/Saudi murderers supposed to distinguish between civilians and “combatants”? As someone else pointed out a full 1/3 of Obama drone assassinations were civilians. This goes back to the good old white supremacist/imperial “principle” of kill them all and let god sort them out.


Yes it is, and proves beyond a doubt Sanders is a phony and con artist.


Clearly they aren’t trying up to now. You don’t have to convince me as to the ethics of this war (or almost all wars). As to the military question if it is even possible to target a group of terrorists (I’m not saying the Houthis qualify but Islamic State does) when they are not embedded in a civilian area (which is what Tulsi Gabbard wants) - I have almost zero knowledge of what an ethical military and defense strategy would look like. It would obviously involve a lot less bombing.


Bernie is the CON/summate, politician and it corroborates your post when he backed HRC in 2016 with these words: " WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP TO BECOME POTUS."


Bernie’s pretty adept at getting things rolling in the right direction.