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After Series of Controversial Remarks, Trump Refuses to Take Questions About Domestic Violence


After Series of Controversial Remarks, Trump Refuses to Take Questions About Domestic Violence

Common Dreams staff

At a White House meeting to discuss trade policy with lawmakers and cabinet members on Tuesday, President Donald Trump declined to answer reporters' questions about domestic violence, despite the ongoing controversy over tweets and


If Donald Trump holds anything sacred - practises a sacrament - it is abuse.

Nasty names and smears is his schtick - his stock in trade - the medium of his key target demographic - angry white men - who like the way he yells abuse and “tells it like it is”. He channels their rage. At home and abroad.

Same script at every scale - from the Primaries and Campaign and Criminal Hillary to Armageddon and Little Rocket Man …he bawls it out - a late-night barroom scene right across the country. Interesting to watch him slowed down on TV … for a tee-totaller he plays an excellent drunk in fact - slur purfect. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMMcb1iyYl0&ab_channel=JimmyKimmelLive He knows his angry audience so well.

And that scale - where outbursts of abuse and frustration are justified and righteous - runs to the suburban home. In daily life. Abuse is currency here. On bus, on Twitter, in the Oval Office… Abuse is what he does. So even at home - when the dinner’s late or she just won’t understand - what’s a real man gonna do… one of these day Alice, one of these days…

In fact they believe - but have more sense to say - that such expressions of frustration and anger are legit - understandable if not “natural”… It’s what “real men” do and what “real women” accept. She was asking fer it Sheriff - like them Mexicans is!!!

So don’t be surprised or shocked to find Trump surrounded by aspiring abusers - and that they practise at home. Real men one and all. The US today is actually knee-deep in abuse and brawling from trailer park to White House.


Trump is a freaky looking ahole. Such a fake. I’m waiting for someone to snatch that flimsy rug off his head to reveal his gross ugliness. That would be a hilarious knee slapper. Huckleberry Sanders says of Trump… above anything else he supports the victims of any type of violence and certainly would condemn any violence against anyone. That’s a whopper lying statement since he is killing Afghani’s and arming domestic police state killers who are a direct threat to the American people.


Compared to Mike Pence, Trump isn’t that bad looking. Pence gives me the creeps.


The only thing the Trump/right wing has condemned is women.

We need to know where on the list of FBI questions this one is …

“Do you have a restraining order against you?”

And … just how many people are serving in this administration who do NOT yet have
clearance, or where there are outstanding questions of sexual harassment of women
or violence against women.


Oh please. You REgressives and your amped up, fake outrage is laughable. Where were you guys when President You Better Put Some Ice On That was humidoring his way through the 90s? I’ll tell you where-you said if he wanted to get blow jobs from 19 year old interns or rape his way through AK trailer parks, IT WAS PERSONAL.

The fact is any BS you can throw on Trump is fine with you. You guys skip from frenzied outrage to frenzied outrage. The mission is LOOK a squirrel. Do anything to distract from the positive.

We get it. We’ve seen this episode a 100 times before. It’s cool to murder Trump every night in Central Park, fellate dictators, praise hysterical portraits, ridicule the way the President DRINKS WATER, and tell me that Vanessa deserved an envelope full of white powder.

The latest fake outrage is this, yes, Porter’s ex-wives accuse him of various abuses which, if true, would make him a terrible person and a criminal. They are serious charges. But Rob Porter denies them, completely, and without reservation. He has worked with many people for years who have never seen any indication of any of this activity; they have seen the opposite.

So who to believe. I mean why wait for yaknow, him to have a day in court? That’s not the point. So, who is lying here? The ex-wives? Porter? Maybe you feel comfortable crucifying those who choose to believe Porter’s denials, based on their knowledge of him, merely because he was accused. Well, I would expect that from REgressives. But if this is now somehow “conservatism,” count me out.

What this boils down to yet another LOOK a squirrel to take our eyes off the unfolding scandal that is leading right back to your god, Obama.

You may buy it. But even the polling you slavishly dance around like the Golden Calf continues to show more & more Americans know the Russian collusion investigation is hogwash and believe Obama used our DOJ & intelligence agencies to undermine Trump.


You must be one those infamous “Russian bots,” obviously programmed by a semi-literate blowhard.


Oh please. Is it possible to ever get anything but ad hominem?


Ahem. “REgressives” is NOT an ad hominem?


No, your latest term for your ideology is progressive but I happen to believe using terminology from 100 years ago is not progressive, but regressive, as is the ideology itself. Hence the term. I capitalize it because it’s a proper noun.

But you do make a good point.

However, my posts generally are composed of a series of related points, I usually stay on point and seldom(I’m far from perfect) use ad hominem.

Please read over some of the comments about conservatives or our current president.


Never assume.


Well, don’t you? I see the term used quite a bit and apparently it’s not triggering anyone.


Many of the highly questionable or confirmed idiots/fools/tools and/or shills for one right-wing, fossil-fuel industry, corporate/banker/wall street argument or another often seem like bots, with far too much time on their hands…paid and working out of some troll “factory” or independent propaganda machine…like the Hasbara.shills…infuriating, but they do provide a view of what people stand against…and often a real belly-laugh…