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After Seven Years in Custody, Chelsea Manning Will Soon Be Free


After Seven Years in Custody, Chelsea Manning Will Soon Be Free

Chase Strangio

Chelsea Manning almost died on our watch. She suffered at the hands of our government, and the toll of her incarceration nearly killed her. But she survived. Through long stretches of solitary confinement, the systemic denial of health care, relentless abuse, and a lifetime of consequences, she will have a chance to live.


I am so glad she is getting out and can be herself.


Welcome back, Chelsea! You are a heroine of democracy!


You Go Girl!



If anyone missed it, GoFundMe campaign:


First, congrats to the ACLU, the movements that supported Ms. Manning and her lawyers. And most of all thanks to this courageous citizen for her act of whistle-blowing which helped to rip the cover off of so many lies.

However, under the rules of OB's commutation, Manning has been labeled as active-duty military, which means that she can be pulled in any time that the U.S. Army wants to invoke the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Yeh, I get the contradiction in those words).

Even as we welcome her home, we must remain ready to do what we can to defend Pvt. Channing if she's dragged into military prison hell again.


Good news of course.

But too bad the "official" LGBT institutions dropped Chelsea like a hot potato when she really needed them.

I would love to know Mr. Strangio's take on the following piece:


Great news at a time when any good news is sparse.


A national disgrace is coming to an end. Chelsea Manning, you area national hero.


Real American Hero.


Interesting. Had no idea. Wonder how that will play out.


How much will the government pay to her to "compensate" for her years of torture?


I've been holding my breath. Obama should have set her free the moment he signed whatever he signed. Leaving it for the Trump administration is not safe. Not to mention why delay the release? I will breath better when she is finally out of there. But if I were she I think I would still be looking over my shoulder. This is a commutation, not a pardon. This should be at least a pardon along with a medal of freedom, as she has done more the the true cause of freedom than almost all the other members of the military. Let's keep her out of there and not let some smarmy, cruel little gnomish creep like Sessions decide to have his "sport" at her expense.


I have such respect for Chelsea Manning! First, she showed us the incredible evil of a Military that condones war crimes, then she showed the incredible evil of a government that lets an evil Military torture our precious whistleblowers. We should let those "people" who took part in, or allowed, her abuse serve those years taken off her sentence. Obviously, those tortures she suffered, even before being tried, had to be OK'd by people far up the chain of command. Let's see THEM now brought to justice!


I admire Chelsea's bravery towards her sense of pride and fortitude after seven years in the hands of the most punitive judicial system in the world. Although many will dispute Obama's intentions, I also admire his courage too. Had Chelsea done this in any other administration, she would have never seen the light of day. I hope Chelsea receives all of the support she deserves and that she lives the life she feels she is entitled to.


Obama should have set a number of people free. Obama didn't do nearly enough for social justice in this country. I'm still not quite sure what he did do for social justice.


I also saw this morning that Manning is still classified as Active Duty Army. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt the MIC is done persecuting this person. Look for a frame-up that will put her back in military prison for most of the rest of her life.