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After She Blames Human Rights Groups for Trump Decision to Ditch UN Council, Amnesty Accuses Nikki Haley of 'Open Hostility'


After She Blames Human Rights Groups for Trump Decision to Ditch UN Council, Amnesty Accuses Nikki Haley of 'Open Hostility'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley fired off a letter (pdf) this week blaming prominent human rights organizations for the Trump administration's widely condemned decision to withdraw from the U.N.


Nikki Haley is the most awesome US Ambassador to the UN and is helping the USA deliver leadership on the global stage once again. From tackling the endemic, irrational, anti-Israel, pro-terror bias - driven by the the group of 57 OIC states; to leading to the unanimous support of sanctions against North Korea - itself a prelude to a previously inconceivable breakthrough in diplomatic progress with North Korea; Haley is not just one of President Trump’s brightest stars, she is a comet.

And yes, standing up to the UN insanity and inconsistency is bang on the money. In what other perverse world would Saudia Arabia, Syria, Iran be arbiters of human and women’s rights.

It is time for the grown-ups to return to centre stage and Haley is a leader par excellence


Good representation how America treats humanity, openly hostile. And they are doing it in our name.


I hope that there is a building movement - and not just Canada, for a total travel boycott of the US, and a boycott of other US exports where possible.


Nice try you one-post wonder. This site is for thinkers. Busted, troll.


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This woman may be an alien, as she is not even pretending to act “human.”


Trump Troll Alert!


Hahahahaha, many thanks for the laugh of the day.
Icky Haley is a ceckless funt.
Looks like she got her minions out posting utter nonsense…


In what perverse world does the a human rights abuser such as the US have any right to be on a Human Rights council anyway. A country such as the US where people were beaten to death and murdered merely for demanding the right to vote has no place on a human rights council. And now that they have the right to vote, the rightwingers are working hard to gerrymander voting districts to make those votes as meaningless as possible. The US needs to improve its own human rights record.
Your propaganda doesn’t fool me. I wish rump would follow Haley’s example and leave the US.


I’m not seeing that when I travel.
I go to Europe (usually France) 2-3 times a year and everyone I talk to wants to come to visit the U.S. or tell me about trips they’ve made here in the past and want to return.

I typically go to sporting events with working class folks from 15-20 countries, mostly European.
Those that engage me in conversation express the whole range of thoughts about Trump from dismay to support but they all want to come here to visit.


I’m not sure why this is a big deal.
This isn’t meant to provocative, just a straight up question.

I’ve never paid much attention to the actions of U.N Human Rights Council and don’t really know what our participation provides, positive or negative.

Just curious about what folks here think about the practical effects of U.S. participation on the Council.


Ditching the UN Council will give the US a card blanch to violate Human Rights the world over without accountability…


All delusional BS from you, as others have pointed-out, absolutely hilarious! Haley and her ginger-pig fuhrer are ill-educated, shallow, mental morons, doing our nation and world great harm, not least of which is playing lap-dog to the war-criminal zionist racist killers; Haley is shill for right-wing bigotry and trump’s mental illness, not “awesome”, nor a "bright star/comet, and nothing even resembling “par excellence”…she along with all the other trump regime are greed-driven ciphers, devoid of integrity and any sense of decency or reality…!


The world would do well to go on about their business and leave the US out on it’s own. They are better that what the US has become and should stop relying on it for “leadership” or anything else.


that would be wonderful–especially if he takes a few traveling companions like pelosi, sessions, pence, clinton, niki, bolten and other vile war mongers. well, no nation deserves such as these. perhaps they can be earth’s moon people.


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lol I always love it when right-wing MAGA-ists (“Trumpists?” “Trumpets?” “Trumpsters?” “MAGA-ers?”) come here to spew their Fox talking points. Not sure if they are seeking to change us “Libtards”’ minds, or just annoy us with their inane, up-is-down-Alice-in-Wonderland bullplop, but it certainly amuses, if nothing else.

Thanks, Gary! I needed the laugh, please post more often!

P.S.: You forgot to mention her stellar work with bringing us closer to all of our allies, and her extremely vibrant professional and vibrant diplomatic skills. A real people-person. But maybe you can in your next post.


Reading Sputnik, and RT News commenters from around the world. The world feels sorry for the people who live in the U.S. for nowhere else to go, however, the U.S. Government will be all alone very soon no friends at all.


Your comments are about as awesome as Nikki Haley is as an Ambassador. Why don’t you get real - Saudi Arabia is supported and abetted by the United States. All nations - including Israel and the United States should be held to basic standards of behavior. You apparently, don’t like that. too bad.