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After Shell CEO Claims 'We Have No Choice' But to Invest in Fossil Fuels, McKibben Says, 'We Have No Choice But to Try and Stop Them'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/15/after-shell-ceo-claims-we-have-no-choice-invest-fossil-fuels-mckibben-says-we-have

Don’t believe Ben van Beurden; rather, believe Bill McKibben.


" We have no choice but to invest in long term oil and gas projects" Ben van Beurden.

Now you know why it is called: HELL OIL!



Another ecocidal maniac we need to stop!


Environmentally Sustainable Renewable Energy Sources clearly doesn’t compute in the brains of Shell Oil executives.

Shall we make Shell an offer they can’t refuse?

“Come into the 21st century, or be sent back to obscurity.”


Mr. Ben (shell), has a point. And it seems to be true, that the people of the world demand a continuation of cheaper energy, and are shy about change.
I think maybe the approach to change must be with baby steps even though the climate crisis says differently. A bit of a connondrum. I think it looks like we will move too slowly so save our sorry asses.

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I will NEVER understand what gets people to buy gas from companies that are usually WAY HIGHER priced at the pump. (Shell is only one, along with Exxon and Chevron.) Not only do those companies charge much more but have HORRIBLE track records for pollution! What morons would support these capital-over-environment pigs?!


Bernie could do a lot. But resistance from fossil fuels and fossilized congress critters will surely slow the charge.
Survival of the fittest no longer favors the strongest, it favors the richest and greediest.


The terrible mistake all of the fossil fuel companies made was to see themselves as extractive industries that supply energy to the world. They should have defined themselves as “energy companies,” companies that would supply energy from alternative sources as well as extractive ones. If they did that, they would have branches in solar, wind, geothermal, and even nuclear, and would not find themselves in opposition to the environmental movement.


I see no mistake, I see capitalist corporations doing exactly what Wall Street and their own charters demand of them: pursuing the highest possible return on investment, collateral damage notwithstanding.


But we have capitalism, not socialized energy.
These business folks would not entertain wholesale purchases of clothing from the lowest price vendors, and, also buy from the high priced ones just for play fair.

I agree. Like I have posted before, these so-called debates are nothing but a dog and pony show to con the politically, gullible Americans that still want to believe that they live in a Democracy. Except for Bernie, these debates are an insult to all progressives


With Tokyo under water including Fukushima this cannot be a solution.


‘We have no choice but to invest in long-life projects’. Mr. Shell is right about one thing: Those holes poked in the earth will have a long-life. Much longer than homo sapiens. BWTF, he has his ‘share’ holders to consider…

This is the same oligarchy that not only pollutes the earth to an early grave, but has spent billions buying political whores world wide to prevent any alternative completion. Think of them as an opioid
manufacturer that peddles additive drugs to create new customers. Breaking the habit will be hard.

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And it will not be too long before stopping them includes ‘by any means necessary.’


If these companies were really energy companies (instead of last-generation exploiters trying to take all they can from fossil as it winds down, stripping the companies of all the resources they have left) they would be moving all their investments from fossil into solar and wind as fast as they could. The state of Kansas generates more than 36% of their electricity from wind alone as of this year. That is after selling a good portion of their generation out of state. And every time I travel between here (Kansas City, MO) to Hays, KS (265 miles west of here) and back, I see tons of wind-turbine blade and tower transporters moving west on I-70 and spreading out in the west. That means wind alone is bringing in good money (for the farmers on whose land the towers are located also) without any of the subsidy money that fossil gets.
There is a 20-mile band of wind farms crossing I-70 about 50-70 miles east of Hays.
There are big wind farms around Dodge and Cimarron as well. Here is a URL to my blog with pictures of the transporters and wind farms:

And here is a picture I took as photographer last fall at University of Kansas Dance Concert from a piece called “The Dying Swan” - Patrick Suzeau’s wonderfully sly and subversive (traits of Patrick) environmental version of the dying swan.

The dancers enter from stage right, facing the back of the stage looking as if they are just in white leotards, then they turn (in this picture) to show the fronts of their leos spattered by pollution and wearing respirator masks. At the end, the swans die under a rain of waste.
I could see a whole movement of people with spattered white fronts and respirator masks demonstrating.
(In case the link to the single picture doesn’t work, here is the full-page url of KU’s Nov 2018 concert: http://www.kcdance.com/Dancing/KU_UDC_2018-11-1720.asp )



Green Party presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, will appear in Salem, Oregon on Wednesday, October 16. Hawkins is the “Original Green New Deal-er” and will be discussing the details of his Ecosocialist Green New Deal, including a $2.7 trillion annual budget.

Hawkins is pleased to see Democratic candidates putting forward climate plans, but none go far enough. Hawkins said, “Even the best plan announced by Senator Sanders, fails to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions fast enough for climate safety. His cuts to the military, the largest climate polluter, are insufficient and vague. I am calling for a 75% cut in military spending to redirect major financial, physical and human resources into the Green New Deal.”

Hawkins, in 2010, was the first US candidate to run on the Green New Deal. The centerpiece of his presidential campaign is an ecosocialist Green New Deal. It calls for social ownership and democratic administration in order to carry through a rapid energy transformation. It calls for socializing key productive sectors, notably energy production, power distribution, railroads, and a domestic manufacturing sector to be rebuilt on a green basis with clean power and zero waste.

“The Green New Deal has been the Green Party’s signature program over the last decade. Sanders’ Green New Deal is the closest version yet to the full Greens’ full program. We’re glad for that. But we need to pick up the pace for zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions. We’re running out of time to avert a climate holocaust,” Hawkins said.

The event will take place at 6 p.m. at the IKE Box Café, 299 Cottage St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Kevin Zeese: (301) 996-06582, kzeese@howiehawkins.us
Emma Lugo (503)756-5801 secretary@pacificgreens.org

Website: www.howiehawkins.us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/375087410043719/


Yes…we already have moved to slowly to save our own *sses…but you mentioned…" cheaper energy"…I imagine you are referring to the ecological cost by saying cheaper. But …it seems…many here…thi k that …by manufacturing a massive amount of renewable equipment…we will some how …save our selves…sorry…but …no…one thing. It is too late for all that . And …just the ecocidal activity of digging up the raw materials for that massive infrastructure… is enough to push us over the edge… I will state this again… it takes 53 diesel fuel trucks of cement to build the foundation for one wind turbine…there are…a few different types of foundations stations… .cement is the most co2 intensive acti vhf ity that humans do… and…we are already running out nk of sand…ask China.

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It sounds crazy, but Wisconsin sells sand to Saudi Arabia. A different kind of sand is what I heard.
Any new system being built will require infrastructure. But nothing as drastic as off shore drilling platforms, and mountain top removal mining.
New cars require catalytic converters, why not require solar on new homes where practical, and home size roof top wind generators. We need to take a few steps backwards to move forward.

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when humankind found oil
and saw that it did burn
our world was set upon a path
from which it could not turn

we are all devout polluters
and I fear tis now too late
to scream in rage at Exxon
'twas not they who chose this fate