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After Ship Kidnapped by Israeli Navy, Freedom Flotilla Vows 'We Will Sail Again'



May all the Volvos stop at once in Israel due to the Gothenburg curse...


Silly rabbit! Israel is always in the right. Once you grasp that fundamental concept, the geo-political situation in the Middle East is childishly easy to understand.


They were stopped in International waters. That alone would make Israel a criminal nation. But they have long since been a criminal nation. They are treating the Palestinians like the Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, intellectuals, communists, socialists and others were treated by Nazi Germany. I name all these groups so that we can remember that the Jews were by no means the only ones who suffered under Hitler, were not the only ones who went to concentration camps and were murdered. We need to stop giving Israel a break because of their exploitation of what happened to so many people, including the Jews, during WWII.

The Israeli leadership needs to be arrested, tried by an international tribunal and if found guilty handed out the appropriate punishment. Just like many Serbs leaders were caught and punished 15 or 20 years ago.


Sweden: Among the most CIVILIZED places I've visited!


I threw up a little in my mouth before I liked your comment.


Breaks my heart. Ten years ago I was greeted with open arms in Gothenburg and Stockholm despite the boob that occupied the big house at the time.


That doesn't make it right. Israel gets what it wants by threats, blackmail, back door politics and mainly through the many US senators and congressmen and women that work directly for Israel and sometimes even against their own country. Before you ask I'm talking about Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein and many more that I don't have committed to memory.

Israel is doomed. No nation that is as unjust, ruthless and believes in a master "race" as Israel does can long last in this world. Unfortunately, you could say the same thing about the US.

It's also a fact that without the US Israel would cease to exist in a very quickly.


Without the European Zionists and their aliyahs of invasion the Arabs would be living much better. After all the invading Zionists bulldozed hundreds of Arab villages and towns during the armistice.


Yeah....... Anyone know exactly where Bernie stands on THIS part of the Israel issue? Anyone KNOW his plan(s) for dealing with the two rogues, US & Israel?


Bullshit, it is a legal blockade and the blockading power has the right to seize would-be blockade runners in international waters--and Gaza is blockaded, not occupied. Just pure crap.


International law allows a country to blockade a territory that is at war with it--which is the case between Hamas ruled Gaza and Israel. Hamas has on occasion agreed to temporary cease fires but has declared that peace is out of the question--and that makes the blockade to keep weapons and war material out of Hamas' hands legal.


Does the Israeli Defense Fund pay you and Ishmailav for this nonsense right out of the Israeli propaganda handbook? Are you two of the students that the IDF hires to write this stuff?

Or is your remote stuck on Fox News?


Oh brother you are naïve. Our esteemed congressmen and women and senators, with a few notable exceptions, work for who ever can pay them the most. What really rankles is that Israel is probably paying our "leaders" with our own taxpayer money that we send to Israel. Israel is doomed. I just hope they don't take the rest of the world with them which is a distinct possibility. No one doubts Israel will use nuclear force, the bombs they lie about having, before they will give up. What a bloody curse religion is with it's narrow mindset and closed culture that it builds and nurtures. Religion will probably destroy us all in the end.


Yes. He does not support Israel like most other US politicians do.


If it was not Hamas, it would be someone else you would be in a state of 'war' with. Besides, no one denies the right to inspect for weapons, etc, but you do not allow all sorts of normal commerce and supplies. Part of this 'state of war', no doubt. Or is it just a drawn-out attempt at the extermination of 'subhumans'?


Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm in Salzburg Austria, not Israel (and I've never been in Israel), so I'm not an Israeli as you seem to think. The Israelis allow hundreds of truckloads of supplies into Gaza every day and even did so during the war except when the crossing was attacked by Hamas rockets. Egypt sends nothing and keeps their crossing closed to good (and most of the time to people too). Over a million tons of construction supplies have gone from Israel to Gaza, even though Hamas has been diverting them to use for building tunnels for war against Israel (tunnels crossing the border into Israel). The Israeli blockade is against weapons and war material, other goods are allowed through in accordance with international law and humane practices. If you think otherwise you are falling for lies spread by Israel's enemies. Of course your implication that Israel is engaging in racist extermination suggests that you are yourself one of those liars.


Of course I'm predicting my (and everyone else's) doom. What I don't understand is why you seem surprised. With all the hate and violence that Israel, the US and many other divided groups of humanity are perpetrating on their "enemies" there is no other logical conclusion. If war doesn't finish us off then monopoly capitalism surely will. Already, according to various scientific studies, the earth is moving into the sixth great extinction. Our climate is indisputably changing. You can argue about the reasons later.

We are killing ourselves through identification with a nation, a religion, a political belief, with ideas and ideals which are more important to us than life itself. The difference between the wars we are having today and the wars we have always had is now we are fighting for beliefs and ideas instead of land and resources (although there is still that too). Everyone must share our view of the world and what should be or" by god we will go to war and kill all you other bastards". This seems to be the basis for the national policies and reasons for going to war of too many countries. Certainly both the US and Israel.


Ah yes, Remember the USS Liberty!
* Google it and learn, learn well.


One of the IDF Poobahs said, on television, that if Israel ever faced defeat, they would exercise the Sampson Option. Their several hundred nuclear armed ICBMs are targeted on the major cities and capitals of the world. As a last act, they would press the button and take the world with them.
* It has been my contention for years that the Israeli Government should all be in rubber rooms, playing with soft toys, not prancing about on the world stage. Amongst other things, their oral diarrhea makes the theater stink.