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After Shooting, Anti-Choice Rhetoric Denounced for Creating Culture of Hate



So who specifically ginned this guy up? Can we identify these specific friends of the shooter?


The shooter was wound up from all the FAKE video's from the HATE of the RIGHT which is incorrect they are NOT right. The creator of the video should be up on charges of Incitement! Plus all the nut jobs in the house!


As shinlight says, the guy got pushed over the edge by the lies from the anti-Choice group about PP doing foetal tissue harvesting (or something to do with foetal tissue, I don't really remember).

He was clinging to rationality by his fingernails anyway (look at his eyes in the booking photos -- he's got a lot of emotions going on in there!) and those lies just shoved him right over the edge into psychosis.

People on the verge of psychotic decomp just can't do good evaluation of what they see or are told because too much of what they've got is going into maintaining their precarious social balance. Once they get a big input that hooks their stuff, they're gone.


I recommend Valerie Tarico's fine article on the direct connections between rhetoric and violence - "Christianist Republicans Systematically Incited Colorado Clinic Assault". Succinct and to the point.

Ms. Tarico just posted another good article called "Republican Talking Heads Claim Talk has no Power to Influence Beliefs and Behavior"


If the US legal system doesn't have a law to blunt violent-prone anti-choice extremists and politicians, it should pass one.


Ye shall know them by their fruits

And nuts


Maybe it's time to take a page from President Kennedy. Obama should send federal troops to every Planned Parenthood facility in the country to maintain the safety of everyone who enters.


The wacko was only exercising his First Amendment rights (his defense and said with dripping sarcasm) backed with guns and ammo...probably unregistered or, if registered, there was obviously no background check. The videos, the BS on the news (FOX is THE most appalling and probably the jerk's only source of news), and the Anti-Life/Women wingnuts spouting their vitriol bring the crazies out into the open. And how many anti-life/women activists involved in bombing clinics, killing doctors/nurses/clinic workers, and otherwise causing mayhem are serving time in prison for their crimes? Don't need more than two fingers on one hand to count them. As long as slaps-on-the-hands are the only punishment for such heinous crimes, then the freaks/terrorizers will continue to agitate, kill, maim, etc. with impunity.


When 20 years ago the Unabomber engaged in act of eco-terrorism, I did not give up environmental activism. When al Qaeda, Boko Haran, ISIS and other radical Islamic groups commit countless atrocities and acts of murder, I did not label my Muslim neighbors as terrorists. When this deranged individual murdered people at a Planned Parenthood clinic, I did not cease a lifelong belief in the value of all human life (the incarcerated, the poor, inhabitants of "enemy lands", the uninsured, women, the unborn - yes all). It's amazing how quickly and easily fellow liberals who regard themselves as defenders of tolerance are quick to vilify the half of all Americans who regard themselves as pro-life.
I also find interesting how people here feel the need to label the Planned Parenthood videos as "fake." PP has never claimed that the PP staffers filmed were anything but actual staff members. No one has claimed that their comments about the sale of fetal hearts, neural tissue (brains) and livers were somehow dubbed into their lips. The fact of the matter is that their remarks during unguarded moments were as damning as Romney's remarks about the 46% when he thought no one else was watching. And yes, it is possible to regard abortion as the taking of human life and to still regard murder as a ridiculously and obscenely stupid way to show your objection to the taking of human life. Tens of millions of people do.


I have no proof but I think it would be good bet that Mr. Dear was an avid faux news watcher. At any rate, faux news has probably many more brain dead watchers across the US that are just as psycho as Dear who are right on the edge and because they believe the hate and lies of Hannity, O' Reilly and all the rest....one has to wonder, what next? It seems to me that the clinics need to hire their own security people for protection, at least until faux news truncates its rhetoric and frenzy of hate and bellicosity.


Didn't Eisenhower also send troops to facilitate school integration ?


It is already a police state and it has been a covert police state long before most of us were born.


There are different sorts of lies. There are lies of commission, omission or lies of personal safety.

Then there are the lies that are told in the videos defaming the people who work at Planned Parenthood. It was a classic work of propaganda, twisting what people said and putting it out there in a format that was bound to inflame.


Armybrat: Excellent reply to AD...well said, heartfelt, and SANE!