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After Six Months, A Detailed Look at Trump's 'Giant Bait and Switch' Presidency


After Six Months, A Detailed Look at Trump's 'Giant Bait and Switch' Presidency

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

It has been six long months since Donald Trump's inauguration, and unsurprisingly, the president has not parlayed his populist campaign promises into policy. In fact, he has often done the exact opposite—earning himself the lowest approval rating of any president in the past 70 years.

"Giant corporations are now designing and carrying out policy to an extent unequaled in American history."
—Alan Zibel, Public Citizen


This should have been apparent for anyone. This should have been the rallying cry for people to raise hell over the primaries, back when we still had a chance at a good president. But no, the duopoly forced this “heads I win, tails you lose” situation upon us. And now all the M$M can talk about is supposed Russia hacking allegations, while the real processes that got Trump elected, the corrupt DNC, the antiquated electoral college system, gets ignored.


Surprised not me and sadly the demodogs would have done the same thing. We are stick in the cycle of lesser evils when both are evil to the people of the world.

MCH, you nailed it


I agree whole heartedly. the rich irony that Clinton’s poll numbers are lower than trump’s should shock no one. and scarborough “leaving” the gop must be a heart breaker for trumpsky. after all he and mika were a large part of the “free media” exposure the bozo got in 2016. and the dnc??
you knowhow can their actions not be illegal? it’s bad enough that “sales puffery” isn’t a criminal offence when the auto dealer sells you a lemon. but this is selling the entire nation down the swamp drain. were it not for the fact that congress is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America we should demand trumps removal.


The question remains; If we throw out the orange turd, can we also remove all of the crooked deals and giveaways as well?

  • If not, then his job has been accomplished and the Wall Street Corps will continue to rule until we all become walled street corpses.
  • It is a pity that, as Shakespeare wrote, “the evil that men do lives after them.” In this case, I can’t in conscience continue the quote that, “The good is oft interred with their bones,” as I have seen no good in this man to be buried.


It isn’t about the hacking, it is about possible treason. Read the lawyer, Ken Levy’s piece in today’s CD. “Yes crimes were committed.” It is a short but well written summation of the legal liabilities now facing the Trumpables concerning the meetings that junior and son in law participated in.


I woke up this morning and this sonofabitch and the rest of the neo-fascist Republicans are still alive. What’s wrong with this picture?


The pathological liar-in-chief should get hip to payback - his pool of sycophant co-conspirators isn’t getting larger, but resistance is. At some point he will pay for his astonishing arrogance and destruction of America - not that he alone is responsible, he’s not, and all his thugs and destroyers and enablers will pay also - just perhaps the people will finally have had enough and demand an end to trump and the R’Con’s, will rise up and demand real change with no delays, no lies or deceptions, and no BS! Demand the Common Good and smash common greed…demand civilian priorities and end the obscene military spending crime…it’s only a dream I have…If only we had a citizenry with more gumption and full time dedication to serious in your face activism…it may be beginning…


Fair enough point. And while I do agree that these meeting should be looked into, it does unfortunately give the Dems a convenient excuse to not consider their part of the problem too.


I would like to see ballot questions for this year’s November elections, in all fifty states, saying that “It is the Sense of the People of that Donald J. Trump achieved the Presidency by dishonest means, by promising to help the People, but instead is working against the People, and should resign from office.”

Perhaps others can come up with better wording, and perhaps there should be different wording for states that voted for Trump, and those that didn’t.

This kind of “Sense of the People” referendum might make politicians more honest in general.


Anyone who heard about what went on with Trump U. should have been on guard for a scam by Trump. He used the bait and switch technique not only to get people to enroll in Trump U, but also in some cases to buy condominiums. Bernie Sanders called him a pathological liar many times. Trump did pull a bait and switch when it comes to economics. But he didn’t when it comes to his most important issue, racism. He ran as a racist and has performed as a racist ever since he took office. Most Trump supporters got what they voted for. I don’t think they care how many billionaires are in the administration, at least as long as most of them are white males which they are.


In this case the Dems did not have a part. You need to stop a moment and differentiate viewpoints. If you do not see the significance of the possible crimes that we’re committed then you do not want to see the Trump administration get kicked out of office like it should be! One thing for sure, it is not about the original case of hacking. It is way beyond that now and it has nothing to do with the Dems. I don’t think you are keeping up with the developments.


I want to see Trump get his butt kicked out of office as much as anyone. I just don’t want things to return to the status quo of how they were, which was already a wrong path.


Read Ken Levy’s piece published today here on CD. It will give you a better perspective on what is being discussed. As I said, in this case, the Dems had nothing to do with it.


Trump has pissed off some powerful sectors of the neocon deep state - that’s pretty clear. I’m not getting too excited yet about his legal issues, which are on the level of semen stains on a dress. And in the end, what is the point for progressives to get sucked into watching neo-fascists playing games of musical chairs? I like the new piece by Reich, and this article. The corporate Xmas is the real issue, not MSM Russia porn. Gotta keep our eyes on the ball…


Oh, wow.
News Flash:
Donald Trump is a con-artist.


Your Shakespeare quote reminds me of the evil legacy left by Hillary/Obummer. I think of the horrors she unleashed upon Libyans, most of whom had a reasonably secure life with free medical care and free education through college, and a $50,000 interest fee loan to newly-married couples. And then there is Honduras. Since Hillary’s 2009 right-wing coup, femicide rates have soared. She did that. Of course MSM chooses to avert its eyes.

We are getting the corporate state rammed down our throats thanks to Trumpler, but outside the US bubble, the neocons continue to ram their bayonets up the arses of the rest of the world - and for them it does not appear to matter which faction of the duopoly ends up in charge.


Hey, there is another Shakespeare quote that is a perfect response to the corporate state: “That distribution should undo excess and each should have enough.” (King Lear - I forget act / scene)

I tell people I’m not a communist - I’m a Shakespearist.


Perhaps the immortal Bobbie Burns could be of service. I think the following should be in every cloak room and office, “D” or “R”, and in a large plaque behind the Speaker of the House and even in the Oval Orifice. It is from a poem “To a Louse.”
"O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!"


But, then again, maybe they don’t give a $hit…:slightly_smiling_face: , unless the knowledge helps them in their deceptions…errr… grand works in the service of their constituents