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After Six-Week Strike, Verizon Workers Claim Major Victory as Deal Reached


After Six-Week Strike, Verizon Workers Claim Major Victory as Deal Reached

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

After a nearly six-week strike, Verizon workers are celebrating a huge victory on Friday after a deal was reached in principle with the telecom giant that will bring gains for union members and end one of the nation's largest work stoppages in recent history.

The deal, announced Friday afternoon by U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, reportedly includes a four-year contract between Verizon and its two biggest unions, CWA and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).


Maybe because it is not official yet with all papers signed


I hope you are not blaming your high bills on the workers. Maybe the blame should be on obscenely hugh profits, the 50 million or so dollars the top 5 receive and the lack of competition we have in this industry. Don't forget it is my understanding they also pay no income tax to the government.


Clearly it's not important that nearly 40000 people are going back to work. All that matters is the impact on your bill.


I hope they go on strike in another or two and get even more $ and more employee control, and keep striking every year or two until employees get full control.


I suggest finding the company who treats their workers the worst, and then go from there. Enjoy shopping around.


Verizon and AT&T are the worst of the worst carriers, I hope this settlement is actually good for the workers. Otherwise I suggest the workers take over the management of the company and run it themselves.


And what about the outsourcing to the Philippines?


If he doesn't like his phone bill, he can try another company. Note the negative comments about unions on this thread. This is a 'progressive' site, of course.


Note that CWA – Communication Workers of America, and many of the locals of IBEW, the two unions in this article, have both endorsed Bernie Sanders. They represent probably close to a million workers or more. I suppose that's no guarantee that they aren't corrupt but I wonder why you feel it's OK to tar these unions with this particular brush without anything to back it up.


Andrew, did you ever complete that the high costs you pay are a result of a small percentage of people raking in the high profits at Verizon? Or is it just working people you despise?


CWA and IBEW continue to act in the best interests of the rank and file, unlike many unions whose business model is to enrich the business irrespective of what happens to the rank and file. .


Costs were high before these people went on strike. Don't blame the workers, blame the politicians who allow Verizon to not pay any taxes!! They get a holiday from paying their taxes just like Boeing, and GE along with 1/3 more of the biggest corporations in this country. We're all being taken by the biggest corporations in this country and the politicians are the enablers!!!


Way to focus on you, you, you and not the workers. What happens to YOU is what matters, not workers' struggles for a decent life.


that is amerika in 2016. drumpf 2016. btw: there is too big to fail. how about just 'too big' period as in there are too many monoplies. yesterday got a ltr my cable co. is now a diff company as it quietly merged i.e. was bought out and now there are only a few left NATIONALLY. not a PEEP from MSM and there was nothing in MSM about verizon strike either b/c MSM is controlled by a few media conglomerates and THAT needs to be addressed. americans are already extremely stup!d compared to global pops who know more about US politics than Americans getting fed the same bullsh@t every day which explains all the denialism and !gnorance and drumpf.

if drumpf becomes pres. he will be first in hx elected by media.


I'm not big on the UAW or the IBEW, but the Teachers' Unions and the SEIU and the Farm Workers seems to be doing some good work. No surprise that Trumpka and crew are supporting Hillary. I don't think of them as corrupt so much as antique and fighting a rear guard action.


Yes, so lets just get rid of unions, right?

Are you a union member or trying to be a union member? If you are not, than go away. Take your nihilistic negativity elsewhere.


Of course, it goes without saying the rank and file need to be skeptical of the details and until they read the contract for themselves. And of course unions need to work for more accountability at the top. Then again, much of the rank-and-file seems unwilling to organize and challenge the union leadership either.

But, your rhetoric is indistinguishable from the US Chamber of Commerce or Cato Institute's talking points. It is getting pretty distressing when the rhetoric of what is supposed supposed to be a leftist ends up sounding like the Ayn Rand right.


Cut the cord and get rid of Verizon.


A labor activist interviewed on NPR today noted that the NYT, Washington Post and other East Coast dailies published few stories on the Verizon strike, and then only short stories tucked deep in the business section.

Another example of the media creating the news rather than reporting it. No wonder the average age of subscribers is north of 60.