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After Socialist Victory in Bolivia, Media Still Whitewash Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/25/after-socialist-victory-bolivia-media-still-whitewash-coup


I’m reminded of the expression from the sixties “Keepin’ it real”.

The language and communications being hijacked by the minions of a failed model, centuries old and going in circles with its ironic dependence on linear knuckle dragging is swirling down the tubes.

Every time I sit back and work on overview of the current dynamics and failings, I see pivot points constantly being tossed in like mind- genades to prevent people from straying from so narrow a path as to be a chute headed to the abatoire.

Keep Speaking Truth to Power and mature into humanity and the sheer breadth of equilibrium in both process and content when all are held accountable.

Just because there are desperate powers that depend on being able to sunder the social contract, which is reflected in the worlds spiritual teachings and not just christian media fundamentalists, to erect their historically violent chute to the abatoire, does not mean that all humanity must cease speaking and functioning and creating. The abusive powers want you to believe that you cannot function without them, when in fact the opposite is true. They are wholly dependent on manipulating language itself (Bannon, Conway jaw flapping stunning, by intent, abuse of human language). That’s why the bannons and conways of the world get paid the big - now nearly worthless - ‘big bucks’. You cannot make this stuff up.

Wait a minute, I guess they already have… what throughout the colonizer era is referred to ‘cannibalization’, now has its version á la 21st century. Sure knew what they were talking about. Too bad they missed the lesson on inescapable consequences of projection onto ‘others’. Its even referred to as ‘othering’. As long as it is accepted and not countered, its toxicity will run commensurate with agrotoxins and genocide.

History has demonstrated that the world itself is healhier when the US abstains from its toxic ideological rampages. The mustache and pompous ones are junk-yard dogs ALWAYS brought in when the stench reaches a certain level.

Statement of profound descriptive realities: I am another yourself; I am because you are


The media whitewashes the coup because they played a role in ensuring that the Coup was a success. As it was happening they were repeating the same lies the OAS promoted as fact.

They now use language to give the impression they were always fans of fair elections and were always in doubt about the OAS claims.

The Whitewash is an attempt to downplay their own role in the coup by suggesting they made an “honest mistake”. In short they are as usual duplicitous bastards.


Excellent media crit content analysis. You, student Bryce Greene, should be chairing a department of MEDIA SAVVY in an academic discipline with strict regulation against and enforcement of professional code guiding the edjamacational institution in rooting out CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. For more specific info on that, especially within our “elite institutions of higher education” see and lead discussion groups of INSIDE JOB by film-making journalist and personally profitable financial trader Charles Ferguson. I note his “personal profitability” as that is necessary whether we realize it or not to be seated at any policy-making table.

The documentary film INSIDE JOB that most bizarrely and improbably given the advertiser-driven and established wealth underwritten commercial and public broadcasting systems in the U.S. after the Wall Street Crash won the Academy Award for best documentary film released to theaters that year. Over a decade ago now this Rip Van Winkle notes…Not that our national election cycles have paid much attention to the post FINANCIAL COLLAPSE winners\losers in any systemic way a la daily Sports News bulletins with score boards clearly identifying the winners from the losers.

That is a very different matter than the one plaguing our partisan political, cultural and edjamacational camps: CANCEL CULTURE. May you walk that tight-rope and proliferate independent critical thinking as rigorous as it is curious.

Keep on doing
Health and balance through our Age of Plague and beyond

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At last, some good news in this abysmal year. Love to see Evo return and be made foreign minister or Bolivian Ambassador to the UN. The screams would be as loud from the Dems as the Rupugs.

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