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After Spending Big to Reinstate Death Penalty, Nebraska Gov. Brushes Aside Pope's Call, Pushes Forward With Plan for 'Experimental Execution'


After Spending Big to Reinstate Death Penalty, Nebraska Gov. Brushes Aside Pope's Call, Pushes Forward With Plan for 'Experimental Execution'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Nebraska's Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts confirmed Thursday that his state is going forward with its first death penalty execution in more than 20 years.


The death penalty in the US is a satanic ritual where the weakest and most defenseless are offered up to the execution chamber. In many states it doesn’t matter whether the condemned is guilty or innocent - it is a ritual which a corrupt and immoral people must carry out. This is all given to us by those whom Scott Peck called “The People of the Lie.” They are usually the same people defending things like Mai Lai, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the annihilation of Iraq. They where there for the lynchings and other murders. Many call themselves “Christians” and they are so, so loyal to their country.


I really hate control freaks…long walk, short pier…


Republicans love having the power of Life and Death over us.


In a highly-weaponized nation that legally allows both its police and citizens to slaughter innocents any time they “feel” their lives and/or property are threatened, why are we surprised by formal and ritualized state murder – because that is what “capital punishment” is?

This outrageous situation in Nebraska is a direct result of a history of white supremacy, patriarchy and property-ownership (capitalism) which has developed into a Permanent War Against the Humanity and the Biosphere. Wars always come home folks. This IS the BIG ONE.


You’re exactly correct about the ritual which is designed to de-sensitize the population and normalize killing human beings.


Not surprised since Republicans are the embodiment of death.


Another ugly part of this –

New York State overturned the death penalty in 2004 at a cost of $500 million.

The ugliest part is that it reinforces the idea of punishment overall in regard to
prisoners rather than rehabilitation –

despite the reality that we release something like 475,000 prisoners every year.


Gov. Pete Ricketts -

Phone: 402-471-6031

Email – hit the live link and an email form will come up.

Trust that the citizens of Nebraska might give this allegedly pro-life governor
some real thought as to the cruel, brutal, barbaric road he is leading them down.

Including the war on women in what is anything but “pro-life” as we’ve seen from
the Trump administration’s attack on families, women and children separated at
our borders for seeking asylum from drug running and gun violence – imprisoned,
put into cages, drugged and still 700 children still not reconnected with parents.
The only “life” important to the right wing is UNBORN life.
And this is very much an issue of forcing pregnancies on women to supply more
cheap labor for capitalism/corporations.


Church’s positions on ‘capital punishment’ are here:

A cross check of the major Christian denominations in Nebraska reveals no official support for the ‘death penalty’.


The governor needs to die first.


may as well bring hanging back. as least we know that isn’t experimental. what if this causes brain damage and not death? can the state legally carry the death penalty out after that?


I guess the weird governor Ricketts( isn’t that last name word a disease too?) I suppose he thinks he can because big pharma makes drugs and experiments on people all the time. Didn’t the spy people use unknowing victims for LSD tests? Didn’t Bayer put that medicine on the market which made people feel heroic… oh yeah and then they had to call back that heroin product, didn’t they.
I guess the governor Ricketts person feels that if drug companies can experiment on citizens–he can too.


Well, what does everyone expect when the Democratic Party leadership has never had the intellectual integrity or courage to decry and oppose the death penalty altogether? And look at these pharmaceuticals - denying so many Americans access to life-saving medications - they are executioners themselves. They murder thousands yearly. (Plus, they make others, who don’t die, suffer endlessly and needlessly “because their insurance doesn’t cover it” - or they’re just poor so they don’t deserve the same medications “more worthy” Americans receive “better” plans) But oh - this form of execution is getting a little too close to the truth about the nature of what they have always supported themselves.

Look at Obama - he wouldn’t even commute the death penalty for Troy Davis - an innocent man who the State killed. Obama had so much backing if he needed to do so - from distinguished Republican leadership even, millions of Americans signing hundreds of thousands of petitions, major human rights organizations, a past U.S. president (Jimmy Carter), Nelson Mandela, other renowned world leaders. But no, for the corporate wing of the Democratic Party - and headed by Obama, no less - this Kafkaesque machinery had to keep churning, turning, to its inevitable, unalterable conclusion - whereby this man was offered up like an Aztec sacrifice ceremony - he “had to” be tossed into the pit to be gobbled by the Great Beast Molloch. The liberal wing of the USSC supported it too. They stood, ceremoniously, in totally irrational obeisance to the Beast, as Troy Davis was carried and thrown into his ever-hungry stomach.

This is disgusting - but I am so much more disgusted with the people who have been intelligent enough to know better - to fight it - have had the POWER to CHANGE it - but have played along with it instead. So people are surprised now? Our system elected a Nazi who is able to extract an even more icily bloodthirsty, disgraceful means? Who enabled this?

They played this same pretentious, “oh my” while Democrats and Republicans bargained over the lives of 9 million children who were about to be thrown off the children’s health plan. Many of them to be eventually offered as “feed” to Molloch. If the Democrats had passed single payer in 2009 when they had the House, Senate and Presdiency - these children would have been protected by such disgusting political maneuvers. And these corporate wing Democrats KNEW THAT THEN. Today, up to 45K Americans still die yearly - they too are sacrificed to Molloch - because these Democrats and Republicans work hand in hand. They maintain this heartlessly cruel CEREMONIOUS system that violates human rights and kills people daily.

So it goes with the death penalty. What’s next? Firing squads? MAYBE. Hey, they financed that for Central America. They tortured and murdered people in stadiums with U.S. financial support. Threw nuns from helicoptors. Broke fingers of guitar players before they shot them in the head. What is this Nebraska Nazi Governor doing, in a way, except saying, “Hey guys, you’ve been holding hands with me all along.” You LET me be here. You supported our laws - you never opposed them - you wanted everyone to see that you were as sensibly merciless and authoritarian as we."

Look at our prison system - supported by tons of Democratic Party leadership - taking money fro private prisons - maintaining superdelegates from these places. Those people, too - in prisons - well over 2 million - are only a few steps away from being sent to the ovens or firing squads themselves. Because when you maintain a system like this - when you support those laws - when you remain silent or refuse to challenge them altogether - that’s what happens. “THEY” - people like this Nebraska Governor - take over.

Sane, educated intelligent people don’t maintain house filled with children that isn’t child-proofed. Correct? Well, the same is true of a nation. Not that Nazis are children - they are the furthest thing from children - but you have to install the necessary safeguards. You have remove certain items - certain pieces of furniture that could be catastrophic. So on. You have to abolish the death penalty - you have to empty the prisons. You have to guarantee health care - and quality health care - for everyone.Etc. What goes around comes around.

And here we are now … i.e. how did we get here to begin with?


Agreed. But make no mistake: so do the Democrats.


Excellent post. And it’s not just the corporate (majority) wing of the Dems. The “progressive” wing has been pretty much silent as well because opposing state murder is “unpopular.” Just like real gun control. So you use cliches like “common sense” gun control…or just stay silent. The Dim wing of the Duopoly – Blue Wave or not – continues to be the more effective evil…oh, except for the Russians of course. My bad.


Yeh. Good thing the Dem wing of the Duopoly is not stacked with war mongers of every stripe. But that’s OK; they just like to slaughter furriners (as long as they’re not white) and are hankering for a nuke shoot-out with the Rooskies to settle this imperialist shit once-and-for-all. (Note: roaches and other bugs will survive THE BIG ONE to provide the applause as the curtain goes down on the human species). All good in DimLandia


Troy Davis was convicted of GA state charges. Pres. Obama did not have authority to commute or pardon Davis of those charges.

I remind people here that they want to convict Trump administration officials of charges that Trump is unable to pardon; meaning convicted of state charges.

Two excerpts from the hyperlinked article on the murder, Carey Dean Moore,
"“I am very much tired of death-row life,” said Moore, 53. "I don’t want anyone to think, ‘Poor me.’

“I am guilty.” "
"Four years ago, Moore told his attorneys to stop fighting, and said he was ready to die. He dropped his remaining appeals.

Moore had been transported from Tecumseh to the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln. He had prepared his last words. He knew he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes combined with his twin brother’s when he dies and have them scattered together.

“I don’t want to be contained in a box anymore,” he said. "

Given how many people, or how few people, do get executed, … do have to wonder why Nebraska is going to the trouble, both political and $$$$ expense, to execute this person more than 20 years since the last execution.

And I will share a joke: Recall that a few years ago New Jersey abolished their death penalty. The Sopranos probably had a good laugh over it at dinner that night. What the New Jersey legislature decided isn’t going to stop them from whacking people.


What a mean society. Lock a teenager up for 38 years (incredible torture) and then execute him in the end. This is a testament to just how successful corporate America has become at dumbing down the population.


The Nebraska Governor is a corporate lackie. The money spent on his campaign came with strings attached as usual. The voters fell for it, as usual, and focused on “criminals walking free” and other such nonsense but avoided issues like universal healthcare, ending wars, raising the minimum wage or cracking down on corporate malfeasance. This pattern is repeated ad nauseam to the delight of both corporate Democrats and Republicans.