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After Spending Months Denying Need for Testing, Trump Moves to Gut FDA's Oversight Process for Coronavirus Tests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/after-spending-months-denying-need-testing-trump-moves-gut-fdas-oversight-process

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Where is the push for the 25th amendment to be invoked? The president is either a crook, or his mentally incompetent.
Somebody, please do SOMETHING.
The republican party at large are accomplices to insane ruling of government as well.


YES, but also don’t assume Biden does not have issues of his own, for example, pushing Medicare “expansion” (to any earlier date than Social Security starts) even one nanosecond, without withdrawing it from GATS FIRST will violate the WTO rules which allow it to BE Medicare AND destroy it! Everything changed when we put services PARTICULARLY financial services, under WTO control,

Here are direct copies of tweets trump made about Ebola. Ebola killed 2 people and infected 11 in the USA.

President Obama has a major meeting on the N.Y.C. Ebola outbreak, with people flying in from all over the country, but decided to play golf!

Obama is making the Ebola problem much worse than it needs to be in the U.S. by not halting flights from West Africa. Airport testing a joke

There is ZERO margin for error on Ebola. Are we confident in Obama when he can’t even make a website for $5 Billion

Obama just appointed an Ebola Czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease control. A TOTAL JOKE!

Ebola has been confirmed in N.Y.C., with officials frantically trying to find all of the people and things he had contact with.Obama’s fault

President Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola!


Should ALL of the COVID-19 tests Trump wants to be allowed, be used on him at least once a day?

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Trump keeps insisting that we give up our right to vote and the right to life saving health measures.
If that was a family member we would disown them.


It’s more like the ruling class wants to “disown” us all because they married a new younger, prettier wife, while we’re the ones who made all the sacrifices to make them rich.

But about vaccines…

The rich look at every disaster, especially epidemics, as opportunities to make a killing one way or another.

There may turn out to not be any workable vaccine for coronavirus.

Where is that windfall they feel entitled to?

They are not above speculating on stocks with rumors.

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Trump is trying to pretend we’re not in a public health emergency that he is making immeasurably worse by trying to prevent or delay testing so people don’t get treatment.

He’s acting like an American HMO.

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your last sentence is a bitt error.
The idea was to inflict healthy lifestyles.
Around 1980, Chrysler corp. suffered about $900 in employee medical costs per vehicle built.
They attempted to teach moms to go to the clinic when their child has sniffles, not the emergency room.

Doesnt the “Affordable Care Act” cough expose “insured” people to huge bills if they have some health inssue Its my understanding that checkups are only free if they claim to have no health issues that require attention (curative care) so basically denying the scientific community of data and covering up potential environmental disasters seems to be a goal of the ACA. If it wasnt they would make checkups free nomatter what was discovered.

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I’m with you 100%. The first time I heard this nonsense of not bringing up any medical issues during my physical from the receptionist, I wanted to vomit. What kind of a bullshit system is that? I should be able to come in with a list of 10 things or more and if my doc says: “I only get about 10 min max to go over additional things for an appointment for a physical so rattle the list fast and if anything sounds serious let’s make a follow up appointment or if it is really serious I might send you to the er but I’ll try to give you feedback on everything“ - that’s what I expect out of a common sense decent efficient health care system.

I’m willing to sign up with Jimmy Dore on if Biden wants my vote he can switch his mind on Medicare for All. I’d actually want more on other policy areas but I’ll compromise on having just one litmus test.

If this were to happen, there would be an opening to talk about your GATS concerns. But without any chance now, it’s had to motivate many with that discussion.

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HMO’s came from Cleveland, Ohio.
Took the manufacturers human resources about three years to work out all the details.
The optional is that HMO’s came from Minnesota.

Southeast Michigan has removed over 14,000 health care employees from hospitals, clinics, etc. over the past 7 or 8 years.

County public health offices are under staffed, under funded and do not meet the results of their good
work in tuberculosis and polio four generations ago. This was the situation before corona19 virus.

A couple counties south of Chicago has a cancer cluster and I went to find info on what neighborhoods were impacted. Not one friggin word on their public health website. But the 99 page annual report has over 30 pages about 11 teen girls who were pregnant and being helped - which is good.

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The thing is, Trump is tested regularly and so is the staff around him. People that test positive are isolated and so are those that have been exposed to those individuals. His staff also has to wear masks. In other words, the White House is run like the rest of the country should be—because it keeps Trump alive. The man is a garbage festival when it comes to other human beings though. That’s just how it is.

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Reckon we will find out in November if this is a nation of thinking humans or a corrupted lot of ignorant racists.

I don’t understand what is being discussed. Can you clarify? I had a physical just fine recently.

Ain’t no time to wonder why, Whoopie we’re all gonna die!
Country Joe MacDonald about a totally different situation that killed far less people in years instead of months.

I don’t understand your position. Are you going to support trump if Biden doesn’t toe the mark? As a progressive Biden is far from my ideal but he does have some good points and seems that he might take on the DNC and their neo-liberal corporate stance. If not there are some promising new Democrats popping up here and there. The Squad must become a platoon then a company, battalion and then a government !

One thing I think lots of people on social media discount, is who previous “progressive” presidents were. FDR sounded like Obama on the deficit when he was running in 1932 and people would have thought you were crazy in 1955 if you asserted LBJ would sign the CRA. I’m under no illusions that Biden will be AOC, but in this country, some of the biggest changes have occurred under presidents nobody expected it from. In fact, our country has a long legacy of eschewing loud “radicals” for politicians that repackage reform efforts in more “pragmatic” tones.

There are multipe impending health disasters that are expected to be incredibly costly which are cause in one way or another by environmental misdeeds by coporations. One is endocrine disrupting chemicals. They cause a long list of very costly diseases. US companies make a lot of these chemicals. So they are attacking the problem which they see as information on this. Obviously, to them the less healthcare poor people get the better. But its unavoidable, sometimes they must go to the doctor. So they create a financial disincentive to bring up anything that might lead to a test or investigation of any kind. They made “preventative care” the pretext - I agree, this makes no sense unless you realize the goal its to hide health problems that they know exist.

Contrast the US with Europe.

"Estimating Burden and Disease Costs of Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union"


“Rapidly increasing evidence has documented that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) contribute substantially to disease and disability.The objective was to quantify a range of health and economic costs that can be reasonably attributed to EDC…”

Only if a patient does not bring up any health issues when they see the doctor is the visit free. How ridiculous is that. How much does a doctor visit cost? Obamacare is not like most insurance which has a modest copay - Instead people have to pay huge deductibles. This is the kind of health insurance that ONLY RICH PEOPLE SHOULD BUY.

Obamacare may still have one good thing, a $12000 cap on all out of pocket costs per year. (The insurance companies hate this) Also they now are prevented from dumping people when they get sick by saying they lied on their forms. So they do it with sudden bills that must be paid.

(Thisis probably why Trump is delaying mail with the post office, also it helps get poor people evicted from urban apartments because their entire right to live in the city depends on the rent to that one rent controlled apartment and if they are late with the rent, they can be evicted which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the landlord because the rent for a rent controlled tenant may be 1/5 or often less, of what they can get for the same apartment from a new tenant.)

But lets go back to the premium, and the out of ocket cost limit, That means nomatter what your premium is, you can only be billed an additional $12000 a year on covered services. so, say your premium on a silver plan is $10000 a year, the most you can be billed is $22000 a year total. Even if you have a problematic pregancy which could easily cost you well over $200000 if you dont have insurance and self pay.

After that amount, premiums plus just $12000 its supposed to cover 100% of covered services" however a lot of stuff is not covered.

But in theory the idea is that if you ceep maybe an additional $50000 for emergencies, you could even pay for your health insurance and copays for say two years, (not counting anything else) if you are unemployed and have to get Obamacare. the system is supposed to allow people who are laid off to stay insured if their time unemployed or self employed is fairly short.

The problem is they are literally planning to outsource millions of jobs, so thats not a good setup at all. But the GATS trade agreement commits us to an even worse scenario… under its rules, the ACA is far too generous. But thats another story… a scary one because it means that Biden is lying to us, and other polictians have been too.
– but lets go back to the extra $12000 cap. Why is that deemed too expensive? because we’re supposed to be tied to the regulatory situation in 1998 and any more regulation is grounds for us to be brought in front of the WTO for violating rules. Its actually about the healthcare jobs which are bargaining chips. Other countries made a deal, the most recent argument I heard is that this deal is sort of like reparations for colonialism.
— arrgh… there I go again, changing the subject–
Why are people afraid to use healthcare they must keep paying so much for? because its made so insanely unpredictable intentionally to scare poor people away from using it. Which should be a crime against humanity…

Also with so called drive by medicine, often people go for a medical procedure and it turns out one of the doctors is out of network, then 100% of theur charges are paid by you. Imagine needing an operation, being assured its in network, and then getting a $70,000 bill for a medical specialist who had to be called in during the operation.

What this means is poor people may be paying a lot but still cannot afford to go to the doctor. This makes the service useless to the patient, it justprotects hospitals because they get at least a protion of every bill - what happens is poor people knowing they cant afford to go to the doctor or the hospital dont, until they have an acute medical emergency. Which is often because of something they should have gone to the doctor but didnt because they had to pay rent and buy food for the baby at least. They may literally be starving themselves.

Where does that money go? It goes to lowering RICH PEOPLES BILLS. And it does significantly.

This is why politicians who set up these tricks should be treated like their bretheren the Nazi doctors were at Nuremberg. Because its the same thing and its killing millions of poor people.

The rule I was told was that if you have anything special (preexisting) to talk about, you had to make a new (non free) appointment to talk about that no matter how brief.