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After Supreme Court Guts Expansion of Mail-In Voting in Wisconsin, Fears Grow of Similar Rulings in Pennsylvania and North Carolina

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/after-supreme-court-guts-expansion-mail-voting-wisconsin-fears-grow-similar-rulings

The fact that the Republican Party is so desperate to suppress Democratic, votes should tell everyone that when the late George Carlin said: " if voting mattered it would be illegal" George was right because the Republican Party is doing all it can to make voting for anyone but Trump…ILLEGAL!

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Did not have time to edit my post on this thread. The last line should have read: It looks like voting against Trump this year does matter…George.

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No excuses: you live in these states you need to hand deliver your ballot.

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Just comply with the damn rules and get your ballots in on time. To hell with the Supremes,
if you cannot comply with existing rules you are too stupid and lazy to vote.

That makes sense except for some who CAN’T get there to drop off or show up on Nov.3rd. I hope those folks have the where-for-all to call a friend or neighbor to drop a ballot off or give them a ride on voting day.
With a third of votes already cast there will still be long lines in republican run districts.

Is it time for a little anarchy? Or do we wait beyond the killing of jobs, small businesses, and tens of thousands killed by covid through WH negligence?

What is this, the “price is right?” The next group that is to be crushed, “Come on Down.”

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