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After Surprise Visit to DMZ, Pence Tells North Korea 'All Options Are on the Table'


After Surprise Visit to DMZ, Pence Tells North Korea 'All Options Are on the Table'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Seemingly unabashed after North Korea's warning last week of an imminent "thermonuclear war," Vice President Mike Pence once again engaged in saber-rattling against the country on a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea on Monday.


Don't test the resolve of our leader? I'm sorry but which side said that? Such language is freaking bizarre to hear being used in a nuclear age. Their guy is psychologically unstable and our guy is psychologically unstable, so how about reminding them both that people don't agree with their uncompromising egos.

Suddenly we have this Cold War frenzy reoccurring after what? Three months! The world doesn't need this crap! Meanwhile Trump brings us to brinkmanship almost casually all the while rejecting our laws and constitution. Conflicts of interest? Well yeah but what about North Korea he says. Yeah right!

Trump is the worst. Absolutely the worst.


Just remember, our new fuehrer of the most powerful military in the world is not about to put up with another fuehrer, unless it is a puppet fuehrer.
* Also remember that he has stated what "My Military" has done.
* I'm afraid "There's gonna be trouble in River City."


Bomber jacket? Playing dress up are we? Uniform psychology... Grown men, who appear to have one foot in the grave, still clinging to an article of clothing to draw strength from. Does this strike anyone as an inappropriate tradition in general? You know, beyond the intended use of this "garment posturing" to entice a feeble public to war. The narrative goes something like this: "War is devastating, maybe not to the people who make the decision to wage it, but here is a sweet leather jacket..shiny huh?." ..... where are the aviator sunglasses? not serious enough? This entire photo-op is a stage, the Generals looking to a scowling Pence like he's got their nuts in his back pocket. Showmanship in lieu of ability. The scene wrecks of poorly written daytime TV. Bravo Mr. Trump! Bravo Mr. Pence! Mister??? Wouldn't it be great if we had a Dr. President. But too many insecure underachievers would probably be intimidated by a doctor.."Oh-No a person capable of abstract thought!"


It's no surprise to me that Pence went to the DMZ today, after God failed to make Korea ground zero of the Rapture on Easter Sunday. He was there to give God another chance, using Kim as the trigger for thermonuclear armageddon. Note that Pence took "Mother" along on this oddly timed junket, while djt went to the relative "safety" of Mar-al-Ego.

Along with the note that the US first brought nukes to Korea, let's remember that it was the victorious US that split Korea with its WWII in Asia ally, the USSR. China didn't take kindly to that (nor did the long-colonized Koreans) and moved in to move the Soviets out. It was they (China) who backed the North Korean troops then and now. I wonder if that's part of the history on which Xi schooled djt in their so-differently-reported phone call after the pissing contest while Xi was captive in Florida. Every Korean I've ever spoken to, including when I visited the chilling DMZ, wants reunification and is quite unconcerned with "beating" Kim.

Between the two, the apocalypticist VP and the cult-of-personality seeker, this is all very, very scary, and the Koreans are being used as much by us in the South as by Kim in the North.


Hey, I remember "surprise visits". Everyone remember when Bush's peeps would do the "surprise visit"? What stupid statement. As if it's going to make people snap too or something. Ooohhh noooes, it's a surprise visit, hurry pick everything up. The Man is coming lol


The aviator glasses had been checked out (and not yet returned) by Kushner for his waltz into Iraq. And the only war that Pence has participated in is that against all women, LGBTQ youth and adults while spewing evangelical exudate: i.e., imprisonment for exercising their right to choose (women) and forced conversion therapy (and camps) for LGBTQ folks. DJT's Igor....

The world shudders with the dawning of each day knowing that the vengeful, tyrannical demagogue, DJT will unleash yet another assault on humanity and the world seeking only to show all just how powerful he thinks he is. All his perceived "victories" are pyrhhic.


With that jacket on, am I to guess that Pence is going to lead our forces against North Korea, right? No? Oh, I forget, they only send the cannon fodder to fight while they stay home, dine, and eventually collect their pensions.


Pence is worse than Trump, what a clown. Who does he think he is claiming "Don't test the resolve of our leader"? Pence is the brunt of a bad joke, a total looser.


Supposedly the family of diplomatic staff in Seoul are being evacuated. Hope thats wrong


If so, would be a big surprise. I've seen photos from 2 sources of the entire family Pence (at least "Mother" plus daughter and granddaughter) at the DMZ.

  1. Where did you hear that staff families were being removed?

  2. How many Pences did we pay to send on this tour? Have we ever before sent VP families on tour, especially to hold-your-breath hotspots?

Yes, I heard mention tonight (NBC) that Pence's father served during the Korean War. But I can see no reason, other than the Rapture, for an evangelical VP to be sent off on Easter weekend with his whole family to dare Kim Jong Il to call God down to get them. I am appalled and embarrassed for my faith.


There is no news (of evacuation of US Embassy personnel) beyond PR prattle on the website of US Embassy in S Korea. There is an article that attempts to substantiate his Mrs.(and daughters) traveling with: 04/14/17 – Second Lady Karen Pence to travel to the Asia-Pacific Region to Highlight Art Therapy and Recognize Military Service Members (https://kr.usembassy.gov/news-events/page/2/) Bet that cost more than most Americans make in a decade or two.... Probably just one of many family junkets for the Pence pack. (WTF: Highlight Art Therapy???...just Skype the BS)


Yeah, apparently 2 daughters, Audrey and Charlotte, and they're along for the whole ride. Only place I could find them identified is


Pence would be a good name for one of our British politicos.


Pence: " Don't test the resolve of our leader."

Let me rephrase that for you Mr. Pence:

Don't test the resolve of your leader. Trump is not "our leader" he is not my leader or the leader of millions of Americans!


Don't blame him. He expected to be in heaven by that time, his bomber jacket lying empty next to "Mother's" dress.


Just asking: If there were a world wide poll of which country is the most dangerous, North Korea or the U.S. ... And which country has the most crazy, insane leader...which country would get the most votes?


Trump. " My military".

Yeah Trump sounds like some tin pot, dictator in a Banana Republic. Oh wait! That is exactly what ( not my prez) Trump is!


Just seeing a NYT headline that the carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike force, which the WH (apparently Spicer, now blaming Mattis) cited as "a deterrent" to NKorean misbehavior, was actually on its way away from the Sea of Japan, into the Indian Ocean for joint exercises with the Australians. Wonder if Pence will visit on the other end of his family tour and disrupt another military practice.


They certainly are not "fashion plates" as seen in current photos (in SK) as well as appearing on TV schlumping down Pennsylvania Ave on inauguration day smiling and waving at non-existent "crowds" in empty stands. Welcome to the late '50's...those white gloves are laughable.... Perhaps the Mrs and the girls could take a lesson or two from Ivanka, Melania or retain a fashion consultant...they have the money (but not the brains).