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After Swearing It Wouldn't, FBI to Help Unlock Other Apple Devices


After Swearing It Wouldn't, FBI to Help Unlock Other Apple Devices

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Though the FBI claimed for months it was only concerned with unlocking the iPhone of the suspected San Bernardino shooter in its legal battle with Apple, the bureau just agreed to help Arkansas prosecutors break into an iPhone and iPod belonging to two murder suspects.

"This case was never about one phone," Evan Greer, campaign director for the digital rights group Fight for the Future, told Common Dreams on Thursday. "It was always about the FBI's pursuit of a dangerous precedent that would have made us less safe, not more safe."


The FBI, CIA, all the intelligence gathering agencies are just a bunch of liars. I would never trust their word on anything.


Apple is evil; cell phone addiction ruins (young) lives. Toss them in the trash and get a life!


The profits will go to whatever company sells unlockable cell phones.

Who could have more to hide than the powerful?


Terrorists and murderers forfeit their rights when they commit these crimes. The phones should be unlocked by the FBI but only the FBI and they should never hand out the codes that will do it.


People knew this about government agencies and should have give it more though before allowing the treasonous patriot act to destroy our privacy rights out of fear.