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After Sweeping Nevada, Trump Declares: 'I Love the Poorly Educated'



Yes, of course, politicians love the "poorly-educated".......so easy to get by on cobwebs and lies.

"Sanders surges in West Virginia, as one-time favorite Clinton falters"

"A REPASS research poll on Monday showed Sanders sweeping West Virginia with support among 57 percent of Democratic respondents. Clinton, who bested Obama in the state by a 42-point margin in 2008, only netted 27 percent"



As a WV resident, that is unexpected but good news. Maybe my Bernie 2016 hat has had an impact after all.


Saw ohio in 2004. Worse


"I love the poorly educated". No surprise here, ignorant people for an ignorant candidate, great match.


At the end, Citizen Trump will whisper "Idiocracy."


So a little "what if ?" here: if Trump is the Republican candidate and Clinton cons her way to the other spot how long do you think Clinton is going to hold to her new-found populism and the persona she's wearing now? I didn't say promises, because she makes none, once you sort through her equivocations. As she and her blind navigators try to figure which way to tack under Trump's attacks, there's no telling what bullshit she'll come up with.

The democrat race isn't over as some pundits have pointed out. The drumbeat that it is over, is just that; the establishment drum majors telling everyone to get in line and parade to our own betrayal.


The descriptive "human windsock" for Hillary's "positions" comes immediately to mind......


It looks like the blue collar workers are going to have control of the Republican Party. Large numbers of Republicans will not vote for Trump if he is the nominee. But in a general election he might be able to get enough independents to cause trouble for the Democrats. I think the Republicans strongest candidate in a general election would be John Kasich but he seems to be going nowhere. Perhaps not surprisingly, in a match-up poll in Ohio against Clinton and Sanders that was released today he leads both by wide margins.


Clinton's initials should not be HRC, they should be HEC, Hillary Equivocations Clinton.


This country is now reaping what it has sowed for the past four decades: Donald Trump's candidacy. This is the result of defunding and privatizing public education. Failing to teach people to think critically has "huuuge" impacts.


Well hell! SO DO THE DEMOCRATS! lol


"A number of Super PACs have reportedly lined up millions of dollars specifically to launch a strategic campaign against him.": perhaps they will donate to HRC??


HRC's are far worse. They actually have the advantage of knowing her track record, what she'll do and is capable of. What do you call that exactly?


We can also thank the democrats for the popularity of Trump. They elected a President Obama with hope and change and we got bigger banks, bigger corporations, more bureaucracy, a healthcare for big insurance and pharma but more people covered, a bigger revolving door, more wars and more terrorists, an educated voter who has no money invested in the waring machine knows that drones and killing civilians created more terrorists.

Feeling the Bern but the whole of the democratic pundits are out to get him and put him down as a loon like Trump so we will possibly get Clinton dynasty family again.


The PTB in the Donkey Party seem to ignore the visceral hatred those on the right have for all things Clinton.

I've had more than one conservative state they will vote Bernie if Trump gets the nod but they will never vote for a Clinton.


Who lead? Trump? That is terribly hard to believe.


How much more arguing back and forth between blue this and red that before we as a collective of individuals come to realize the truth, -we've been had-? Look around you. If you like what you see, praise Obama and the Democrats. If you don't like what you see, blame the voting apparatus from the beginning. These are your choices and if anyone reading these words are disgruntled to where this country and world is @ this point in time I have one thing to say to you: "how is this voting thing working so far?"


Prediction... if (or arguably when) Clinton gets the nomination, many here will call for voting for the certifiably fascist (lunatic version of Marine LePen) Trump.

Yeah, wonderful....


the angry white folks voting for trump are the lost in the woods demos that went to the republicans in the 60's. Bernie's job to lead them back.