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After Talking to Washington Post about Low Wages, Hotel Worker Fired



Could be a lawsuit here. The hotel manager seems to have foolishly connected the termination to the newspaper interview. Does not this punish the Days Inn worker for exercising free speech? Perhaps the manager's punitive action could be a policy that might go back to the owners of the hotel chain..


I hope the Washington Post is going to support this brave lady.
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"Tippen’s experiences reflects a more realistic picture: a slight help for poor workers, but not the game-changer that politicians promise."

True,$.25/hour doesn't make much difference, but $15.00/hour would be more than double her rate when she was fired. Evidence is that significantly increasing the minimum wage also significantly improves the economy.


With the new legislation (akin to the Indiana law) recently passed in Arkansas, Days Inn could feasibly refuse to rehire the worker that exercised free speech and revealed despicable treatment of the motel's employees...by claiming that their (Days Inn) religious beliefs prevent them from bringing her back because she looked like a lesbian.

Where is loving-kindness in this nation...locked in a closet by corporate hegemony and its/their insatiable greed and lust for profits.


Unfortunately not. In most states of the USA, an employee can be hired and fired at will for any reason or no reason at all - the only exceptions being race, sex, religion or national origin. The only protected speech in the context of employment is speech associated with just certain kinds union organizing activity - and it is a long hard fight getting ones job back after getting fired for union organizing even then.

The First Amendment only protects speech from actions of a government, not a private employer. And I see no basis for any kind of lawsuit either. When you go to work for a capitalist boss, you check your rights at the door at your first day of work.


No, they won't support her. First and foremost, the WaPo supports capitalism and its holy doctrine of "employment at will" which in their eyes is a far more important "freedom" and "right" that a piss-ant worker's non-existent right to not starve or freeze to death.

They will simply tell the woman that she should have known this would happen - tough luck!


Of course the WP ends with this, "Tippen’s experiences reflects a more realistic picture: a slight help for poor workers, but not the game-changer that politicians promise." Why doesn't the WP state the obvious, the a 25 cent wage is slap in the face, that what is needed is at least 15 dollar per hour wage, something closer to but not quite reaching a living wage. The whole system of capitalism is doing exactly what it is designed to do--to profit from the surplus labor of workers in ever-increasing ways to maximize profit. I had a good factory job from 1973 to 1982, and I made on average 11 dollars an hour. Here we are 33 years later and someone is getting paid 7.50 an hour. It's criminal. Capitalism i crushing both democracy and the working class, the latter a term no one likes to use these days. It needs to go, particularly if we want a sustainable world, a future for our grandchildren and beyond. It's a no-brainer really.


Yes, it would seem that even Mr. Patel wants free money. He would love not to have to pay his employees any wages at all!


It worse than this. In another article Mr Patel indicates he did not seek Ms Tippen out to speak to nor did Ms Tippen offer to be interviewed.

The journalist approached that same manager and it was that MANAGER who suggested he speak with Ms Tippen about that raise. The manager was more upset that the journalist included his quote on "everyone wants free money".