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After Telling Moderator Climate Question 'Misses the Mark,' Sanders Says Real Issue Is Will We 'Save the Planet for Our Children and Grandchildren'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/19/after-telling-moderator-climate-question-misses-mark-sanders-says-real-issue-will-we


What would a REAL leader do about climate change? You just got the answer!


Cairo, Illinois on the Mississippi river may be a model for discussing future movement of peoples away from higher water levels.

This is the poorest city in Illinois. The people are black. About four years ago, the river flooded and the army corp of engineers flooded farm fields downstream to save this city.
Millions of dollars of food were ruined in these farm fields.

The general came on TV and took the heat for this decision. What he did not disclose was that the people had previously been offered, at no cost to them - moving the whole city up to higher ground by USA taxpayer. They refused !!!

The general covered Obama’s a$$ on this decision. Hope he got another star but i think he already had four. Which is way too many in my book for any of the current army.


Sanders and Warren in 2020 for the win.

Biden is being propped up by a biased media but Warren sounded intelligent and Amy did great but it doesn’t really seem like she has a chance to win but Bernie didn’t get enough time imo. I sure wish he’d start telling us the how details. The details of what he would actually do and a bit less about the why it should be done. The two women won this debate.


“Thank You Bernie Sanders.”

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The takeaway is that Congress serially funds “defense” at higher levels than the Pentagon requests.

The Pentagon knows how much it needs to run the military. Congresscritters know how much they need to spend on graft and pork barrel projects that don’t provide any defense but keep the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) money flowing into their campaign war chests and K Street gigs that they get when they leave Congress.

If all we needed to fund was basic defense there would be ample funding for M4A and other “domestic” programs that Congress keeps insisting we cannot afford.


Give me a break with the Paris Climate agreement. Pathetically short, annoying that any of those people pretend it would be tons to address an issue that requires radical changes.


Perhaps Congress is in reality funding a secret project to build an entire city deep inside the Earth that could withstand a Nuclear Armageddon, Severe Climate Catastrophe, and any other form of threat to humans on the surface.

Of course this would probably be unknown to the Congresscritters, and reserved only for the super-rich.

Your point is well taken. However, the people with enough disposable $$$ ( to choose their future somewhat ) are also going to need the " why ? " answered before the " how? " is entertained, in the serious ( dire ) way Sen. Sanders posed it back to the moderator/Politico.
The main reason ( in sales and marketing (( politickin’)) people don’t buy into what your offering is, fear of loss overpowers and dissuades the very human desire of, hope for gain. I could bore you with exhaustive studies of this truth, but I won’t.
Apply this concept of marketing to the dire warnings of scientists regarding climate change. Slowing rolling, the snowball gains velocity and mass, inexorably and ultimately, crushing everything in its’ path. The avalanche ( climate change ) hits the global village, so to speak.
The hope for gain here is, of course, the avoidance of disruption and some degree of real chaos. The loss will be, of course, some degree of autonomy and self-actualization, of course.
Sen. Sanders knows this is a primary and sounds the general alarm. The fire department will offer help and wisdom deciding how best to put out the fire, so to speak.
Sens. Warren and Klobachur did fine. I’m not sure winning this debate is much of a measuring stick as to who is actually winning.


True that. The DoD needs (?) $620 Billion and the politicians give them $740 Billion.
Go figure.


“but similar investments are not made”
Jon, this is not what Bernie said and not what Bernie means. He’s not positing parallel investments in war and climate. He said INSTEAD OF.

Kudos also to Bernie for knocking on the wall of the DNC for dissing the timidity of the debate question.


Maybe we should go one step further and ask the obvious question: Why is it almost impossible to find a single american parent who cares even in the slightest way about their children and grandchildren’s’ futures, why is the religious population particularly unconcerned in this area, and supposing you could find said individuals after a lifelong and desperate search, then why are they in the less than 5% minority?


We should exile every one of them to their darkened cave right now, along with their even more worthless counterparts in the senate, judiciary, and executive branches, then forge this un-flushed turd of a country they have ruthlessly destroyed into something we have a chance of surviving in.

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Bernie’s disciplined “staying on message” is beginning to come across in the debates as a tape recording. This repetition of stock phrases is beginning to be detrimental, in my view. First, by ducking specific questions far too often, Bernie gives the impression that he doesn’t HAVE a response to those questions. Secondly, the stock phrases interfere with him appearing more flexible, conversational, and approachable, and instead cast him in the role of a stentorian ideologue. I say these things as as firm Bernie supporter who is actively working for him. And he doesn’t call out people on stage who are (hypocritically) stealing his lines. I know that positions and poplicies are more important than personality, but Bernie should find a way to appear more comfortable and supple while making his points.

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The trouble is that Sanders is up against the whole economic system down to its foundations. It is not a matter of the GND introducing some regulations and legislation but the need for a fundamental change - the abolition of capitalism itself. It is no wonder that the media centers the issue to be one of merely reflect tinkering measures.


“The problem with the Green New Deal is that it promises to change everything while keeping everything the same.”


“In fighting to survive as a species in a bearable climate, we are ultimately up against the mindless and heartless ‘growth machine’ that has come to dominate our world. Socialists call this machine capital . Endless expansion is intrinsic to capital, which Marx defined as ‘self-expanding value.’ Capital is an inhuman and anti-human machine…”


I agree- the point in the “debate” where Sander’s says this resonated with me quite a bit. In fact he said a lot of things tonight that stood out. I like that Sanders juxtaposed the clash between environmental commitment/spending and military spending.

But I also agree with Chomsky- in this country it is hard to see a Sanders winning the nomination, beating Trump and governing with widespread support. Perhaps I am succumbing to the cynicism Sander’s warned about.

Lastly and least importantly- Buttigieg- and his facility in attack, smug nature and non-committal policies fails to impress. To me he does not evoke empathy or sincerity. And his mental dexterity and sharp intellect- when it is used to attack- falls flat and is unconvincing.


Much of Australia is burning. Millions of acres have burned and it continues unabated with no chance of any sort of human control. Temperatures are averaging 105°F daily across the continent. Some areas are cooler, others are recording temperatures over 120°F. A drought has been ongoing, and the whole country is extremely dry and brown. There is no green. The smallest spark will set a tree ablaze. Smoke covers the entire country. The atmosphere is toxic. There is no end in sight.

If global warming wasn’t a hoax I’d be worried.

Drill, baby, drill.

I drive a car and heat my home with fossil fuels.

I am a hypocrite.

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Not so farfetched with 21 trillion dollars unaccounted for and the general populous says ho hum. 21 trillion dollars. No one blinks an eye.


I think you have a point. E.g. I think his answers on the race and LGBTQ questions were contrived and a bad look. Just answer the damn question, as Benjamin Dixon said.

In their pre-debate show the bullpen of reporters admitted that climate change was the issue, by a good distance, that Democratic primary voters wanted to hear about. Then they moved climate change to third place in the order of questions and they tried to ask as few questions about it as possible, and to change the subject.

This tactic sounded remarkably like the troll advertising agency that regularly posts on this comments forum under pseudonyms.