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After Ten Months, Will Congress Finally Be Forced to Debate the War on ISIS?


After Ten Months, Will Congress Finally Be Forced to Debate the War on ISIS?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A small group of bipartisan congressional representatives on Thursday introduced legislation calling for the withdrawal of the U.S. military from Iraq and Syria, in a surprise move that could, for the first time, force a real debate on the 10-month-old war on ISIS.


What does Bibi want?


I read that in 9 months 10000 ISIS soldiers have been killed that would be approximately 35 killed each day. I think that is enough death to warrant a discussion.


No politician will risk their cushy job to the accusation that “you failed to protect us from an attack”.
Politicians now spend over one trillion public dollars/year to protect their jobs and legacy.
That’s money that does next to nothing to protect us, but does a lot to oppress us.

Money that could provide jobs for the unemployed in fixing our crumbling infrastructure.
Money that could give us high speed trains.
Money that could give free healthcare and education to all.
Money not used for making weapons to kill people.
Money not used to fatten war profiteers.
Money not used to employ people to kill others for International bankers.
Money not used not destroy the global environment for Wall Street profits.

Politicians are the problem.

Electronic Direct Democracy


You wired it! Good on ya!


Thank you for summing it up, Nature Boy. How tragic that we are squandering precious resources on bribery, war profits, and destruction!


One of the things that seems to be locked in the closet is the fact that the USA (probably CIA) created, funded and armed ISIS to use them to get rid of Assad. The US also helped or allied with Al Qaeda for the same purpose. Now, it seems to have come home to bite them.

  • Unfortunately for the world, US policy seems to be that anybody who opposes US policy, or objects to invasion of their country, killing of their citizens, destruction of towns, villages, croplands, is automatically a "terrorist," or an ***“insurgent”***, to be killed or captured and tortured.
  • Isn’t it just possible that the rest of the world is finally getting tired of the Fascist Empire of the United States and its Fourth Reich policies? US allies are down to just a few fascist or fascist leaning governments, and poor nations who can be bribed or threatened into support.
  • As happened in 1939, perhaps soon the world will get tired of this and wipe us out, as it did Hitler’s Nazis.
  • Frankly, if the world were to extend its successful BDS program directed at Israel to the United States as well, this whole thing could be solved with little or no more bloodshed.
  • I think the world is beginning to awaken. We can only hope so.


While I haven’t seen the report here ( or I missed it ) a Reuters story says that since 1996 the DoD cannot account for over $7 Trillion dollars in spending. They even have DoD auditors being interviewed saying they were buried in contractual paperwork and, so completely flustered, they just made up quarterly reports to balance the books. They did this sleight of hand on orders from higher-ups. If this is remotely on point it would be a violation of Congress’s duty not to act immediately on this gross negligence. What is going on here? That’s about 25% of all spending since 1996 and we legally and morally need to know if the DoD is funding both sides of the MENA wars. Talk about war authorizations, troop withdrawals and being gobsmacked Where did all this money go, dammit?


I think they must have accidentally deposited into my bank account. Three days ago, the balance went from $75 to $7trillion and $75. I hope they dont want it all back.


Representative McGovern is my representative. I am on Barbara Lee’s mailing list (I was born in Berkeley, California). Walter Jones is very interesting and new to me.

In fantasy fiction we often analyze a rational social ecology and its sustainable economy. In reality, we live in a fantasy system made up of piranha pirate corporatists willing to commit any atrocity to get more faster and grow to infinity on a finite planet first.

Imagine how much stronger America will be if we follow the brave and intelligent path these three offer.

Thank you.


How much can you withdraw on a 24 hour basis? You might be at it awhile buy a big lunch bucket. Get back to me in 21,000 years, give or take; promise?


“Obama has so far waged the war without any congressional authorization under the widely contested claim that his authority to do so is covered by the expansively interpreted 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, passed in the wake of the September 11th attacks.”

Perhaps it would be more effective to introduce A Bill in the House that would take these powers away from this war mongering juvenile of A president-
Not one fkng thing of any good came out of the rush to “Protect” America after 9-11- Just A bunch of unread knee jerk changes to our Liberties and allocation of power to any fascist war mongering leader that decided he wanted to drone, bomb and mutilate for territory and resources that our Corporations lust after-
The American people need to somehow-someway take their power back- 53 cents on the dollar going to these war crazy bastards when 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry at night, every night- Jesus fkn Chist, enough is enough!


Deleted by me for now…


Be careful what you wish for- Remember what happened to that Naval accounting office in the Pentagon and also building #7 on 9-11 the day after Donald Rumsfeld announced some 2.3 TRILLION$$$ missing from the Pentagon budget- These two completely obliterated locations contained all of the records of this “missing” money…Intentional consequences sure comes to mind here…


They shot the Kennedy’s over their opposition to Vietnam and war spending, they fired missiles at the Pentagon on 911 to say they lost accounting, they have killed millions, they have turned ancient civilizations into rubble, they have made millions more homeless, they have sent tens of thousands of Americans to their early deaths and have made hundreds of thousands of Americans disabled, can you guess who THEY are?


And then the French capitulated towing the neocon line


" tell Mike it was nothing personal, it was just business. "


Alas not!. Facism has won this round and is incredibly more powerful than its previous incarnations. This time round there is no bigger nation to come to the rescue, so it will be messy as the change will need to come from within. Which is particularly dangerous as this time round even the thought of changing the regime will land you into trouble, and yes the thought police does exist.


excerpted from the book
The Hidden Evil
The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Civilian Population
by Mark M. Rich

Robert Gaylon Ross author of ‘Who’s Who of the Elite’
[The international ruling elite] decide when wars should start, how long they should last, when they should end, who will and will not participate, the changes in boundaries of countries resulting from the outcome of these wars, who will lend the money to support the war efforts, and who will lend the money to rebuild the countries after they have been destroyed by war.
They own the central banks such as the Federal Reserve System in the US, and similar organizations in all major countries throughout the world, and therefore are in a position to determine discount rates, prime rates … [and] what countries should receive loans (guaranteed by the taxpayers of the respective countries).

They decide who will be allowed to run for the offices of President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Governor General, or other names applied to the leaders of all major countries around the world. [They] directly or indirectly own all the major news media, and can therefore tell the public exactly what they want them to hear, and deny the public information they do not want them to see, hear, or read.


Bibi wants to address another US special session of Congress, this time in Gaza.

Objecting Congressmen can check in, but they can’t check out…