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After Terror Attack at Oslo Mosque, What if Trump Spoke About White Supremacists the Way He Does Islam?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/11/after-terror-attack-oslo-mosque-what-if-trump-spoke-about-white-supremacists-way-he


Bizzarre ??

El trumpo re-tweet yesterday suggesting Clinton’s helping out Epstein.

Steve Miller is likely the advisor who diminishes Islam, Arabs, Persians, Mexicans, Black peoples.

NSC John Bolton leads the parade for a new war - against Iran, North Korea or China. His plan ‘B’ is against the combined Hungarian-Slovak-Czech Navy. Even NATO will join in that one.

Lemme see if I got this… A young, white man in body armor with shotguns attacks a mosque, and is rapidly taken down by a single, unarmed, 75 year-old congregant. I would say the “supremacy” in this case is decidedly on the side of the congregant!


Our schools have a SRO, school resource officer, inside with pistol. Has 90 days training. Yet, has access to the students school records, files. As I view it, he is not qualified for this authority. That is why we have a principal.
I would replace this guy with rifle armed veterans, outside. One in front and one in back. Pay them $10 per hour cash. From 6 AM until last student goes home. Hours can be 2 on or 4. Plenty of rotation.
Yes, grandpa can still do the job protecting our youts, teachers. All weather.