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After the Lockdown, the Jailbreak

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/07/after-lockdown-jailbreak


Picture this scenario: Bernie had not yet again been chased out of the race so the markets would be less (artificially) re-inflated, true reform would be on the table, and Progressive policies with viable funding mechanisms identified would be elucidated (Bernie’s a master at that). The Orange Pustule would be even more in the hole, Bernie would not be hiding in his basement and would in spirit have already taken the mantle of president.


Robert Shetterly shows keen sensitivity to the poetic symbolism referenced in the history we see. For someone learning to channel anger into whopping whiffs of truth, Shetterly shows how:

Isn’t that the trope Trump was channeling? White supremacy holding up the Bible to justify slavery, lynching and Jim Crow; men holding up the Bible to justify dominating women; corporations holding up the Bible to sanctify the destruction of nature; creationists holding up the Bible to disprove evolutionary science; militarists holding up the Bible proclaiming that God loves war; prigs holding up the Bible to command sexual conformity.


I 'am glad you picked up on that paragraph , no truer words have ever been spoken…In other words Beliefs create Behaviours .

Instead of challenging the behaviours of those in power we must challenge their Beliefs, this is the fast track of evolution as we cannot solve the problems at the level of behaviour .

After you change a belief, the behaviour will change by itself.

Spiritual arrogance is what has caused us our greatest sorrow as a species , using old books to justify barbaric behaviours . You will give up everything just so you can be right ,willing to give up Life itself.
Time to transcend the old beliefs .Its been slowing our evolutionary process for millennia this stubborn tendency of human beings to cling to their past. We think we are being terrorized by other people , but in truth we are being terrorized by our beliefs.

This is what we must change if we are ever to realize our dream of living in peace ,harmony and happiness.


You put it so very well, thank you. My own activism hobby-horse for years – decades – has been the Climate Catastrophe: incredibly frustrating because it’s “only beliefs” or maybe our values (more or less the same thing) implacably blocking practical action toward survival, toward preserving the viability of Life on Earth. The problem being: Nobody knows how beliefs, values, personalities, beings, get moved from point A to point B: the age-old mystery called Metamorphoses, which fascinated Ovid.

Here’s a clue: Whatever happens, it happens both deep inside and collectively. The experience, of excruciatingly witnessing George Floyd’s nine-minute strangulation, probed to buried treasures of conscience inside. The experience, of sharing a public demand for dignity, filled reservoirs of hidden strength. Suddenly everyone changed their mind, for once. It’s possible – What do you know?

That’s the feeling behind my hunch the Floyd Rebellion could really be a turning point.


Yes I think your on the money ,when critical mass around an idea gets raised the change happens all at once like water boiling in a kettle a few bubbles surface then suddenly its all boiling.
From what I have read its only 2-3% that we need to reach to start the domino effect.

I think we are there this time, I think we are going to go through or are going through the Overhaul of Humanity. A birthing event of sorts ,a jump time in our evolutionary process ,necessary as we can’t go on as we have been life will not let us .We could Create Hell on Earth if we keep going on as we do.

namaste brother ,its time for repair not despair .Your doing your bit raising consciousness to change consciousness .I guess we can only work on the individual level changing our own beliefs about who we are and what we are all doing here . We can support others in the causes that are close to our heart. Mine is Hemp and the amazing potential of this plant .So many wonderful uses to help sustain humanity and the planets resources,.
It reverses the greenhouse effect at the same time.


Nice to hear from an old activist. I remember the turmoil of the 60’s and we got the Civil Rights Act out of it. Sadly it didn’t end the 'Nam. Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers expose, as a whistleblower, disclosed all the lies by the government and eventually ended the disaster known as the 'Nam. We also lost Nixon in the process.

We have all sorts of problems all congealing at the same time. Police violence, especially on people of color, environmental disaster, the c-virus pandemic and lock-down, etc. The general strife of most Americans that have become more marginalized with every new administration that has taken office over the last 40+ years has boiled over into demonstrations and riots. Will anything be done? That’s the real question. So far nothing has been proposed as legislation to help remedy the current situation. And maybe it won’t. Then what? That’s the real question and speculating on that at this time is pointless. I’m watching though.

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