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After the Paris Attacks: Live News Should Challenge Narratives, Not Desperately Try to Create Them



Exactly right, Mr Christensen. But for this to happen, the ownership of the mass media would have to change, so that their minions in front of the camera wouldn't grovel to please their masters. Incidentally, to buttress the author's thesis, I was watching the France 24 English-language live feed last night as events unfolded. As I live in France and speak French, I tried desperately to tune in the French-language live feed, but no dice. Blank screen. Back to the English page, and the pundits bring on Middle East "expert" and Christian Lebanese ur-neocon, Walid Phares, a bullhorn for the "clash of civilisations" thesis. How does this shed light on the situation? Who told the robotic talking heads to put that demon on the air? Here is the problem in a nutshell.


If Nietzsche were alive, he would remark that journalism is dead--and we killed it.


The US led war on terror is akin to a cartoon how an elephant panics when it sees a mouse.Stomping and crushing everything around but the mouse
Our leaders are too corrupt, fraudulent & disfunctional to effectively prosecute this war, they have personally enriched themselves & profiteered on taxpayer dollars, they canot be trusted with the lives of our soldiers or the wealth of our nations.They have committed mass murder, torture & the biggest heist in the history of the world.
We need the best & brightest leadership available which our failed leaders clearly are not.They have no vision & they fucked up.
It's high time for leadership that has a moral compass!


I like Mr. Christensen's work but he seems to be laboring under the pretense that the media today is involved with journalism. Since he mentioned memory I have to say that here in the US of Amnesia our propagandists lost no time in trotting out all those old familiar faces that explained to us, the ignorant powerless rabble, that crime against humanity known as the invasion of Iraq. And as I flipped between the major propaganda dispensers I couldn't help noticing that right before commercial breaks they promised to show us pictures of the dead bodies just as soon as they were available.

"And now a word from our sponsors..." Lockheed, Exxon, Boeing, BP, Raytheon...


Thank you, Mr. Christensen. The times are rank full of disinformation so it's impossible even for discerning minds/viewers to separate the bull-shit from what's true. Also, with false flags so useful to decimating dissent and establishing authoritarian rules (as wars are waged on for the profit of a few well-positioned sociopaths) it's impossible to know if a "terrorist" event of this sort was staged by the CIA, Mossad, MI6 or some other covert organization.

Look at the timing: Europe needs a pretext for stemming the tide of refugees. What better excuse for closing borders than a "terrorist" attack and along with it, the redi-made pabulum offered not just to form memory, but to create THE first impression. First impressions are very difficult to overcome:

"In one of the most egregious cases right after the Paris mass murder, BBC World invited ex-CIA chief James Woolsey into the studio to offer some nuggets of wisdom. He used this platform to offer a mélange of US talking points about terrorism, compounded with the suggestion that the mass influx of refugees from Syria “set the context” for the horrific events in Paris."

"Being a guest on a major TV news program is not an offer to come up with on-the-spot bullshit with a guarantee of immunity from interrogation. It is a position of social and cultural power made available to very few people, and should be treated as such. When someone offers an opinion, even if it is totally wrong, it stays in our heads, filed away as a “legitimate argument” that has entered into the public domain. It’s a little known process called memory."

Those C.D commenters who constantly put the onus on decent citizens for the LIES told often to them fail to recognize the true power of media, lies told often, and the inroads into mind control formulated over the past 70 years by the Deep State's operatives. You know, all those experts on torture and the various and sundry means useful in the art of breaking down human beings and hypothetically wiping their souls clean.


As ever, first come the actual reports, then comes the State Department/CIA spin . . .


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I think that you and other readers who don't fear where Truth takes them, will appreciate this. Ole Dammegard is a very evolved soul and his blueprint to assassinations (as executed by elites, following a virtual blueprint) as well as false flags is powerful stuff:


Right now, as I write, Military Industrial Complex stooge and NBC go-to military commentator, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, is saying on MSNBC that Edward Snowden is to blame on this. I wonder, is McCaffrey still on the payroll of the munitions corporations?

The creep is also calling for us to quit micromanaging special forces operations in Syria- in other words no oversight and no limits to war.


I watched Canadian coverage (cbc.ca) and it was quite different than the warped U.S. version. In Canada they had several academics that discussed what happened in Paris and immediately they pointed to the rising escalation of violence in the ME at the hands of the U.S., France and their allies. They also pointed out that it was probably an 'ISIS inspired group' responding to Frances' decision to participate in the "War on Terror" which revealed how vulnerable all of us are when our governments decide to bomb other sovereign nations.
Meanwhile when I switched to the American networks, it was the usual talking points and a chance for the networks to reinforce the corporate agenda... 'perpetuate the endless war on terror' narrative. No one mentioned "Why" this happened. No one mentioned the role France has had in creating refugees throughout the region with their governments unpopular position to join America in their quest to "bomb them into the stone age!" It's quite scary how easily people are manipulated into hating entire populations abroad with no explanation about what motivated their actions except the tired and worn out answer that "they hate our freedom'.


"Being a guest on a major TV news program is not an offer to come up with on-the-spot bullshit with a guarantee of immunity from interrogation."

That is not for the author of the article to say, since he is not in charge. That is for the OWNERS of the media to say.


It is long. Based on your recommendation I shall bookmark this for later viewing.


Breaking news-and we get all night coverage going into the next day. Why dose this not happen when Gaza is under attack,there could be great commentary and discussion about the Israel and Palestine conflict. Or the recent bombing of the Afghan hospital.And bring it home the killing of Tamir Rice.

The message from the media is that these other issues are less important. And more to the point the media is saying that these people in these conflicts are less than human,not relevant.


Thanks, Sioux. I'll watch this soon.


"After the Paris Attacks: Live News Should Challenge Narratives, Not Desperately Try to Create Them

Just the oligarchy's MSM keeping us scared, manageable, compliant, manipulable and submissive.


Excellent reply Space cadet.


I only read the BBC, CNN, Fox, etc. to see what lies the corporate media are telling on behalf of the elite. All lies, all lies, all lies!


The author outlines 9 points as necessary corrective measures the media needs to apply. But there's one of those points that would encompass all of them. That's his 6th point, which stated...”broadening the selection of guests and experts to include a greater diversity of opinion and perspective”. To include people who understand and write about the media as the institution that it is. These people representing greater diversity would of themselves address the other points the author makes. Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky's seminal and comprehensive work 'Manufacturing Consent' laid this out a quarter of a century ago. So it's well known. (Psst, Chomsky books are well known. We're just not supposed to know that).

For instance, in the author's first point of 'recognizing and addressing the fact that all forms of media — as social, political and economic actors — are part of the story'. But underlying that are the social, political and economic actors pertaining to the media itself and how that effects the telling of a story and its aftermaths. Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine', which should be called the 11th Commandment, reveals how the normal operations and mechanisms the media uses to present news to the public are blasted away for a period of time after events of extreme nature. The usual forces are not at work. The first cousin to this is the manufacturing of something extreme, as were the cases leading up to the Iraq invasion(s). In these situations the usual forces do exist but are even more tightly controlled. This is where the students of 'mass behavior', the Edward Bernays' of the world, have learned to take advantage. The lying and deceptions are hammered home. The public sees and hears little else and the results are not too surprising. Countering with people who know what is going on could not only stop that in its tracks but expose it for what it really is. Of course this elicits ad hominem responses but that just gives more opportunities to expose it.

The propaganda is designed to appear from the view of any single person that they are a small powerless minority. TINA and all that disinformation rot. The opposite is closer to reality. The studies and investigative work of honest, courageous people do exist of course. And like minded folks are in the vast majority. That's not wishful thinking. Long and well established surveying operations, actual industries, have shown that to be absolutely true for a long, long time.

The dark side naturally reads this information as part of their public control armament. They're well aware of it. That's why they never, ever stop their lying fictions. They are the ones in constant fear, the ones who see themselves with their finger in the dyke. Who fear the public becoming aware and active and who will reach out and grab them by the throat. That explains why they never give an inch. A leaky dyke scares them beyond belief. So bring on that greater diversity of opinion and perspective. Of course ownership doesn't want that. But journalists can also take advantage of that period where the 'usual' forces are not in effect. The Shock Doctrine can work both ways.


Journalism lives but is sidelined to places like this, the Intercept, DemocracyNow! . . . The problem is one has to dig for it and only those who are informed do so, leaving the ignorati to the corporate.National Security State propagandists.