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After Thousands of Nameless, Could One US Death Dent 'Kill List' Tactics?


After Thousands of Nameless, Could One US Death Dent 'Kill List' Tactics?

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of Thursday's revelation that the U.S. government, specifically the CIA, killed one American and one Italian hostage held by al-Qaeda in a drone attack in Pakistan earlier this year, will a renewed and possibly elevated debate on the Obama administration's so-called "kill list" or assassination campaign finally break into the mainstream?


Dr. Weinstein was a contract worker for…USAID.


Amerikan exceptionalism: Obama: " I take full responsibility and regret these deaths". If he was not a stooge for the .01% this is what he should have said: " I sincerely regret and take full responsibility for all the civilian innocent men, women and children that I have murdered, in cold blood, since I took office as the President of the US. This latest drone death of a US citizen is regretable; however, he is no more important than so many innocent people that my drone program has murdered. Even though I take full responsibility for these latest drone deaths, I was only doing what I was ordered to do but that still does not exonerate me from being a war criminal.


Is that one of the new bonuses when you win the presidency, you get to make a kill list?


Obama: " Our hearts go out to the families of Dr. Weinstein " .

Total BS! Obama could care less about these latest drone deaths. BO has proved he is just another Presidential stooge, A Sociopath, with no heart. A tin man with no feelings, no conscience and no heart, because BO would rather murder innocent people, than not do what he was selected to do. His only real regret is an American citizen of some importance, was collateral damage.


If you care to research it, Dr. Weinstein was not all that innocent.


I’m working on a screen-play, but could use some help on the best name for the Title:

“Empathy is the hardest emotion for any ‘Actor’ to portray”
“What do drone assassinations and Corexit have in common?”

So, I would ask others for their favored choice on this:

The American people, the 99%, should have more carefully listened and understood what was said by the Bush administration in 2004, and reported by Ron Suskind — in his book, “The 1% Solution”:

“We’re an Empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

[Stage direction: emphasize the difference between “we” and “you”]

But the world has changed since such overt Empire wars worked — “We’re a new style Empire now”, but Obama will never be caught saying this in the new style of Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which only ‘poses’ as, and is HQed in, our former country.

Today, a mere decade later, Empire is different and more evolved (like a cancer) than what Bush and his neocon ‘R’ Vichy party of Empire crudely blurted out.

Today, Empire is highly integrated and much better hidden — and employs a new model of disguise in the neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party, of which Bill Clinton was a first model, but Obama out-does his mentor by a mile in guile and ‘soft’ deceit.

Today, if we define Empire as it should be defined now: “the transfer of all power and wealth to an elite not by force, but now more recently by guile”, then the only difference between the neocon ‘R’ Vichy party and the neoliberal-con’s ‘D’ Vichy party is the manner in which they serve the interests of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire.

Yes, today’s modern Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is all about hiding the ‘negative externality costs’ of all the Empire’s activities; wars, environmental destruction, vast Wall Street looting, spying, fast increasing domestic tyranny, and many more ‘symptom problems’ caused by the undiagnosed Empire Cancer of all Maladies in the body-politic.

Obama is not “facing up to” but ‘covering up for’ the structure that causes all these global assassinations — which is Empire.

Who was dumb enough to believe that every single drone assassination strike would have to be personally reviewed and authorized by the president?

This high tech ‘industrialized’ murder machine is just an improved PR version of Hitler’s earlier Nazi EMPIRE death camp industrialized murder factories, but with a high tech gloss and on a global scale — and being run by the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE only ‘posing’ as, and HQed in, our former country.

The softer function of drones as killing machines is to hide the ‘negative externality costs’ of wars — and more broadly of running an Empire, particularly a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire.

In this respect drones are actually quite similar to BP’s use of Corexit to hide the
‘negative externality costs’ of the same Global Empire’s essential energy machine.

The skills of all the disguised Empire’s sectors in using guile over force of arms are essential elements of “the U.S. state apparatus” that the ruling elite running this DGCEmpire needs to employ in what most still call ‘our country’.

But those drones will be coming ‘home’ as Hannah Arendt presciently warned of the earlier Nazi Empire and all Empires:

“Empire abroad entails tyranny at home” — so don’t be comforted about who “we” is — [oops, change to “are”].

“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an Empire of global capital, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington.” [Caps substituted for italics in original]

Robinson, William I. (2014-07-31). Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity
(p. 122). Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.

[By “U.S. state apparatus”, Robinson means all of the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ sectors of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire —including the highly integrated, but well hidden, six-sectored; corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, and dual-party Vichy-political facade of this Global Empire.]

I know, I know, the play is more than a bit light on dialog, and heavy on narration and stage directions, but that’s also something I could also use help on, eh?

However, I have auditioned some potential ‘actors’ who are available for a 2016 opening, and I have had plenty of deluded ‘subjects’ of the Empire try-out for the Greek chorus, so at least we got that going for us.


Is this you, Alan? From Maine as I recall.
You asked for a preference between these? Now that’s a false dichotomy!

““Empathy is the hardest emotion for any ‘Actor’ to portray”
“What do drone assassinations and Corexit have in common?””
I would suggest for starters that you’d be better off, if you are committed to these words, combining them. For example sticking close to your words: ‘Empathy is the hardest emotion for any drone to assassinate.’
but how about expanding a little,
‘Last (Cor)Exit to Brooklyn’
and then there’s
‘Desire under the Drones’
‘Death of a Drone Salesman’
Like that.
Even better would be a memorable, short and gut wrenching title, such as.
‘Blue Skies Say You Die’

I certainly hope your scriptwriting flows a bit smoother than these title suggestions.
Do you really want a collaborator? Are you open to input or what exactly are you looking for?


It seems from this that when you lose touch with humanity, you don’t just move a little ways offshore but end up no longer in sight of humanity, unable to understand what’s even expected from a decent perspective. This apology, of killing these two, Western assets no doubt, while unwilling to even acknowledge the atrocities that you are killing millions ongoing, is simply depravity.
My stomach turns as I wonder how low can this administration and country go.
Did anyone read John Pilger’s latest about what Australia is doing, right now, to its indigenous people over on Counterpunch? Despicable - the both of them.


4thefuture, thanks for those very creative and humorous titles.

No, I’m not really writing a screen-play on the Empire that has us by the short ones — I’m just looking for different ways to teach and ignite interest in understanding the DGCEmpire before my contract is up in this big human drama of life on earth.


I hears Obama’s “apology” this morning on DN. The upper lack of any indication of sincerity in his voice - which instead dripped with cynicism, absolutely turned my stomach. It was very hard to get up this morning.


Obama CIA drone lovers and US police forces suffer from same sickness.


Mass Murderers ARE, as Mass Murderers Do.
They WILL pay.
I, for one , have offered to Meet Mr O , on The Other Side. and ASSURE his delivery to HELL;
where he may be At Home, or NOT! No Jive Talk will save him.
This I pledge, to God, and the families of all those he has butchered.


Vote D or R? Surely you jest. In California general election, I am more than willing to leave my ballot blank rather than vote for a killer candidate.


When is Obama going to apologize for killing Todashev to shut him up about the supposed Boston Marathon bombers?


BO said he was taking ‘full responsibility’ for the deaths of the hostages. Does that mean he’s going to help raise the children that he orphaned by his Guernica campaign? Yeah, right!


I dunno, but I suspect that most folks in the US don’t care about innocent Arabs or Africans or … even any Americans with “foreign sounding” names … who get whacked, in fact, we prefer to send drones to do it so we don’t have to send "real life"Americans, not to mention, it is, I suspect, a hell of a lot cheaper - and we all know how much Americans value “efficiency”.

Not until we seriously consider uniting under an “All Lives Matter” banner will we get a “serious” discussion about any one of a number of things going, IMO …


Exactly right.


The Amerikan Empire needs to stop this hypocritical, terror, exceptionalism asking God to bless the #1 terrorist nation in the world! That needs to change to: GOD BLESS THE WORLD!

If you asked BO who would Jesus drone? His answer would probably be the same one BO gave to the Reverend Wright:
“I will never forget one of the most powerful things Obama said to me, in my office in April, 2 2008. " You know what your problem is I said what’s that…Obama said you have to tell the truth”.


Yup…and oh! I never heard anything about some kind of recompense to the afflicted families. Did you? Out of Obama and the MIC’s own pockets… Policy change? Not in a pig’s eye. And Amerika sucks it up…no war crimes charges anywhere except for little guys…and Manning is where? For how long? And Petraeus? OMGG…