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After Three Years, The 'Justice' Meted Out To Julian Assange Must End


After Three Years, The 'Justice' Meted Out To Julian Assange Must End

John Pilger

On April 19, Julian Assange, founder and editor, of WikiLeaks had been a refugee in the Ecuadoream embassy in London for three years.

The key issue in his extraordinary incarceration is justice. He has been charged with no crime. The first Swedish prosecutor dismissed the misconduct allegations regarding two women in Stockholm in 2010. The second Swedish prosecutor's actions were and are demonstrably political.


The elites not just in Washington are making an example out of Julian Assange to make it perfectly clear what fate awaits any who dare to leak truths the Empire does not want known. The façade to democratic practices must be maintained in the same way it would seem that a media composed of many channels could not possibly be controlled and under corporate capture. The illusion that the rudiments of Democratic processes (like elections and a free press) are still in place is a lot cheaper and less bloody than “rounding up all the undesirables” and filling camps with dissidents… who are many millions now, in number.


This parody of the rule of law is well known to most peoples of the World. However we have a dangerous, rogue entity that fashions itself as an empire and billets military officers in 900 different bases everywhere it can arm twist a country to let them do so. It is not a democracy and it is not a nation ruled by law. it is in fact a fascist corporatocracy! Its evil intent is evidenced by the millions of innocent citizens of other nations who have been slaughtered by its bombs, drones, missiles, guns, tanks etc. etc. Its own people are now falling under the tyrant’s yoke and are well deserving of it, but the rest of the World isn’t. When will a decent, honourable, civilized human being, an honest Western leader finally stand up and tell the US, NO MORE!