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After TIME Selects Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year Over Him, Trump Lashes Out in Tantrum Against 16-Year-Old Activist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/12/after-time-selects-greta-thunberg-person-year-over-him-trump-lashes-out-tantrum

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WARNING crude teenage verbiage follows , read at you own risk.
What a pathetic bullying POS trump is.
He lashes out because he is terrified of a little sixteen year old girl .
Somebody PLEASE Knock this guy the FOut.


It sounds as though he was Triggered.. Perhaps we should all buy copies of Time Magazine and give it as gifts to all our “conservative” friends and family. Better yet, let’s send copies to the Republicans in the House and Senate, because the Right “…Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us”.


Yeah, where is Mike Tyson when you need him, or, is he a trumper also? OK, wish Muhammed Ali was here to do it up right, that thought is pretty good.


“Person of the Year” is not an award.

From Wikipedia, this quote from Time:

The PoY issue profiles a person who
“for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”

Since the selection criterion includes the words “or for worse”, Trump was certainly in the running and high on the list.

He tried so hard, so he must be very disappointed - and even humiliated to be beaten by a 16-year-old do-gooder!

There’s always next year!


Possible movie choices for Greta and her friend…Primary Colors, All the Presidents Men and Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Got popcorn?


Z - if she wants to get depressed.

The typewriter segment is good, though.

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God, I hope he strokes out.


How about we all buy copies and mail them to the Child-in-Chief and hope he strokes out.

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Is that today’s prayer? :wink:

“So ridiculous,” tweeted Trump. "Greta must work on her Anger Management problem ".

If Greta has anger it is righteous anger and her fear of the future coming climate catastrophes especially, in her lifetime.


I agree and it seems to me that Greta being chosen for person of the year instead of him has exacerbated that anger. And what Trump must really hate is…GRETA IS DEBUNKING HIS ASININE CONTENTION THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS A CHINESE HOAX!


If there is anyone who just can’t miss stepping in a cow pie, it’s the President! If he can’t find one to step into, he’ll manufacture it.


Yes, good analysis of Person of the year; Hitler once was given the title.
Actually a better and consistent award would be boobi prize of the year for the most destructive person in public view of the year. That would pair Trump against Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud .

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Another good one would be “The Dead Zone” with Martin Sheen. You know the one about this guy who gets hit by a car and from then on anytime he touches another person he can read their mind. Well he touches the POTUS (Martin Sheen) and finds out he’s insane and about to start a nuclear war using the launch codes he has. Just seems fitting!


Greta Thunberg is TIME magazine’s 2019 person of the year.
Scott Pressler has cleaned up over 100,000 TONS of trash from inner cities this year, making an actual difference.
Greta is a spoiled child with no experience being used to fear-monger and push an agenda.
Solid choice.

I’m trying to find scientists who can create a worldwide fleet of synthbots who will combine Greta with Lisbeth Salander, from the Swedish movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
Then we can unleash them on Trump and everyone who supports him, as well as all the other corrupt, sick, earth-killing criminals.
I particularly hope that a Greta-Lisbeth synthbot will do to Trump what Lisbeth did to her probation officer in the movie.
Trump deserves it, for all his years as a sexual predator, friend of Epstein, and lying piece of “defecation.”
Greta does more good for the world in one day than Trump has ever done or ever will do.

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People like you are vile. Greta has done more good in one day than a Trump troll loser like you will ever do in an entire lifetime. F off.


Is anyone surprised by trump’s jealousy?
I can imagine trump’s reaction if he was standing next just about anyone, and the other person was given just about anything. The self entitled little man boy would melt.

I believe it has been said here before that trump and his minions operate like “The lord of the Flies.”
A child leading children.


Face it you imbecile…you got beaten fair and square by a 16-year old. In sharp contrast, Nancy Pelosi was also a nominee, but she didn’t rant and rave at not being selected. Now THERE’S a mature person. Trump supporters have no shame giving this guy a pass every time he makes an ass of himself…which is almost on a daily basis. The most despicable person I’ve ever seen. The guy has SERIOUS psychological problems.

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